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Saturday, December 3, 2016

What A Happening Month

Show's over!
Hey guys!! What have you been up to?
Gosh it's already December!
Okay I'm gonna skip to the chase & not babble so much hehehe


24 November
Our First Show + DEMP Alumni Night 2016

My TTTP Batch was tasked to set up, execute & strike one show - our own show.
Everything was to be done ourselves - Staging Department, Sound Department & Lighting Department - but with some guidance from our Head Mech.
It took 2 days for the event to run. Day 1 was set up & rehearsal whereas Day 2 was show & strike.
I was appointed the Head Mech on the second day. Kinda anxious because I'm not someone who can gives instructions because I am rather doubtful of myself...
Guess I needa build some self-confidence eh?
Ashraff & Rachel from the Sound Dep were performing that day :D

I was also the MC for the show HAHAHAHA I mean my voice isn't the best one to go to but oh well, they let me be the MC so might as well try right? I welcome new experience :D
When I was rehearsing my speech, this Witz (the Assistant Stage Manager (ASM)) kept laughing, which made me laugh so I can't do it seriously!!
I had to keep myself cool & snap into professional mode quickly.
Of course there was some changes here & there before the show starts, & some obstacles that we bumped into but all was able to overcome :)

I still remember the script
On set up day my group was in Drama Centre (DC) for a course & Naim decided to take group photo.

I don't even know
Lovey dovey eyes
Naim got glitch

So after the show, I went to attend my ex-school's Alumni Night.
But apparently it isn't exactly Alumni Night because there were current students present & turns out it is actually more of a course dinner?
Well out of 21 of us in our class, only 5 of us showed up. :)
Furthermore it's us 5 in our IP group! Minus our Leader-nim.
Still it's such a nice excuse to see them!!

Speech by our Director
Cake cutting. Happy Anniversary DEPM!
Performance Duet
Performance Acapella 
Still so beautiful as always the girls!

26 November
K session with my batchmates

After half a year into the training programme, we finally had an outing.
I actually contemplated if I should go because
1. The place they booked is in the East
2. I had plans later that night so I don't know if I should go straight after the outing or head back home early to shower

But I went ahead anyway & I'm so glad I went!!! It was crazy inside the room!
There's even a disco ball in the room, '80s mic stand & instruments like tambourine & maracas to hype up the ambience!
A memory to remember.

We had dinner at this Tze Char restaurant & the dishes we ordered is unbelievable.
I can't remember if I slipped into food coma that night.
Hell, I enjoyed every single minute that outing. :D

Kim rocking the song

Pretend only this girl
This is not even everything we ordered
Missing some peeps from our batch but there's always another outing!

My Cancer Twin

Let's do it again guys!!


I'm feeling contented that November ended well for me, & I have a feeling that December is gonna be a rad one too! I'm sure to make December a superb one to end the year right!
No bad vibes only good vibes :D

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