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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Nothing Like A Fulfilling November

Cheers to a speedy recovery for the dude with a stress fracture on his shin,
cheers to the dude who's stuck in NS until August 2018,
cheers to the chick who's gonna study until she's old,
& cheers to the chick who has a spending disorder,
but not forgetting cheers to the missing monk who's mugging for his A's
More importantly, bottoms fucking up to these bad friends with good intentions I can rely on, you guys keep it real.

It's November already!!!??!?
Just one more month till 2016 is over??
Every year this time I always feel that time has zoom pass, but 2016 has been a roller-coaster ride for me.
I'll save that for a post in December :)
November has been rather happening for me! I have been occupied with work & heading out with my friends, not neglecting to spend some alone time with myself.
So far I've been enjoying my November! & it's only mid-month, wonder what's in store for me for the rest of the month :D


31 October
We all have that friend who 'encourages' you to spend money

Okay I know this was in October but hey it's just 1 day away from November :P
After work Darwita (Witz) & I went to Suntec because she wanted to buy something from Lush.
Key: Only agenda is her going to Lush.
It wasn't my intention to spend anything except for dinner.
BUT LO & BEHOLD, I've spent at least $100 that day.

The pain
We walked pass H&M (we didn't step in thank God) & we saw like an event that's taking place on Saturday with photo props.
So why not??

Gonna work on my modeling portfolio you know (LOL who am I kidding) (I'm making a fool outta myself)

We went to Sephora & I got myself a $14 lipstick, but as the both of us were swatching other lipsticks, somehow she got me to buy a Make Up Forever lipstick that cost $35.
(I shall not disclose how much she spent in Sephora).
Next bad decision was Cotton On. I think I spent at least $70 there.
The both of Cancers shouldn't go shopping together, but I like shopping with her.
Why stop at 2 stops right? Moving on to Watsons where I bought an eyeliner.

While checking out -
Cashier: Do you wanna get another one? 2nd item got 20% off
Me: Errr I th-
Witz: Buy buy just buy 20% leh!!
Me: But do I really need another eyeliner
Cashier: You can mix and match any item, the lower priced item will get 20% discount
Witz: Even better!! *To the cashier* Give us a minute we go take a look *Proceeds to push me back to the cosmetic shelves*
Me: What the fuck Witz I do not need another make up item
Witz: Nvm just buy just buy

Lucky I had that little determination to not fall into peer pressure HAHAHAHA!

After much walking around & talking & laughing our ass out, we got hungry.
I wanted to eat at Nam Nam Noodle bar because I have been craving for Vietnamese Pho & I know there's one outlet in Raffles City.
ALL ALONG I FORGOT WE WERE IN SUNTEC CITY then she gave me the 'I-can't believe-you-you-shit' look.
BUT! Luck was on our side because there's also a branch in Suntec. Swee lah!

The broth is not too strong & the amount of chicken given was generous! 
We also ordered fried chicken as side dish & OH MY GOODNESS it's so tasty!!! 

Everyone needs a bae who takes photos of them (be honoured okay HAHAHA)

After having our tummy filled, it's time for round 2 right? (At this point of time I was screaming 'please send help' internally)
Yankee Candle was the right place to be after dinner because the pleasing scent makes you feel relaxed (a little sleepy though).
Witz bought 1 jar & I did not but I love this particular one:

My jar of Beach Walk is running out so I might be getting this!
After another damage in Yankee Candle, our last stop is Lush.
Ironic isn't it, the main purpose of going Suntec City was going to Lush because Witz needed something there but it was the LAST stop out of all the stores we entered.
Although I spent a bomb that day, I can't deny that I enjoyed her company after work :D
Is it a Cancer thing?? ;)

4 November
TGIF Drinks Night

Friyay is my favourite day of the week!!!
I love meeting up with my clique but it's usually for drinks, which is also what I love!
Usual place for drinking - Chips.
We set 9.30pm to meet at Orchard Station but as usual, it's always an hour later than the actual time.
Why am I not surprised?
Fian, Yuwen & I met at Woodlands at 10pm but okay lah we don't have to wait very long for each other.
Cong joined us a little later but it wasn't full squad :(
Vulgarities, insults and jokes were spewing in every sentences & our convos were so inappropriate.
There isn't a day we meet that has no laughter :D

Sigh this bitch

Halfway through the night someone came out with a tray of birthday cake & he distributed it to all the patrons of the bar.
Apparently there was a birthday celebration downstairs. Ayyee happy birthday to whoever you are!
We ordered a tower, chicken wings, 2 sets of patio rolls (it's so yummy I swear) & a dozen of shots.
First half a dozen of Blackjack & another half a dozen of Cocksucking Cowboy (I swear the names of shooters are so R-rated (like Slippery Nipple & Blowjob). The only non-inappropriate is probably Blackjack & Cactus Flower)
I have no idea how much beer I drank so after I shot my first Blackjack, I began to feel misty.
We each had 3 shots so after I down another 2 CSC, I knew I'm gonna be K.O.
During the session we took videos & I swear when I review it, it was fucking hilarious & a little bit of 'WTF'.
Best kept for our entertainment ;)

I had a morning call the next day (or should I say few hours later) & being my best pals they are, they told me to see a doctor the next day so I can rest my body.
The next morning I really had migraine & vomited.
Guys let's not do this anymore this month.

5 November
You want the best fried chicken, you go to Arnold's

My group mates informed me that our Master Carpenter told them to redo half of our carpentry project... On the day when I didn't turn up...
I felt soooo bad for leaving only the both of them to redo :(
Witz has this Arnold's voucher that is to support a charity. Guess charity for what?
Charity for chickens.
No kidding, it's to support chickens. How ironic to buy the vouchers so that we can eat chicken but also help chickens.
It was also the first time the whole staging trainees go out & have a meal together. The Springleaf Prata Place isn't really considered because we're missing Fatin & Naim,
So yes, finally all 6 of us managed to find some time to bond! :)

Naim left after dinner so the rest of us went to a nearby void deck to lepak.
So typical.
Stories were shared & our convos jumped from one to another.
The only stomachache that I can take is due to laughter HAHAHA
Gosh it was such a great night with this bunch!
More to come leh!

6 November
Back to art-herapy

I'm back to painting!! :D
Lately I was feeling the blues because something happened, & I confided to someone about it. She told me to channel my feelings into art & so I did.
I felt soooooo much more relieved & my mind has cleared up.
Soon I need to visit Artfriend again to stock up on canvas & acrylic paint.

2 November - 12 November
Carpentry project with the best (or worse depends on your perspective) group mates

Soooooo it was our turn to get our hands started on carpentry project! Kinda excited because it's all hands on :D
We were separated into 2 groups (we oya-behya-som) & I was blessed with the right mates - Witz & Andrew.
& from then, the start of troublemakers begin...
Let's just say Naim's group - Naim, Fatin & Saiful - are the serious, get-down-to-work, fully focused kinda group, & then there's us 3 - always fooling around, asking questions we all know none of us has the answers to them, dancing to the music while working, spontaneous rhythm beating, laughing & pushing the blame to each other, etc.

Everything that can go wrong, already went wrong in our group (see 5 November).
Got our measurements wrong when cutting the wood, gluing/nailing the wood also glue/nail wrong side, when we were painting and when we're about to finish, the can of paint also finish. There wasn't any new can of paint.
Drilling the castors onto the base also got the sides wrong (this was my fault ahhaha).
There were some more mistakes & troubles we created ah but, BUT, the 3 of us enjoyed the whole process because of us fun people (did we really enjoy redo-ing though hahahahah).
I heard from them that both of them had a heart-to-heart talk, kinda like motivation we-can-do-this talk when our Master Carpenter told them to redo the insides of the box.

Sure, we were waaaay behind the other group, when they completed their first project we were still trying to fix ours.
However, at the end of the day we manage to complete both projects on time!!
As we get started on our 2nd project, we noticed that our measurements were better & focus were sharper.
We all think it's because of our first project that was filled with cracks here & there, so we learnt our lessons hhahaha!
We surprised ourselves when we see how precised our measurements are!
It doesn't matter who completes the projects first because at the end of the day, what is more important is that our projects are done properly :D

Hashtag DAZ right!

Our draft for the first project. Note at the left side of the drawing. Step sia us
We had a hard time installing the inner separator because it has to be perfect
This was sent to Andrew who is always late
Rooftop lepak
This is what I mean when I say fooling around
No better group mates than DAZ
No one's arms shall be free of paint
Our 2 finished projects! So proud of ourselves!
You can't join us

11 November
11/11 Singles Day in Baliza

As I said before, Friday is my favourite day of the week! Well, just nice this Friyay is Singles' Day. I don't have the feel to shop online so I partied with my batchmate Charlynn & my sister in Baliza.
Except for the cab home, I didn't spend any money that night = save $$!
My first time partying with Charlynn & damn, girl sure knows how to party :P!
Actually I wanted to head home at 2am, LATEST 3am but we left the club at 3.30am... In which I had work in the morning.

Apparently while waiting for the cab, my Jie told me that I put my phone in my chest & then I frantically asked her where is my phone because 'I lost it'. She then proceed to dig out my phone & showed it to me.
......which I have no recollection of.
Thank you Jie & also Charlynn for taking care of me!! TT__TT
What would I do without you Sis!!

The next day I woke up late (not surprised...) & showed up to work still a little hungover.
I received this text from my younger bro:

When I was about to wear my contact lenses, one of it was missing.
No idea where the hell it dropped.
Specs is probably a better idea because my eyes were watery which made my vision quite blur.
Well, it's time to abstain from alcohol; at least until next month.

12 November
Spicy Korean food day????

As I turn up for work, I put on my best normal self, but I was still feeling nauseous.
Naim said I turned into a gentle girly girl, which they are so not used to it HAHHAHA.
We were doing the Fire Noodle Challenge but I felt that if I were to eat the noodle I might die.
But I did had one bite though, still burn my throat.
They decided to do another one next time, but with the bigger cup noodle & also because Andrew's GoPro didn't record the process.
Money were bet - they bet $4 each but I bet $2 cos I didn't finish the whole cup (one bite to be exact ahhaha).

Why are we always playing with money?? From dares to bets sheesh.
One time I was helping Witz & Andrew to take pencils, & I bet 'whoever chose the shortest pencil belanja Milo'.
Guess I should kept my stupid mouth shut :)

Also, someone did something realllllly sweet to me.
She insisted me drinking the coconut water because 'it hydrates better than water & you are dehydrated from last night'. But I said I don't want because I don't like coconut water.
Again she makes sure I drink the coconut water because it benefits me.

For dinner I had YOOGANE after so long with my Korea Trip girls!
Although it can't be compared with the one we had in Korea, still it's still good.
Catch-up session between us 3 after months :D

The sizzling sound mmm
Last step - CHEEEEEESE
Their ddeokbokki isn't really good in my opinion

Yup what you see above is what we couldn't finish...
We walked around Westgate, entered TEMT & just when I am tight in cash their season now is so pretty...
I saw some tops that I like but I cannot buy it :(
This is not what I want man, that I couldn't buy what I want.
Just hope the pieces are still there when I can afford them!!!


Half of my November has been good!!
Let's see what's in store for me for the next half ;)

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