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Sunday, October 30, 2016

October Over

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Is it almost the cold weather already?
Is monsoon season coming soon?
We're just left with 2 months before 2016 makes its exit like any other year.
So far, have you stick by your new years' resolutions? (Or already forgotten about them hahaha)
To be honest I myself can't remember what are mine.
BUT I'm gonna make realistic goals next year. Then again it's not like I HAVE TO make new years resolution, right?

So far I find that in the first half of the year I have been very happy & living my life, a lot of entertainment going on. Whereas for the second half onward I find that I have been overthinking a lot more than usual, making myself sad & purposely hurting myself??
Even my colleague told me I haven't been myself during work.
I confided to people who I can trust (I also found out who I can't this year) & that made me feel blessed to know there are people who cares for me & thankful as well to know who are real.
I'm received advises & vice versa.
I enjoy having deep conversations; talking about meaningful topics or serious convos.
I could talk for hours, with laughter in between.

I'm not sure what I have gotten myself into...
I need assurance & inconsistency confuses me.
Have you ever been in a situation where you don't know whether to hold on (to something) because its so dearly to you, its your time, effort (and maybe care & concern) spent or let go because you were not given a solid answers to your doubts/questions?

I think it's something I never expect it to be like that, & that I have little clue as to how to handle it.
Any ideas?

12 October

Cutie licked me in the face!! Instant melts!
She's sitting on my lap, must be nice huh?? HAHA

14 & 15 October

It's Da:ns Festival in Esplanade.
'What's Your Move' that took place in Edge lets audience learn dancing!

15 October

Celebrated Jiayi's birthday that night! Hope you enjoyed yourself babe!
Feeling the kick gradually

19 October

That one friend who always have food & kept us well-fed
23 October

After what seem to be weeks of saying 'eh let's go Springleaf!!!!', we finally get to the place after our work.
But we're missing 2 persons here.

Me: Guys smile y'all gonna be in my blog
Andrew: Is your blog popular not?
Witz: Not popular then never mind ah
Me; Oi I'm gonna be okay, few years down the road (Ambitious sia me LOLOL)

Andrew look a little pedo here

Wow the quality of the photo sucks balls
I ordered the Plaster Blaster then we all shared the Murtaburger & Salted Egg Prawn Prata (kinda new in their menu).
I will definitely go back again!!! But maybe not ordered the Salted Egg Prawn Prata because the salted egg is kinda sandy, not really my liking.

25 October

(My finger urgh!) One more day till show!
So excited to be working for Happy Ever Laughter!! 
I get to see Hossan Leong, Patricia Mok, Suhaimi Yusof & the best - Kumar!!
There are also other comedians & Deekosh! Can't wait to watch their individual segment! :D

26 October

The aftermath of standing by for hours 

Our Head Mech has been feeding us with jelly beans so I asked him if he heard of Boozled Beans. Turns out he haven't, so I explained to him that people take videos of themselves doing the Boozled Beans Challenge & he said why not we try it the next day.
So the next day he went to buy the Boozled Beans during lunch break.
I brought Uno cards & poker deck to kill time. Losers get to eat the jelly beans.

Unlucky me has tasted ALL the nasty flavours EXCEPT Canned Dog Food.
Which is a blessing because it's the WORSE nasty bean because the smell STAYS IN YOUR BREATH URGH OH GOD.
Barf was the grossest for me. I felt like barfing after eating that. Heck no I chewed like thrice then I just swallowed.
Think I gagged a little.

Darwita & I went around Esplanade to challenge people including the hirers, Hossan Leong & Patricia Mok!
Hossan Leong didn't take it because it was almost time for him to start the show & Pat Mok was just so funny even off stage!!!
Her personality made the both of us laugh out loud!!
She kena the moldy cheese & rotten cheese, she claimed that one of the nasty bean (I can't remember which one) tasted like ginseng. Actually I gotta agree leh, I thought I tasted ginseng.

Pat actually don't find the nasty beans THAT awful.
Witz: HUH sure bo?? Your palate okay not?
Pat: Of course lah my palate is damn good one!!!
Witz: Then you try the brown colour one that one is chocolate pudding
Pat: Don't want lah chocolate
Witz: Orh not chocolate this one canned dog food
Pat: (Whacks her arm) NABEH I never spin you tell me eat

It was sooo much fun going around challenging people! But at the same time we also have to sacrifice our taste buds...

All of their segments made me laughed!!! I especially liked Kumar's, Fakkah Fuzz & Rishi Budhrani.
Man I'm so lucky!!

28 October

Met up with Babygirl after my work to accompany her to study.
My mood is always great whenever I see her ^-^.
We went from Coffee Bean to Pororo Park because the Wifi at Coffee Bean is so fucking slow???
As usual laughter whenever I'm with her ♥

29 October

I decided to go swimming by myself because
1. It's been AGES since I swam
2. I wanted to clear my mind

On Wednesday Night (or should I say Thursday early morning) something happened and the feels started to accumulate.
I had one of the worse emotional breakdown afterwards, so I thought do something that I haven't done in a long time.

After my swim I had dinner at the cafe beside the pool.
A cafe in Woodlands, quite rare!
I was pleasantly greeted by the waiter who opened the door for me.
He showed me the way to the table & asked me if it was my first time dining there (yes it's my first time) so he recommended me what's good.
Well so I ordered what he recommended me!

Y'all can thank me for taking pictures of their menu AHAHAHA

Catch of the day: Salmon with mashed potatoes, corn and sauce which I forgot what it is but it's good!
Mushroom Soup. Apparently he said their mushroom soup is homemade.

I had a filling dinner!! It's really delicious.
While eating, (I assume it's) the cafe owner approached me and starting talking to me.
I thought, 'eh wah service good sia the service staff in this cafe interacts with customers'.
He asked me how do I feel about the food, why am I alone, won't my boyfriend feel sad because I'm alone (ermmm).
The convo was flows pretty well then he went to interact with other customers.
He came back & we started conversing. Something along the line: wah talking to you makes me feel good, I like talking to you, do you mind going out with someone who is shorter than you like me?
At this point my main concern is: please let me eat my food in peace.
One of the topics was what, about how modern society has changed, how people are looking for a companion instead of love or what lah.
Okay cool.......

He asked me what's my height.
Me: Do I have to tell you?
Him: Can I know?
Me: Can I say no?
Him: Can I say yes?
Okay cool.......

That person said why not he give me his number so I can text him.
I mean my impression of him is that he's very sociable but man, that escalated quickly.
In the end nope I left after I'm done with my food.
The service staff are friendly; bidding goodbye & saying thanks to customers who are leaving the cafe.
Well, what a way to end my me-time!

I wonder what's in store for me next month :D

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