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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Quick Update #13

Let's daydream
Hey hey hey!
What's everyone been up to lately? Hope you're doing well :D
Right now as I type this, I am still lying on my bed with my PJs on & have yet to wash up or brush my teeth. Not that gross lah hahaha.
I have no plans today so it's just staying at home and maybe eat sleep repeat.
Sucks to work in the morning tomorrow...

There are like 2 events that I want to go SO BADLY but I won't be, & that is Slide The City & Oktoberfest... :(
I'm deprived of events this year. Never mind next year will be better!

27 August
We were suppose to spend some time together at coffee bean; she study for her exams while I do some drawing but last minute she had to work.

3 September
My first time attending a Malay wedding! Stoked because I always wanted to experience how it feels like being a guest to a Malay wedding. It was my colleague's wedding. The food was good I love it!

A selfie before I leave
We did Darwita's to-go pose hahaha
TTTP group photo with the newlyweds!
23 September
The day before I was craving for cheesy french toast drizzled with maple syrup, along with bananas & strawberries.
The same day when I came home from work I dropped by Fairprice to purchased the ingredients.
So I made brunch for my family :D

22 September
I had dental appointment in the morning and have quite some time before my call time starts in DC, so I wandered around NLB & saw that there is an exhibition.
Being me who loves exhibitions I went to check it out!
Here are some of my favourites:

That's all for now!
Will take more snippets this month if I have the opportunities hahaha!

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