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Sunday, July 17, 2016

21st feels so surreal

Goodness! How long haven't I been updating my blog???
I was busy with my course but so far I am enjoying it!
Cut to the chase, I shall get started on this post.

I celebrated my 21st birthday on 9 July with my group of friends.
Actually I didn't have the plan to host a party, just you know, have fun with my close friends. But my friends persuade me to host one because 'it's a milestone, you only turn 21 once!'
Yeah & so is 22, 23, 24....
Somehow I got swayed and got down to looking through the various venues to host it.
I settled on Studio M Hotel, booked a loft and the outdoor space.
Too bad the room is too small to cater to my guests so bobian gotta reserve the outdoor space.
Which is good also lah, bigger space and the room won't smell of food.

I was so excited yet scared for the actual day because I know how cb my friends are & God knows what they will do to me on that day.
There were a lot of preparations before the day, because I wanted to make 3 types of alcoholic desserts hehehe.
On Friday night about 8 of us went to Zouk to party & damn, it's been a while since I went to partay!!!
Feels great to dance and drink hehehe!
Jingxuan, Fian, Yuwen & my Sis were suppose to come my house the next morning to help me transport the stuff over to the hotel but only Fian & my sis came hahaha.
We said meet at 10.30am but I couldn't wake up on time so it got pushed to 12pm I think??
Jingxuan was at Bugis so he got balloons for me, which works for me :P

We checked into the hotel and damn, the loft is so nice! There was a corridor before we reached the room, and you can see the outdoor space and Clarke Quay through the glass panel.

The 3 of us were famished like dogs so after we placed the things down we went to eat.
So we settled in The Book Cafe (if I remembered correctly ah) and we ate there.
The ambience is so peaceful and chill! People were watching movie and reading (duh) there.
We sat on a couch - sooo comfortable. I sat crossed-legged with a cushion on my lap and ate my food like that. :D
So we waited for Yuwen, Cong & Jingxuan to arrive then we start to prepare the stuff to be brought down.
We were just chilling in the loft while waiting for the cater to come.
& then we start making the watermelon cocktail :P

Looks gross ahaha but that's just the prep
Got my trusty peasants to help the birthday princess
Watermelon cocktail (infused with rum) and vodka gummy bears! 
There were like model runway pictures Yuwen took of the guys...

Model runway (The Indian at the back was smiling HAHAHAA)
Big Brother strutting
Photoshoot instead of doing catwalk
We started preparing the decorations and laying out the food when the cater came. SO EXCITED!
My bro & his friends, & our neighbour arrived first. It's been sooo long since I saw my neighbour!!
Whereas my guests came way later (Partner I'm looking at you) but I'm happy they all came down :)
There were a few last minute guests/friends that came which I'm fine with it because the more the merrier!! Hehehe like my bro brought 2 more friends & Ryan came by!
It's great to see everyone again man :D

One corner there were like guys playing cards with money, & another side just chatting.
They played Murderer while I was away & then we played my favourite drinking game: KING'S CUP!
We can never get to the 70s when we play 7-Up. & THANK GOD I DIDN'T DREW THE LAST KING CARD HAHAHAHA!
It was Jingxuan. Then Ryan suggested instead of putting random stuff in a cup, why not JX just finish all of our cups.
I'm pretty sure he's one cup away from being drunk.

Just a simple deco (with 2 watermelons right smack in the middle)
Strawberry Jell-o shots at the back hehee
I didn't take much photos because I was living the moment, enjoying the party and the company of my friends :)
A deck of cards is enough to bring everyone together and have fun!

I'm not sure if I have the photos of everyone, if I don't have yours I'm so sorry!!

Forever taking pics like this 

We cut the cake at 9pm because some of my friends were leaving soon.
So glad that I ordered this Hazelnut flavour cake from Prima Deli because it's so tasty!
My friends helped me poke the candles and arranged the cake while I stood there grinning like an idiot because I feel so blessed hehehe.

I think I know who bought the candle that will re-light up even after blowing...
& then someone came forward & help me cut the cake (in a neat way some more, I can't cut cake for nuts) ^-^ Thank you hehe

We got chased away at midnight because the outdoor space is closed so we moved up to the room and continue the party.
Apparently the music we played in the room was too loud that it triggered a guest staying beside us, whom according to the hotel staff, walked to our room door and almost confronted us.
But he/she was stopped by the hotel staff because they aren't allowed to like Guest vs Guest, it's Guest to Hotel Staff to Guest.
The room can only hold 2 person but obviously there were more than that, so I put on my best apologetic face and my polite tone and explained we needed some time to pack up and leave.
You know hotel staff don't have it easy so we gotta empathise with them you know. Be nice to them & they'll be nice to you.
So after things are cleared, I closed the door and all I did was off the music & tell them to lower down the volume.
I like how my bro's friends stayed in the room even after he left hahaha damn steady I like steady people.
One of his friend, Michael(angelo) was sharing stories about the supernatural and his past.
Then slowly we moved to this topic about a mutual friend. Yes mutual friend between him & my group of friends.
Guys y'all know who I'm talking about ;)
I joined them for a while before I head upstairs to rest.
Damn it was a torture not able to laugh out loudly, the guys were so fucking hilarious!

The next morning only a few of us stayed.
I wanted breakfast & I thought my booking includes complimentary breakfast, so my sis & I headed down to grab some food.
The waiter asked for our room number, and he sift through this list but couldn't find our room number, so he wrote it at the back and led us to a table.
Feel hungry, I went to take whatever catches my eyes.
Right when I started taking the first bite, FIRST BITE AH, of the sausage, the same waiter approached me and informed me that my stay doesn't includes breakfast and that we have to pay $20 per person.
I was taken aback. So I rebutted 'but you didn't tell me before I enter'
Know what he replied? He replied, after a long pause, 'so now I tell you'.
I said can I leave this place since I didn't eat much, & he just stood there speechless.
The fuck?
This is the 1ST FUCKED UP STAGE.

So I told sis what was the situation & she too had the same reaction as me.
$20 the hell!!??! The thing is, we don't have enough cash to cough up $40. 
There wasn't any ATM too. 
I asked the waiter if we can pay by card, he said if we were to pay by card it would be $29 per person because the card is being swiped at the front desk so there is a charge.
So I called Yuwen but what do you know we're all in this together; she only has $2 cash. :)
So this is what we did: laugh and continue eating our food.
I was baffled man HAHAHA so I called my lil bro (who is our saviour I will treat u better didi) and ask him if he can cab down and bring $40 and also to help transport the stuff back home.
Before I left home, he texted me say if I need help carrying the items back just let him know.
& now I need his help.
I explained the whole situation to him & wow, I am so relieved he cabbed down with the money.
But seriously, the restaurant needa fix that waiter.

I felt sad now that the party is over :(
I wanna thank my good buddies Fian especially, Jx, Cong & Yuwen for helping me so mucchhh!
Thanks Yuwen for being my photographer!! My pocket gal hehehe!
Jx for bringing the balloons from Bugis all the way to Studio M heheh! 
Sis for helping me just as much!!

Last but not least to all the guests who came down!! Really am grateful for your presence & presents hehehe ;P
I hope you guys enjoyed yourself & so sorry I couldn't entertain everyone of you!
It will be a night that will etch in my memory :D

Thankful & grateful

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