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Saturday, May 14, 2016

SP Graduation 2016: Graduate lo!

Good day everyone! Don't you think time is passing by quickly? It's already mid-week!
Time sure is going snail pace during lectures and other times like the Flash when you're having a ball (I googled this phrase to see if I'm using it correctly & Urban Dict says its what old people use... I'M NOT OLD)
That being said, I have graduated from Singapore Polytechnic on 10 May with the Diploma in Integrated Events and Project Management.
3 years, just like that, over. Finished. End. Completed.
Year 1 was all about theory and I did a small school event.
Year 2 was all about our Integrated Project (IP, a year-long project) which I can't wait to get over & done with. I went for some of my friends' graduation this year & it will be my time next year.
Year 3 was all about our half-year long internship which I can't get wait to get over & done with but when it ended I couldn't believe it. Before it even started I kept ranting how 6 months is so long.

& so, 3 years full of memories, sweat, troubles, mischief, stress, tears, laughter, anger, close-shave incidents, touching moments & precious friendship will forever be etched in my brain.
Seeing my clique, my classmates for the last time in SP was a bittersweet feeling.
I will definitely miss my friends, the food, few lecturers and favourite hangout corners.

I will do a dedication part first before the rest of the pictures taken.. You might be asking why don't I say it face to face to the people?
Well, if I figure writing it down in words will better express myself and words will stay. I also have more time to think of what to say.

It was hectic in the plaza; we often got lost in the pool of crowd & we always are on our phone. Here's how a typical conversation is like:
'Hello eh where are you?'
'I am the plaza, where you?'
'I also, but I can't find you! I am in front of the Top Graduates backdrop'
'I am nearby also! You raise your hand can?'

I was suppose to be seated by 4.45pm but all the photo taking made me dragged until 5.15pm.
Good thing my graduation ceremony was held in the evening so it was not blazing hot but we still perspire buckets under our gown & on our faces.
After the ceremony, more pictures to be taken!!

First & foremost - my family. My father & bro is not in the pictures but they play a part in helping me grow as a teenager-transiting-to-young-adult.
Before we got a washing machine last December, our clothes were hand washed by my mother (I washed my own clothes sometimes), if it's too much load then she will use the ancient washing machine that is barely hanging to its life.
She cooks dinner everyday except for alternate Sundays where we would da bao food from Kopitiam. She always asks us what we wanna eat, i.e. nuggets or seaweed chicken or gyoza, etc. Sometimes I get annoyed because I always say 'you buy what, we eat what'.
Time to time she reminds us to call her or leave a message to tell her if we are eating dinner or eating out, but when my bros & I forgot, she'll call us.
She's a pro when it comes to saving - money, food, belongings.
But I know she cares for me and wants the best for me. She may show it through subtle actions, but a mother loves her children with all her heart.

My father is the silent supporter. Financially and morally. I love listening to his stories at night in the living room. He gives me a lot of lessons through his stories, and life advice.
Every time I see him sneezing repeatedly, or that his eyes were bloodshot, I get worried.
I love it when he laugh. :)
I know he work very hard to provide us the things we have now.

My lil bro is my maid. JUST KIDDING AHHAHA. We can talk about anything, he accompany me to groceries shopping, helps me this & that.
Goofing around at home, sometimes in public LOL.
My bro gives me some useful advice, some useless advice, curses me but I guess that's how we bond.
He asked me opinions for his art homework and I asked him for Photoshop tips.

I am extremely grateful to have my family with me. I am thankful that they are alive and well.

No... Marz & Ming isn't photoshopped in...
This goes out to my always-not-in-full-squad squad.
Hmm let's see...
we have a Chinese-Filipino mix YOLOIDGAF chick who looks Angmoh & super street-smart,
we have a Malay sweetheart who often have people speaking Mandarin to,
we have a Singaporean-Hong Kong mix sunshine whose face & smile is so bright my black nail polish turned white,
we have Tumblr Hipster klutz who is lowkey Ms Pops & a humorous personality that earned that title
& lastly there's me.
Hahahah ok lah I should not treat myself so sadly lemme write something nice because it's my day;
& lastly we have a super hiao brace-face, to-be-model who is responsible for bringing the laughs.

You girls are 1 of the reason I look forward to school because I always have something to share. Girls you need to know there is something, be it your trait or your skill or whatever, that I admire.
Y'all made school so much better.
I like how all of us are smiling with our teeth like, the world needs to know how much radiance we emit even though it was already dark.

This, everyone, is my partner.
The story behind how we became partners (not the romantic kind hor) is both of us were paired up to do marketing for our IP.
We click like, a snap of a finger. We have so much in common that it scares me.
Like how we are steady and adventurous and likes to join or be a crew in events but couldn't find a friend who has the same interest or hobbies.
Our humour and characters compliment each other & that's how we started to grow closer.
I am very grateful to have gain a good friend, I am proud to say this (are you honored).
She is also my Malay teacher hahaha!
It's true: you will have a few true friends in life.
Too bad you can't drink but it's okay we can drink alternative unhealthy beverage like milkshakes and smoothies.
Here's to more food coma and getting lost adventures :)

Fian, Fian, Fian. His name is Alfian lah actually.
Gosh where do I start. We graduated RSS & now we graduated SP together.
Friends for 9 years?! Holy shit I didn't realise (well now I do).
One of my close friends in my life, we can insult, hurl vulgarities at each other but we know we don't mean it because we're that close.
So glad that we are still hanging out with the rest of the gang. :D

My class. DEPM 06 (missing Kevin, Ming & Marz. & what's up with the cheerleaders at the back so extra).
You guys are a bunch of steady people. We might have our own cliques but I like that we sometimes decide on doing the same things or agreeing on something.
Back in Y1 every Friday we have like a dress code but it died down because we ran out of ideas after what, stripes, B&W, checkered, & more. & the fact that not everyone has something to fit the theme.
Well, it's been a wonderful 3 years with you guys. :D

Mr Fan. A.D, who on the first day he met our class, introduced himself as A.D so we just call him A.D.
A cool teacher whom I respect. Asked him for a favour & he'll gladly do it for you.
The module he taught can be dry but he made effort to make the lesson as non-sleepy as possible HAHAH.
Thank you for being our Personal Tutor for a semester and still talk to us even though you're not anymore. :)

Last but not least.... myself! AHAHA!
I mean, every graduates should give him/herself credit, encouragement and like a 'pat-in-the-back'.
In Y1S2, I had the thought that maybe I am in the wrong course (Accounting was in my mind LOL).
You see, I'd say I'm hardworking when exam draws nearer, diligent in doing my tutorials & group assignments, but I am not I-need-to-score-As-and-get-4.0 kinda hardworking.
Ambitious is not me.
Unless it's a module that I like, such as Law, IT Applications and Materials & Deco, then I will revise hard so I can score an A.
For me, I have always been an average student since Y1. The first 2 digits of my GPA stayed the same.
I don't study at night but maybe due to poor time management or the content to be studied for is too much, I started studying until latest 10pm. Usually I stopped at 6.30pm then I move on to play my game or just call it a day.
Figured how I cannot afford to repeat a module or even a year.
Mistakes were made & lessons were learnt.
Of course I feel stress. Even though I'm the chill kinda type. taking it slow & steady.
But you know there are one of those days where you suddenly feel low because the negative bug hit you & then you become all sad & restless? Then the whole gang of 'what-ifs', bad past memories & suicidal thoughts came at you like a bullet train?
Well it only lasted for at most 2 days because bitch, I'm f*cking optimistic & happy. That's me.
So I wanna give myself some love & credit for passing all my modules and achieving a Diploma.
You rock, baby.

That's about it for my dedication post, I shall post the rest of the gleeful faces dressed in smart navy blue gown photos.

I'll miss this clumsy fetus :( 

How to pose like a G or f*ckboy 

Some 5/1 ex-classmates :D

Okay since I have graduated from SP right, might as well say it LOL.
K so this is Weixiang, he is in the same CCA as me & in the same care corner/teaching primary school as me.
So... okay so I got like a crush on him because well he's taller than me & funny & I feel comfortable talking to him.
But he's younger than me (I think forgot he '96 or '95 sorry WX) so it's just a closet crush HAHA.
There I said it.

Thanks to Jiahui for sending me this picture!
I look like a cut-out board in this pic

A milestone in my life, (digitally) inked into my personal page.
Words can't describe how thankful, grateful and blessed to what I had & what I have.
Curious to know what future holds for me, but for now, I'm just living the moment & make everyday a happy day.

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