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Monday, February 1, 2016

Fantastic February

A very good evening everyone!
I'm not gonna be like the typical girls who goes 'Chapter 2 of 12, page 32 of 366' every month.
So I'm gonna go 'Season 2 of 12, Episode 1'.
(Does that make me basic too? Hahaha)

Well, a couple of events are happening this month. Both my big sisters' (just to clarify they're not my blood-related sisters just close friends who are like sisters to me) birthday falls on this month & I'm attending one of their 21st.
I'm gonna spend more money this year as compared to previous years because many of my friends are turning 21...
Does this mean I have to act like an adult now?

Chinese New Year is drawing near, just next week only. However, this year is different for me..
We are not going to my Ahpo's house for reunion lunch like every year...
So I'm not gonna see my relatives & cousins... This most likely is gonna be the case for next year onwards, unless we visit their house.
I'm not used to it, honestly speaking. Every year I look forward to buying new clothes and traveling to my Ahpo's house to bai nian. Then the next day or the same day, my family will be going to my father's good friend's house for steamboat.
I'll invite my friends over for steamboat as well but seems like we can't find a good date where everyone is free to come together.. :(

It's true guys, as you grow older, you have more commitments and instead of going to parties or clubs, you rather stay home and slack with your pals, drink at home, etc.
Not saying totally reject going to bars or clubs, but the frequency of going definitely drops.
(I haven't reach that stage yet, please let me be still active and enthusiastic as ever)

My internship will be officially over after I did my Final Internship Presentation next Thursday and attend an Internship Seminar the next day.
Just a few more days & I'm officially, officially done with polytechnic education.
But as the Chinese saying goes, '活到老,学到老', which means you learn as you grow.

Valentine's Day, probably gonna spend the whole day alone stuffing myself.
Or going to a club to hook up some dude for a one-night stand.
Any man?

I'm going back to my part-time job starting from the week after CNY, but I can't receive the salary before I go to Korea, which is sad.
Sigh looks like I gotta search for some quick cash jobs.
Wait did I read 'hiring temporary strippers. Experience not needed, age 20 and above. Pays after the day'?

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