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Monday, March 7, 2016

SP School of ABE Dinner & Dance: Monochrome

What's good everybody??
GAAH I missed out March opening post.. I'm so sorry!
I have started working at my previous part-time job at Bugis Junction so I have been occupied with mainly work.
My Korea trip itinerary is more or less completed!!
The 3 of us went to JB on Saturday to do our hair and Huimin did her nails. :D

But that's not the main point of this post.
On Friday, I attended my school's D&D which was held in Rendezvous Hotel.
The theme, as stated in the blog title, is Monochrome.
Initially I wanted to wear a long white dress because it look classy and also flatters my figure (hehe) but I only managed to find one nice dress online (actually 2 but I don't wanna spend so much on a dress I will were rarely).
Okay so when I wore it, it was freaking see-through!
So angry when I received it because in the photos it look thick =_=
See this is why I am skeptical to buy white clothing online. Sigh never mind...

Aishah came over to my house because she wants me to help her do her make-up. I'm not a make-up guru or so into make-up but I felt proud when it turned out nice :P.
Fast forward -- we were like late, SO LATE. Registration opens at 6.15pm but we reached the hotel at about 7.10pm. Whoops!
There was a photo booth so Ming, Aishah & I took a photo, but when we came back to collect them, there wasn't ours. :(
I guess they forgot to print ours T.T

Doesn't matter, enjoyed the night!
The MC for the night was so engaging & hilarious! :D

Must show my arm candy & choker

Selfie with my bro in the class.

First dish
I expected the dinner to be atas buffet, but it was an 8-course dinner. Hahahaha!
Unfortunately I only took a picture of the first dish.

Yuan yuan on stage!
The balloons placed right smack in the middle is so irritating, who the hell does the deco of the function room!?

Super low quality because it was zoomed in. Basically the 'couples' on stage needs to burst the balloons without using their hands.
Junyuan create loads of laughter among the audience when he couldn't burst the balloon xD.

Of course, how can we miss out taking photos??



So I tried to do the sexy hands-moving-up-your-leg-and-doing-a-hair-flip & this is what Ming took:

Look like I got possessed.

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