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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thank you, 2015

Ahh... It's finally the time of the year, eh?
It's the last day of 2015 :)
I can't believe one year, just passed like that.
Well, many good, wonderful, bad, embarrassing, awkward, proud, amazing and unforgettable memories were made in this fierce year. They are all etched in my mind but the bad ones served as a lesson.
2015 is also the year where I stepped into my 20's (gosh I'm entering the next phase of my life) & soon it'll be my 21st birthday.
My. my, my, how should I celebrate it? It's too far to say.

I shall summarise my 2K15.
Here goes!

Singapore Polytechnic Open House
7 Jan - 10 Jan

There's free flow of popcorn & cotton candy!
I get to work with fun people ;D

Farewell steamboat dinner for a colleague.
26 Jan

I love working here so much!

Integrated Project Exhibition
27 Jan

We won an award. It's something :D
I'm thankful for this team, & the long period of working together has paid off.
& because of this team, I got closer to Partner ;D

DEPM Bonding Day 2015
30 Jan

Well, it was rather okay-ish.
I went for the food & event t-shirt :P
I didn't take much photos.. Or did I?

Single Bitches in the Beach
14 Feb

Single sisters having fun in the beach.
Then we went to have some yummy Korean cuisine

Wild Wild Wet with team
27 Feb

Yay to our (free) annual pass!
& Ikea's meatballsssss omgosh now I'm want it.

SP BP Gala Dedication Dinner
2 April

I never thought I'll be Juliet
Dinner was delicious!

The Music Run
11 April 

Amazing run!! My first ever fun run.
& Partner made it even more fun ;)

Dajie's graduation
5 May

Congratulations on completing your diploma Jie ♥

Mentoring Club FOC
11 June - 13 June

It's so different from last year because of new members and old members are not present..

Surprising Serene for her birthday while she's sleeping
18 June

It was a success!! We were worried no one opens the door but her sister did.
We brought the cake to her room & her sister nudged her.
When the president finally awoke, her reaction was priceless!

Geylang Serai for the 1st time!
13 July

& how sweet of them to surprise me with a cake & balloon for my birthday :)
The food in the bazaar is so good!! Gonna go there next year!

Jalan Raya
31 July

All the good foodies!!
& laughters ;)

Color Run
22 August 

I love these kind of activities!
At one point I thought I was gonna die running.

National Museum of Singapore
3 October 

I want to go to many more exhibitions please!

There, I shall stop at October because I would have blogged about the many different events I've done during my internship.
I look forward to more events next year; both as a crew and attendee!
I also hope for opportunities that will open the doors to improving myself and having accomplishments.
I also hope that I will meet new friends, do voluntary works.
There's so many things I have to say for 2K16, but I'll leave it for New Year's post :D

Enjoy your last day of 2015 everyone!

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