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Monday, December 28, 2015

Meeting Partner & Melting At Christmas Wonderland

Sup guys.
Happy Boxing Day? (I don't even know what does it celebrate or the meaning behind it, neither do I celebrate it)
Finally I get to meet up with my partner after I was done with my event in Downtown East.
There was a Santarina and a Candy Gal Walking Table in D'Resort on 24th & 25th December.
It's pretty much just roving around the lobby and the courtyard.
We kop some of the candies too ;P

Saw this on the way to meet her. This way to love?
The both of us have been wanting to go to this eatery called MEET & MELT.
It sells toast with ice cream, ice cream waffles and ice cream.
The food they sell are very limited & their seats are few too.
There's like 2 tables of 2 indoors, the rest are placed outdoors. & when we entered the place, the owner's child occupied one table, so that's just left 1 table of 2.
Lucky for us, eh? Hahahhaa!
The both of us ordered Ferrero Rocher Toast because it was our objective coming to Meet & Melt.

The menu is plastered on the wall, different from the typical book or paper menu in cafes.
All (or most) of their fan's Instagram pics! I'm gonna upload mine in hoping it would appear here hehehe

The toast was baked in the perfect crisp-on-the-outside-and-soft-on-the-inside texture.
I'd give an A for the effort of decorating (see the Ferrero Rocher wrapper rose) the food.
There's also chocolate wafer stick and INSIDE THE WAFER STICK THERE'S PRETZ PIZZA STICK.
I think it was creative to do that :)
The sauce.. can't make do what is is. Partner said it was either honey or Gula Meleka but I thought it was caramel?
Either way, it was delicious.

I'm like the boyfriend who takes pictures of his girlfriend to show her off (I'm straight as a ruler).

Zoom in
The chocolate wafer stick and Pretz
Well, for the first 6.5/9 'cube' of the toast.
It got too sweet and thick for me, I could not finish the whole thing.
I really love the toast but it too much for me. I bet Eve can finish the toast since she have a sweet tooth. I should bring her here one day.

Food: 6.5/9 Toast
Ambience: 2.5/5
Will I come again? Yup

How to go:
1. Take the MRT and alight at Tampines MRT Station
2. From the interchange, take bus 22
3. Alight at the 3rd stop - East View Pr Sch
4. Walk in the opposite direction of the road, (which means walk behind) and turn right
5. You should see Jun Yuan Primary School.
6. The cafe is just across the road.

& since we have some time left to spare, we decided to go to Christmas Wonderland in Gardens By The Bay.
Because we went on Christmas Eve, you can expect the crowd.
It's warm and squeezy.
Honestly we only took pictures, that's all. Well, she wanted to take the photo strip but there's a price and the queue turned us off.
When we decided to go back, the way to Bayfront MRT Station was full so we have to walk the long distance to MBS & take the train to Dhoby Ghaut to take a bus back.
What a day :D

There's a carnival too, where you buy tokens and use them to play.
So I told Partner that it's exactly what you'll see in K-drama where the lead actor & actress goes for a date, & the girl wants that plush toy so badly & then begs the guy to get it for her. Miraculously, the lead actor won the big prize and gave the toy to the girl.
So I was like, to Partner, 'OOOPPAAAAAA~~~~'
Obviously she hits me. 

I love this ride when I was a child!

Because I was sticky and hot
Best pic I took

It was a great day laughing and singing (mainly I was the one singing & then influencing her :D).

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