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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Learning Singapore's Roots after a Christian Wedding

Hello everyone! Wow it's October already, huh?
Which means it's the month of Oktober Fest & Halloween! :D
Doubt I'll be going to either..

Today I had 2 events, as you can tell from the title.
I attended my cousin's wedding but instead of the usual wedding banquet in a hotel, this time it was in a church.
Never in my life have I attend a Christian wedding, so it was an eye-opener for me.
It consists of songs of praises to Jesus Christ and blessing to the newlywed couple from the pastor and guests.
It was more like a solemnisation ceremony.
Here are some pictures that I took:

I thought it'll be like rows of benches on the left & right like in the movies
The bride

Then the songs of praises.
I took photos of the lyrics that I find applicable to me as well :)

Jesus please forgive me for my sins & mistakes
I am changed for the better

This scene reminds me of Katy Perry's 'Hot n Cold' where the groom hesitate to say 'I do'.
Obviously the groom (my cousin) promised 'I do' without a pause.

After the end of the ceremony, the whole family took a photo then it was time for the lunch.
Moving on, I met a friend to head to National Museum of Singapore for the various exhibitions they have.
It's a SG50 special, my friend told me, such as exhibition that is dedicated to our late Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, the Japanese Occupation era (war), back in the olden days, etc.
It was my kind of thing, I always told my dad I wish I could experience what it's like in the past, when he was a child.
I also like museums in general. There were so many artifacts and audio interactions in the exhibitions.


I find this piece very cool! Like the officers can read tiny secret messages that only insiders know.
Next few photos will be about our late MM Lee.

MM Lee's Great-grandfather

From his estate.

His Red Box
Portrait of MM Lee & his wife
Possessions of MM Lee.

Gifts of appreciation from Brunei (I forgot who) to our first president Yusuf Bin Ishak
Toys in the past!
I remembered my father lend me his slingshot to play :P

Hahaha the caption
I've played all except the spinning top and the marbles
Accidental model
Jurong Drive-in Cinema!

I'm suppose to be under the spotlight but failed to capture it on camera


Love letters from a guy to his dream girl!
Damn sweet..

Gang signs
Opium bed

Sun Yat Sen

There are way more cool pieces in the museum, so be sure to head down to take a look!
It's free for Singaporeans & PR :) We spent around 3/4 hours in the museum!
Because I really appreciate all the effort put into creating the exhibitions. The audio, description, etc.
A day well spent!

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