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Monday, September 21, 2015

One week into internship

Sup guys, what's good?
I hope things are going well for you :)
So I've started my internship last Monday, which is the final lap of my course.
Which last for 6 months. I'm pretty sure time will pass by very fast. :)
Well, I am quite nervous that I will not be able to adapt to the surrounding & the way how the company do things.
Before the start of internship, I have this mindset:
Be positive. Smile everyday. You are the only one who can make your own internship enjoyable. Do not complain. Find the plus side of each obstacle you face.

My main concern is that I don't want to dread going to work. That's the worst.
Not necessary looking forward to work, just that I don't want to hate going to the office.

So far into the 1st week, I have no qualms about what I am doing in the company. Although there are some times where I feel pretty bored..
I have already run 3 shows by myself as of today, which I quite like it!
In fact, I think I can say I love it.
Running 3 shows may seem like a small feat, but as a new intern that just entered the company not long ago, I treat it as an accomplishment.
First you get the small experiences, then you build bigger expectations and go on to bigger shows.

I really like the fact that my company, or rather, my industry, includes both office work & out-of-office jobs.
Seriously, I enjoy running errands and doing hands-on work.
I am both a Visual & Kinesthetic learner, but more towards Kinestetic Learner.
So I like to see how you do it, then I'll try to do it myself to see if I am able to catch what you taught me. If I did it wrong, I will do it till I'm satisfied (not until it's correct).

As of now, I want to be able to know what to do when I enter the office. I want my boss or senior to tell me what to do, task me with work or whatever so that I can get busy with my hands & brain.
This way, time can pass without me looking at my watch every now and then.
To be honest, I was afraid that the people in the company will be treating me badly or using me just because I'm an intern... But I am thankful it's not the case! (Negative thoughts somehow manage to seep into my mind but it got blocked heh).
My senior is very nice and friendly. I was able to communicate with her (maybe because we same age haha). Work aside, she is funny and can joke sometimes :D
My boss is also very friendly. He treats us interns real nice and when he want me to do something he instructs me patiently, tells me what he expects and I jotted it down diligently. He doesn't demand.
Because my boss is a really good boss, it pushes me to do well and not disappoint him. Like, I want to show him I am not a waste of time in the company, you know...
Still, it's only the 1st week and this is what I came to learn from the company. There are many more days ahead.
As I get used to working in the company, my responsibility gets heavier and the amount of things I need to juggle grows. Am I weird to say I kinda anticipate it? Like I want to know what is my limit. Hahahaha!

I am thankful for so many things like the location of the office is not very far from home, there's coffee shops around the area, boss & senior is nice, intern buddy is nice, work delegated is good, and others which I can't remember.
Of course, I know somewhere in the middle there will be something that gets on my nerves or I get stress or whatever lah. I believe I will get over it hehehe.

Truth be told: I have a countdown app on my phone
Truth be told: I forgot to look at it everyday :D

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