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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sparkling September: What am I doing with my life?

A very good afternoon to all!
What just happened? It's September already??
Only another quarter before the end of 2015...
Speaking about the end of 2015, I still have no idea what am I doing for countdown. I always wanted to do something different than the usual go Marina & waiting till the countdown, seeing the fireworks.
Oh well, I shall see how it goes as it gets nearer.

Right now, I'm sitting comfortably on my couch, with music on my wireless speakers and blogging in the living room.
Ever since I got the wireless speakers, my iPod dock speakers is being neglected...
I mean, the wireless speakers is so convenient like you can choose the songs you wanna listen and adjust the volume easily.
Even though the iPod dock has a remote control, I have to point it at the speakers to change the volume or song. Furthermore I can't choose the songs I want..
I told myself the wireless speakers can be brought out during outings like BBQ & use the iPod dock at home... Oops.

My last exam is tomorrow yet I'm heading out. Well, I haven't meet my girlfriends for a long time & it's very hard to pick a date when all of us are free. Can't wait to see them later! ♥

What sparked me to use that title is because last night, I was lying on my bed browsing 9GAG, then it dawned on me: What am I doing with my life?
Like, I could use that time to do something useful? Like painting or do some crafts but I'm lazing on my bed with my eyes fixated on a screen.
Then again, my brain has both optimistic and pessimistic side; the reason why I'm doing that is because I'm resting after my revision.

But then I stopped reading & thought deeper.
It's my last semester in SP - 2nd September will be the last time I stepped into SP (Okay maybe not last time but you get what I mean).
Then I'll be going to my internship for 6 months. After that is over, it's graduation.
I don't intend to go university.. Just start working and slowly build my career.

But I want more than that. I want achievements.
Like maybe my artwork got recognition or I got the opportunity to meet a celeb or something or attend a workshop that improves me as a person.
I'm 20 and single, I want to find a boyfriend and marry him.
I want to grow old with my husband and have kids.
I want to decorate my house nicely so that I look forward to coming home.

Planning and planning... I'm always either living the moment or thinking about the consequences and plan for the future
A lot of people say you have to get at least a degree certificate to get a good paying job.
It led me to this quote: "If everybody is rich, no one is"
I think it is more than just a certificate. Sure a degree holder has more in-depth knowledge than a diploma holder (not sure if I'm correct), but what about the person's qualities and skills?

Oh well.
As of now, I'm more like, 'just do whatever is on your hands now. Why worry about the future when you can't do anything now?'
I ask myself this:
Are you worried about your future? Yes.
Do you know what your future brings? No.
Can you do anything to know your future? Maybe
So why worry?

Alright alright, I'm just gonna enjoy and make full use of my youth!
I don't want my life to be so boring ;P


MHB said...

You need to find your passion first before you go ahead and give your all for that passion! And in this case it seemed like art is your passion so go all out for it after graduation! Even still, start now! Why wait! :)

You'll eventually meet someone who's worth your time and want the same thing as you do because I always believe that there'll be another person who'll make you feel complete. So keep looking and don't settle. :)

Lastly, just like success, being rich is determined by yourself and not through the judgements of society or any other people.

You can do this! Jiayous sister. :)

✍ Y. Xiaoyu said...

Thank you bro!! I really see you as a brother, really. :')
Even though we don't chat often or see other everyday, you really help me in some point in my life.
I really, truthfully appreciate your kind words and encouragement. I'm sorry for replying late because I just notice your comment.
I will find my passion one day, I'm sure. I'll let nature take its course; no rush in settling .
You're right, I can do this!

Once again, thank you for the encouragement, bro. Thanks for being there for me ^-^ ♥