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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Color Run Fun!

Good afternoon everyone!
Gosh, it's my last semester in school already... I'm taking my last tests/exams in SP, then I'll be off to my internship.
Time sure passes really fast huh?

At the end of my End-of-Semester Tests, I went to relieve my stress and take a breather (well more like out of breath) together with my friends Atikah, Amelia & Mingmin.
The 4 of us participated in the HAPPIEST 5K, aka THE COLOR RUN!

It's a first for all of us!
The previous non-competitive run (The Music Run) I went was with Atikah (my partner) so this time, it was a group of 4!
I was very excited for this day to come because it looks so much fun! But had worries because I'm afraid that my skin will grow rashes.
So I used the bandana as a mask to cover my face, and even brought a mask as a spare.

We met at Vivocity & headed up to take the monorail. It's free for Color Runners yay!

As usual the queue is long but movement was fast
I have to post this
Oh yah, right. Look out for Mingz in all the photos.
Mingz is the girl with spectacles.

We spent quite some time in the toilet because, you know, tying of hair, applying sun block, drawing paints on our faces (except for mine).

Okay in these photos Mingz isn't wearing glasses but she's the one on the left in the photo above.
We wanted to try out the trampoline though but you have to sign an indemnity form, so I'll pass.
The queue was moving slow even though it was short.
Race started at 4pm but we missed a few batches before it's our turn to run (& by run I mean walk).

A proper photo
And the typical jump shot 
You can tell which pair is together
Tryna' be like a flamingo 
Welcome to The Happiest 5k!
The sun was really bright, but it beats raining ;)
The DJs were really trying to hype up the atmosphere, the crowd responded enthusiastically!
It wasn't long until we're at the front of the starting line.
One of the DJ host & I locked eye contact & he asked me 'feeling good?' so I smiled & nod my head. He smiled back! Hehehehe!

How can Mingz open her eyes when the 3 of us are winking
& so... we started our run!!
Actually many of the participants were walking, including us.
There were quite a few up-slopes & my stamina was so bad...

Our bodies were tackled by blue power everywhere! The floor, as you can see, is blueeee!
*Cue: I'm blue da ba dee da ba die dum*
Seems like Papa Smurf jacked off really hard.

This is how I look like when we're approaching the powder zone:

I don't even care about my hair anymore
My forehead was so clean.. 
After Blue zone I think it was Red Zone? What I thought was for every km there's a color zone.

You have to watch this video!

Temporary hair highlight on Atikah.

In the video, you can see that the floor is covered with orange powder.
To me it looked like the powder in Cheetos or Super Ring tidbit.

That girl is sure having fun!

At the finish line, each Color Runner is given a pack of coloured powder to play!!
Why did the 4 of us took red colour?? xD
& at this point you can see people rolling on the ground. Ahh it indeed is the happiest 5k!

My camera was compromised by the powder.. 
Frame 1: Amelia throwing the powder
Frame 2: Powder is thrown. Mingz's face is peaceful
Frame 3: She felt it on her face. I gave 2 thumbs up.
Look like some Racial Harmony campaign poster but in actual fact only got 1 Malay
Better eh?
We can't not take group photos right?
Do take note of Mingmin.

This one not too bad lah
Mingz y u not ready
I don't know what to say
 They hit me in my butt. I'm suffering from peer physical abuse what helpline can I call

Make a statue like this please
After the race, it's the after-party!
More and more Color Runners crowd in as they complete the race. It's like an outdoor club except you don't wear nice outfit & everyone is dirty & sweaty.

When the bass drop, Color Runners were waving the packs of powder in the air

Then the DJ hosts told us to raise our hands up high, whoever have GoPros, selfie stick, smartphones, cameras, to wave them in the air!

I tried to take a selfie with strangers, like I did back in The Music Run, so here's the results (pardon the absolutely poor quality):

Good looking guy spotted in the pictures.
The DJ spinning was really good at hyping the crowd up! (Except for 1 time he played 'Bang Bang' by Jessi J. It was so.. wasn't a good choice ah I think)

One point Atikah & I were dancing to the song & we're doing body waves, out of nowhere the girls & runners in our surrounding were cheering on me!
I guess I body waved too hard hahahaha! The dude carrying the selfie stick in the photos above even asked me to teach him how to do it xD
Aiyah mai lah wo paiseh lah
But that short attention gave me adrenaline pump though can't deny that :P.

What is so coincidentally was that Nat was beside us! She was with her group of friends & were beside us, but we didn't even realise!

What was unexpected was the fireworks! Too bad I didn't catch some really pretty shots.
Oh yah during the end, the DJ hosts told us that because so much power were pumped into the after party, the monorail was suspended due to technical difficulties!
I guess the power was too much to handle! Oops!

We weren't really at the front part of the stage because those lucky runners who were straight in front of the stage easily passed their phones to the host to take a selfie!
Atikah told me to not give up! So I tried my very best to wait for the right moment, & passed my phone to the host!
I can tell he was really exhausted hahaha!

We left at 8pm even though the event ends at 9pm, we figure we should leave before the crowd disperse. 
Thank God there was shuttle buses for Color Runners back to Harbourfront MRT station.
& thank God there was a straight bus back home & Atikah & I got a seat in the bus.
I also thank God that my skin did not grew rashes! 

There, my first ever Color Run experience! Fun is an understatement. My legs are aching from all the jumping and dancing...
Back home, I wash/scrub my body three times, THREE F*CKING TIMES, for the color powder to be completely washed up.
Luckily there's a body scrub in the washroom so I used that to scrub my body. 
At the 3rd wash the soap foam became white, which is what I want to see but my arms were red.
Not sure if it's the colour powder or because I scrubbed too hard. 

The company was great! Thank you Amelia, Atikah & Mingmin for the experience! You girls are the reason why this is an awesome memory! :D

My conclusion after the event: Color Run... go once can already.

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