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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Astounding August: Jalan Raya '15

It's AUGUST today!

Man, time sure pass really fast, huh? I still have no plans for countdown or whatsoever.
So many events are coming up!!
I hope to attend as many as I can!
My attachment is really near, half nervous half excited for the experience I'm gonna gain.

I had a wild Friday night last night.
The 3 Malays in my class - Aishah, Atikah & Asyiqin (the AAA Batteries) - invited some of my classmates & I to go jalan Raya!
It's like a fusion of cliques: Atikah, Asyiqin, Jiamin & Jill + Aishah, Karise, Mingmin & me.
I can tell how we are comfortable with each other because Asyiqin, Atikah, Aishah, Karise & I were in the same group for our IP,
Karise, Aishah, Jill & I am in the same CCA (the 3 of them were in the MC),
I'm close with Atikah.
So it's like we're not never distant, we just get along very well with each other! Yay! :D

The 1st open house we went was Aishah's.

I find this jar tray neat! Every Muslims' house have this item (at least that's what Atikah & Asyiqin told me).
For the Chinese, we have different sizes of red lid containers hahaha. Ok lah some houses their containers is the same but majority our containers is in different shapes & sizes.

BBQ Chicken & Hawaiian
Even the cups are the same. Aishah's cups are small & the ice cube is big, so it looks like a bigger version of a shot glass.
'Mojito on the rocks please!' 

We watched Suria & apparently even though I don't understand, the girls & the acting + sound effects made it so hilarious!
The chit-chatting, eating and laughing makes the beginning great.
I love the honey cornflakes, chocolate cookies & the koko crunch!

Cheers to another outing like this!
At Aishah's
The next open house was Atikah's Mum's house.
She have 3 houses to go: Her Grandmother's, her mum's & her godparents'.
It was rather a long journey there because we had to change buses and walk to the place.
Again, her mum's house have similar jar tray and identical cups on a tray.
When I have my own house I'm gonna adopt some of the Muslim's way of hospitality.

Her mum, I swear, is young at heart!
She has a great humour as well, & her daughter takes after her xD.
It was noisy in the house because of all the laughter & chit-chatting, although sometimes I don't understand what the Malay's are talking about. Despite that, the non-Malays still laugh because it sounded really funny!
I quote from Atikah when she was introducing us to her mother, 'this is Zenna, same species as me'.
This friend of mine.

Asyiqin why you blink at the right moment
The last open house is Asyiqin's.
During the journey there, 2 burdens (read: Asyiqin & Atikah) held on to me because their high heels were giving them problem.
Goodness gracious I laughed so hard throughout the walk xD!
What a wild night..
The kueh & delights in Asyiqin's house is nothing like Chinese' CNY snacks.
I asked her where she bought it, she said KL.... Thought I could buy it in Singapore for myself.. It's so good!
There's honey cornflakes, cookies, Nutella tart, oreo cookies, red velvet cookies, etc.
Her mother cooked for us as well: Lontong, Sambal Prawns, Ayam Rendang & Sayur Lodeh (I think?).
Thankfully it wasn't spicy to me! It's really tasty but I couldn't eat much because I had my tummy filled from the small but many delicacies from the previous two houses. Not forgetting 2 slices of pizzas..

I think I'm the odd one out, wearing green...
My Dad once told me, when it comes to hospitality, Muslim's is the best at that. Which I totally agree!
It's not my 1st that to jalan Raya & I experienced similar hosting from each houses.
So thankful that I am living in Singapore and that we have racial harmony!
I learnt a lot about the Muslim culture yesterday too!
If only I can invite my Malay friends over during CNY but because the food aren't halal..

Once again, thank you to the AAA Batteries for having us over & providing us good food!! 

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