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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jolly July! Assembly Coffee For You?

Yes, yes, I know...
I haven't been writing & now then I start my July post when it's already mid-July..
Pardon me, I haven't got any events to write about.

Yesterday I went out with my dearest Ong because she's treating me a meal as a birthday gift!
I was craving for waffles or pancakes, either one is fine.
Good thing is that this week is Home-Based Learning week, so students are not required to go school but stay home and complete our assignments.
Yay to no alarm!

The waffles place that she brought me to is Assembly Coffee!
Reviews online claim that their Salted Caramel Buttermilk Waffles is the best hands down, and we thought, 'oh, it's not very far. The nearest MRT station is Botanic Gardens'.
Well.. we THOUGHT so..
As usual, I will be writing the directions to Assembly Coffee in the best descriptive, possible way.
If my directions are not clear, resort to Google Maps or hailing a cab. xD

It was an awkward walk to the cafe because part of the route was blocked for construction works & the path was right beside the road & the traffic is driving in the opposite way.
Furthermore we were dressed up & it makes us a little uncomfortable to be walking is such area.. xD
But alas! We found the area! How I wish one of us have a driving license so we can rent a car for a day..

My model
The door to delicious waffles
When we enter, we were greeted by the staff. It was a pleasant service :)
The cafe is quite small though, but thankfully it's only us 2 people and we got a table.

The interior
Baby girl treating me ♥
The kitchen is quite small but it looks nice to be a kitchen in my future house hehe 
Didn't know she took it haha I swear
Ah this she told me to pose
Here's the menu:

Very simplistic menu
I didn't take the back of the menu because, I thought they were the same front & back..
We waited quite long for our waffles to arrive, wonder if they only have 1 waffle maker.
BUT, the wait was worth it.

Eve's Salted Caramel Buttermilk Waffle

I got Earl Grey Caramel Buttermilk Waffle

I ordered Earl Grey Caramel because it sounds out-of-the-norm kinda flavour.
When I ate it, wow, it tasted interesting! Like a flavour I never thought of mixing.
It's very sweet so for those sweet tooth out there, this is the perfect waffle for you. The strawberries combines well with the sweet Earl Grey Caramel so I enjoyed my dessert!
In addition, the vanilla ice cream doesn't melt easily, when I scoop it out it is still quite hard. I like hard gelato (think Baskin Robbins, Marble Slab) more than soft serve (think MacDonald's).


Ambience - 3/5
Reason because there was a table that was placed right in front of the window & the sun was shining directly at one customer. She have to block it using the menu..
Assembly Coffee, maybe you can do something about this! :D

Food: 4.5/5
I haven't tried others though so I cannot say the rest of their food is good. I saw a group of girls eating the Shibuya Toast, Smoked Salmon & Eggs, and Bacon & Baked Beans on Toast beside us.
I'll definitely try the Smoked Salmon & Eggs the next time I come here, if there's a chance.

Service: 5/5
The (same) staff greeted us when we entered and left the cafe. I saw 1 staff helped to take the cutlery & serviettes to one customer even though it's self-service.

Feedback: any cafe will be extra enjoyable with good music :)

After eating, we took some photos because it's such a nice place to take pictures!

Good thing we can take the bus back to the MRT station instead of walking.
While walking, we happened to walked behind a group of boys. Then slowly, a few of them slowed down so the both of us were in between them.
Talk about awkward...
Then this Eve want to snap a picture of them (not sure if pedo or...)

Not sure what was she thinking
Afterward, we head to town to run some errands; she needs to buy chocolates for her sister, meet a seller, buy this & that.
At one point I've been spending my money on food whereas she already bought one apparel..
It's just walking around Orchard area, it's always nice to shop with her xD

Such a f(l)attering picture

Her meeting point was at Ngee Ann City, Takashimaya.
What's perfect was there's a food fest going on! Just in time for dinner!
Not sure if the event name is Takashimaya Food Fest or Food Lovers' Fiesta.
We weren't really hungry, neither are we gonna miss dinner so we settled on a light meal.

Everything I see relates to Events Management now...

She had to photobomb

Eve bought this for us to share!
It's not the 1st time we tried this, there was one blog post that I talked about this Chee Cheong Fun before.
I've had before Chee Cheong Fun with black sauce, red sauce, but this is brown in colour.
It has added sesame seeds & deep fried dried onion (common in Ban Mee).
Ong told the Auntie to put a little chilli and damn, it taste better with a little spiciness! (Even though I can't take spicy food well).

Rice burger! Own by Koreans
So that's how our day basically went!
It was always a great day whenever I'm with her ^-^

If you wanna go to Assembly Coffee, here's how:
1. Take the train & alight at Botanic Gardens
2. Exit through Exit A
3. When you reach street level, you will see an overhead bridge & a bus-stop. Ignore both and head to your right
4. Follow the path. There's construction works going on (at this point of time) so just keep going
5. You will past by a bus stop. Keep walking on the path
6. You will see a zebra crossing if I remember clearly. There's traffic light on your left. DO NOT CROSS THE ROAD/ZEBRA CROSSING.
7. Turn to your right, there's a curve.
8. Keep on walking straight after you turn the right curve. You should see a children/kindergarten thing on your right.
9. Go left, you should be in NUS campus. There should be a MOE building on your right once you turn left.
10. Keep walking straight you should see a gantry for cars to enter into the campus.
11. Assembly Coffee is in the shop in front, a little to the right! :D You just have to cross the road.

I certainly hope my directions are clear! Hehehe!
Enjoy your day in Assembly Coffee ^-^

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