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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Jubilant June

A JUBILANT JUNE everybody!!
I wish my life is exciting... My mid-semester tests were over last week, felt like a huge burden have been lifted off my shoulders when the clock ticks at 10.20am on 5 June.
Now, I hope that I will be accepted in the internship company that I selected.. Oh well, that can worry in the future because no point worrying when I cannot do anything about it.
Last holiday, I didn't have any assignment to complete. Maybe because it's the semester break & it's longer.
This term break is 3 weeks long... Not sure if I can squeeze some time for my school projects since I'm working for 2 weeks,
Heck, I don't think I can even rest. There's *counting* *doing some fingers calculating actions* 4 projects to be completed.
*Laughing bitterly*
Just hope that I have the discipline to start them. I always get too tired when I reach home from work and from my CCA FOC... Then I'll push it back to the next day. & repeat.

Enough about my ramblings.

On the last day of paper, my group of friends and I went to town to have lunch.
It became like a routine that we'll eat at some restaurant after our last test/exam, even though I wanted to do something fun eating of eating..
But eating is fine too! Hehehhee!
Coincidentally, Mingmin & I both wore similar clothing.. Not sure if telepathy is there or just purely coincidence.

That nonsense girl
Like kena force to take picture with me 
When I was browsing the photos, I took a closer look & noticed something...
Then I realise I stood in a way my left leg is at the back; my dress covered it.
Gosh it look so weird.
& then there's this drop of water that is conveniently targeted at a wrong place.

The 5 of us ate at CafĂ© Mondo - they sell light bites, mains, pastries and puffs, desserts.
Unfortunately, they did have the dish that I wanted.. I wanted to have the Reuben Sandwich, so I switched to Foccacia Beef Mondo, & they didn't have it as well. 
They didn't have the bread for it. 
Mondo what are you doing, Mondo?
So in the end I ordered:

Waffle burger
The waffle taste normal, when you cut it breaks easily to smaller pieces.
The beef is so hard, I needed a chainsaw to cut it.
The fries, doesn't taste nice. I mean, just look at it.

What Mingmin ordered
Karise' Shepherd's Pie
Aishah ordered meatballs
Prawns for Marz

It was a hearty meal, chit-chatting with the girls.
Maria had to leave early to catch her flight, so she missed the 12 different scoops of ice cream :P.
Yup you read that right, 12 DIFFERENT SCOOPS OF ICE CREAM, WE HAD THAT.
We shared lah, duh, & it's mini scoop hahahaha.

Picture credits to Karise!
After half-way eating, we:
1. felt sick. Ate too much ice cream. Got bloated. 
2. couldn't properly taste the next flavour because the previous flavour which we had was too over-powering and thick. 
3. thought we ordered medicine as one of the flavours.
4. tried to guess which ice cream was which flavours. We got confused with Vintage Strawberry Cheese & Raspberry (?) something.

Food: 2.5/5 sandwiches
Ambience: So-so
Going back again?: No

A group picture before Maria left.

Both Aishah & Marz left because they had plans so Mingmin, Karise & I walked around Somerset before it's my turn to leave.
I went home to pack my stuff and headed over to Eve's house!!
Staying over at her crib for one night ^-^

♦♣♥♠ ♦♣♥♠ ♦♣♥♠ ♦♣♥♠ ♦♣♥♠ 

I didn't take a lot of photos because we were out the 1st night.
We went to The Alley Bar. I had Cranberry Vodka which Marz recommended, & it taste good!
Eve had beer & we ordered truffle fries.
I don't know what's the craze about truffle fries; aren't they like normal fries?
So I Googled it & it turns out truffle fries are made of truffle oil.
It taste slightly better than normal fries but I wouldn't pay so much for french fries anytime in future.

Both Eve & I had a heart-to-heart talk in the bar. Like she tells me whatever was in her heart & I give advice & my opinions.
Acting like adults *sips tea*.
But the ambience is definitely great, will visit again!
The bar manager even introduced himself to us! Such friendly person!
When we are leaving, we say goodbye to him & he was really nice to tell us to have a good night.
What an excellent customer service!

Drinks: Can't rate because I only had 1 drink. But that drink was refreshing
Ambience: Perfect for a girls night out
Going back: Definitely!

When we reached home.. we just chill in the hall & connected her com to the TV so we can surf in big HD screen.
There's the on-screen keyboard & her wireless mouse, which makes things so much convenient.
However, technology REALLY DOES produce lazy people.

I look creepy here because my contact lenses are out & the angle I took is at an awkward angle..

I decided to take my revenge on her because on one of the sleepovers she hit me with a bolster before I wake up. & posted up on her Instagram .

But she was sleeping so soundly & we slept late last night.. So I didn't have the heart to go maximum asshole so I just tickled her butt with my toes.
Dinner cooked by Daddy & Mommy Ong! So yummy!!

Didn't have the chance to tell the parents I love the dishes!
I could have another bowl but because the other dishes were too delicious that I was too full for another bowl..
The salmon was deep-fried, the fried fish was cooked with a sauce I don't know but it's yummy!
The chicken stew with potatoes and carrots was tasty too omgosh.
I'm not joking or boot-licking but it's really taste good!

Home-cooked food is the best :).

Initially, we planned to go Jurong.. but we dilly-dally then watch drama until we just silently agreed to stay at home.

Pretty lights~

I wanted to post a picture of her but then I thought about her image so I decided to delete it :P.
(But I thought if I POSTED IT UP then I'll get the BF award...?)
I stayed until 10pm before heading home. So lazy to go home... But it was a great 2 days spent!!!
Thank you Ong's mum for always buying me breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Thank you Ong for always bringing me to your family outings! 
Thank you Ong & mum for the hospitality hehehehe.

Looking forward to the next vacation woohoo!

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