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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sogurt @ Bukit Timah & DUBSMASH??

Hey! It's May now!


I don't know why I labeled May as Magnificent (probably because I've used 'Merry' & 'Marvelous').
Eve & I went out yesterday to Sogurt at Bukit Timah!
It was a very belated birthday outing.. xP
At the end of this blog post I will write directions on how to reach the place. Don't worry, it's not a very difficult place to find ^-^.

While on the way to the place, I cannot interpret what is she saying, sounds like 'op, op, op'. She's an alien.

If only one of us can drive, then I don't mind renting a car so we can conveniently explore Singapore. Too bad getting both requires money.
When we arrived, the place was bigger than the Sogurts we went!

iPhone 6's camera is really good man.. & yes we were walking to the place!

Probably because Sogurt at BT (Bukit Timah) serves mains like waffles & lasagne.
& also the only Sogurt (I think) that accept NETS payment.

Love the interior (why is this blur?!)
The toppings are placed creatively as well! 
There's even a washroom! Well done Sogurt! Not sure if the postcards are for sale though
Magazine rack
JUICE is an events magazine xD
The 6 flavours in BT
I didn't know she's taking a vid of me, until I came over to our table. Hehehehe!

Waited roughly 15 minutes for our food to arrive.. 15 minutes is okay I guess?

Our initial plan is to have early dinner there than have dessert & maybe Sogurt as the last course. But I tell you, main + dessert is enough to fill your stomach.
The menu is overpriced. The food I'd say is not too bad, but I won't come here any time soon.
Maybe to enjoy their main attraction which is their Froyo.

Here's the menu:

This is what we ordered:

Minced Chicken Lasagne
My review: The lasagne is sticky enough & the sauce taste like instant pasta sauce. The cheese.. the consistency is different though, it doesn't spread well.
Tips - break the chips and eat it with the lasagne. Does not disappoint.

What Eve ordered:

Smores Special
It's a special recipe add-on to the menu, that's why you don't see it in the original menu sheet.
My review: the marshmallow doesn't cut really well, maybe because of the biscuit under it. I thought it'll be sticky like how you BBQ marshmallow & it's melt, that kind of texture, y'know? Personally, I'm not a fan of marshmallow, so I'm glad I didn't ordered this.

What I ordered:

Nutella x Oreo
The placement was really nice, and they were generous with the strawberries.
My review: One word - SWEET.  The strawberry Redondo wafer stick + NUTELLA + oreo = DIABETES.

The first few bites were like:


When you're finishing it:


Both waffles come with your choice of Froyo, so Eve got chocolate & I got Red Velvet cake.
The red velvet cake flavour was a disappointment though... My favourite flavours are still Nutella & Strawberry.. I wonder if Sogurt will come out with Oreo or Milo flavour.

Eve narrating what we ordered. She's really into videography! Maybe she'll be on TV one day! xD

I should've reacted more exaggerated.

Come to think of it, the craze for Llao Llao is still high. I mean, the sanum creation is different from other Froyos (froyo + crunch + fruits + sauce + froyo again + sauce) & it's $6.50... It melts quickly, which I don't like.
Unlike Sogurt, it doesn't melt fast & it's 'harder' than Llao Llao (can say Llao Llao is creamier & have a heavy taste of milk).
Furthermore, Sogurt is always coming out with different creations in their flavours so I'd say Llao Llao is overrated. SOGURT IS THE WAY TO GO!

 So I took some photos of her. Hehehehe!

That smile
The candy that she's holding is jar of rock chocolates.

It taste like cheap chocolate.

Not sure if customers can use this to add onto their dessert 
I couldn't finish my waffle because the Nutella really made it too sweet & you'll get sick of it easily.
We took a bus to Orchard (it's good that there's straight bus to town) because she wanted to get jeans. In the end she got 2 pairs of sweatpants. What, girl, WHAT.

I also wanted needed to get a pair of Sperry, because my current Sperry has holes... I purchased a similar cutting of shoe online, but it was too tight at the toes area, and by the 3rd day I wore it, the soles on the left shoe peeled out. YIKES!
Thank goodness I was able to get super glue in school if not it'll be so embarrassing.
After much hard hunting.. I finally found a nice pair of Sperry that I fancy!

I like Sperry so much because
1. It's super comfy, the women ones, not the Authentic/Original sole. Okay let me show you:

A/O sole. Credits
The first picture, the insole is very comfortable. It is not totally flat that when you walk, it will strain your sole. The second picture doesn't have the same insole, but that doesn't mean it's not comfortable as well. It's just that the women sole gives a better comfort than the A/O one.
Furthermore, the heels of the women sole is higher than the A/O.

2. I like the cutting of boat shoes. The mouth is bigger than most covered shoes. Boat shoes are 5:5 but normal shoes like sneakers, their mouth is 3:7 (Do you even understand what I'm talking about xD).

3. Chucks Taylors, New Balance, Nike Roshe, Nike Air Max, Dr. Martens are too mainstream.

4. It's very lasting because of its quality. I've worn my previous Sperry since the first day of Year 1 (which is somewhere around April 2013. It's May 2015 now).

The best part? It was having a 30% discount! So from more than $100 I got it for less than $100! Happy kid is me ^-^.

The both of us have nothing to do.. So we took photos and...

Yup I only purchased 1 item whereas she bought more than 1 item.. 

We recorded Dubsmash
It's trending now especially in Instagram. xD Both of us uploaded different Dubsmash onto our accounts so if you haven't check it out, here's what we did!

People be judging us... It's okay, I won't see you again & doesn't really concern me as long as I'm not causing trouble or being inconsiderate.

Some photos were taken by dear Eve! ^-^ The better quality ones though HAHA. I want to do more Dubsmash with a bigger group of people! This app is fun!

Okay so if you wanna make your way to Sogurt at BT, you just have to

1. Take the MRT & alight at Botanic Gardens.
2. Go up the street (I don't remember which exit but I think there's only 1 exit? We just follow the flow/people in front of us).
3. You'll see a very nice gate on your right when you reached the street.
4. You'll see a bus stop in front of you (not literally in front but you can see the bus stop & buses going past).
5. Take either bus: 66, 67, 74, 151, 154, 156, 157, 170, 171, 174, 852, 961. Or read the bus service board & search for 'Coronation Plaza'.
6. Alight at Coronation Plaza bus stop. We took 171 & it was 2 stops away.
7. After you alight, walk the direction the road is going. Keep going straight & there'll be a row of shops to your left. Sogurt is among the shops.
8. Ta-da! You've found Sogurt! 

Is my direction helpful? I hope so! I like writing directions to places that are not easy to go, because I understand the pain of Googling & not find any directions but the address only.
Sure, Google maps help but I like this kind of description better.
Hope you will enjoy your trip to Sogurt at BT!

Disclaimer: I am not advertising for Sogurt, nor do I work in Sogurt. I just do this out of my own will, because why not help people? Furthermore I like Sogurt so that's my reason. I'm not paid to write this.

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