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Monday, April 13, 2015

The Music Run oh The Music Run

So I experience my first ever run 2 days ago...
It was The Music Run! 
I know of this event through radio station Kiss 92 FM during work, & it sounded fun, so I jio-ed Atikah a.k.a my partner to go with me.
Lucky when we purchase the tickets it was during the early bird promotion so we each got the tickets at $40 each, which is much cheaper than Illumi Run last year (I almost went for that but because a friend backed out so no I didn't.. :()
I thought, eh the event is still far away but when I was on the phone with her the other day she asked me what time to meet on Saturday. I thought she was talking about the swimming trip which is on a Friday so I corrected her. Turns out I have forgotten about the run xD.

We actually wanted to collect the run pack together BUT she was stuck in a showcase that was held in *scape.
The run pack consist of vouchers and the t-shirt, vitamins and stickers.
There was a pre-party but we didn't go because by the time we reached Sentosa the run already started. xD
Fast forward to 11 April...

The queue is expected... 
I like to act gangsta to show how stupid people look
Bored girls are bored
There's always a gap i dunno why
She's watching you

tak layan aku
ape kau tengok tengok
a before-my-face-got-really-tomato-ish look
use phone again sigh
Okay good thing that for TMR runners need no pay for the entrance fee for the monorail to Sentosa.
I just pulled a Singaporean, didn't I?
During the journey I was hyped up for it! 5KM run... I can barely make it for my 2.4KM & it's been so long since I ran. May my soul stay with me throughout the day.

Pool of pink people
Are you sleeping or praying to your God 
Oh shit she caught me
Partner you know this is going in my blog right
Don't ask why
So there were already a lot of people in the starting line.. & they release the runners batch by batch. Every batch there will be a countdown.
Confetti, honks, hot MCs throwing out big foam rock-on hands and wow, Singaporeans are not as high as foreigners. Oh well, the Angmoh MCs were trying very hard to hype up the crowd. Every now & then there'll be screams & clapping among the crowd. xD

I think the photos we take.. there are more ugly photos than decent photos..
'nam mean?
We cool
We're in!
The locker rooms were not actually lockers, it's the typical kind of 'storage' used in events. They give you a number for your belongings & when you went back to collect you show the number & they'll retrieve the bags for you.
Good thing is that we didn't queue long until it was or turn. Anyway there wasn't any crowd control at the area, so people just form their own queue. Oh well.

The sun was not exactly hot, it's just bright & warm..
I decided to snap some pictures... Hehehehehe

Can't wait for our countdown!
Gosh I can't wait for my teeth to be straightened
I like people who look into my camera & pose
Smile, fellow runners!
'Real tired of your shit, Zenna'
I spam more than I admit
Nice smile, dude!
I pronounce that Malay girl in the centre, cool. For smiling in every photo.
Too bad not everyone looked.. I guess it must be awkward for them.
I mean, I'll definitely photobomb whoever's camera I see that is near me.
You never know your face might end up in someone's Instagram. O: 

Finally, we START TO RUN!!!!!!!!!! CHIONG AH!!!!

Whoops, sorry man, didn't know Atikah weren't behind me
There's this convo between Atikah & I:
Me: I think I cannot make it. 5km.. It's more than twice the run I ran in secondary school..
Her: 5 minutes later you see I drop. Tell my mom I love her

But she's a liar, she has run faster than me.. She was in front of me when we hit 3km. Damn that girl!!! 
But we were goofing around when there's good song playing, & thus our energy got depleted quickly.
Of course we stopped & walk..

Our first time drinking Aquarius & it taste mmMM!! Maybe because it taste extra delicious because we're running low on water...
I think we're pretty weak because we didn't train before the run. I mean, this run is for fun & not those kind of marathons or legit runs. xD

I sure look bitter here
I don't even care about my appearance already
Then there was this small tentage, called the 'Rave Cave', pretty cool I guess. There were cameramen there to film people dancing to the songs. It was quite warm inside so we danced a little then we continued running. xD

We spotted some music characters like Bob Marley & The King, A.K.A Elvis Presley. But Bob was cooler & I was like 'Hey, Bob! Don't go man!'
& so we took selfies (despite my worn out face).

Keep rockin' man
Reggae Bae
I think we took about an hour to finish the run.. Umm...
But to both of us, it felt short! Partner even said she could even run some more. NOT SURE IF SHE'S SHITTING ME OR WHAT.

Yay we finished 5KM of the run!! A little accomplishment in my life hahaha.
There was an after-party in the sand so of course we joined!

That's right! Let's get high!!
However no drugs nor alcohol kids!
Cool kids at the back
Heeeyyy girls
Don't be shy! (Partner looks annoyed hahaha)
Wahlao blur
The DJ began to start spinning songs (even though I'm pretty sure he just pressed play & pretend to work the set but oh well).
Slowly the crowd gets bigger & bigger as all of us finished the run!

Then World Champion beatboxer who is a Singaporean & Singing Sensation K-Leah came to perform! I was awed by his talent man. Proud of our very own local talent! & The singer, I just love her voice... It's beautiful! 

Fun balls!! It landed on my head once.. Ouch.
It's super fun!! Hahahaha xD
Then we got invited to the front of the stage! Thank goodness we were already in the front so we managed to enter to the area in front of the stage!

How close are we to the stage!
We're so ready to party xP
Then the MCs called us to crowd together because the the VIP & MCs on stage want to crowd-surf!
Atikah & I were rather to the side so we didn't carry the weight of the surfer, we just watch.
You get to touch the hot MC & the beat boxer, but at the same time what if you broke your wrist??? (I don't want to imagine that)

Why are we crouching down?
The MC told us to go low & when the DJ dropped the bass, we jumped out & went crazy! 
Pity I didn't catch the whole thing on camera.. :(

First surfer was the MC, the second one was the beatboxer. Damn it looks hella fun!

I got this foam hand! Wooh!
Forever doing that lah she

I like how the guy in bandanna already saw my camera before I lift it up to capture the crowd xD.
I really like people who are into fun activities like this, just entering into stranger's camera without embarrassment! :D

What caught me off guard were the fireworks! ;D Dang, the after-party ended with a bang! (Literally ended with a bang)

Messy hair don't care
I dunno what face we're making
Help us 
There, better
But there was a after-AFTER-party at Tanjong Beach Club but we didn't go because it has alcohol..
So The Music Run have Pre-Party, After-Party & After-After-Party. Man, I only went to one!
But it's okay because we went to have dinner in Vivo afterwards.
I met Yuwen, Durka & Linglin (my secondary school classmates) in the event! They were the crew hahaha!

Atikah wanted to wash her hair & arms because she feel 'dirty'. Not sure if it's only her or it's a Melayu thing.

Hell, she sprayed water at me because she cannot aim the nozzle properly!!
Well, this is a first.
Then we saw the backdrop of TMR, but because she already changed her clothes & shoes... She offered to help me take a picture.
Stupid partner.

Judge me for all I care, I think standing straight smiling with a peace sign or both arms by the side are boring
During dinner, 2 small patches of rash grew on my chin.. :(
Must be because of sweat & the smoke during the party. Thank God it faded the day after! :D
We were planning to go for related runs in future! Like Illumi Run, Colour Run, Electric Run or whatever.
But Colour Run is our goal!!

I felt so GOOOOOOOD after I bathe, the feeling was just GREAT!
I had a good sleep that night.
Maybe I should run often.. Maybe not.

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