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Friday, April 3, 2015

SP BP Mentoring Club Gala Dedication Dinner

Amazing April! 
There wasn't any events last month because it's all work & some meet ups with my friends!
I really love attending events, so if there is any events (regardless of the nature), I'd love to go!

So yesterday night was my CCA's Gala Dedication Dinner (GDD), it is for our senior Management Committee who is graduating.
I am not very close to all of them except for a few of them.. Well, it's because of them who approached me back when I was a freshie that I joined Mentoring! :D
Okay so Eve & I were very early, we reached there 15 minutes before the arrival time :P.
So basically we were the first to reach... Thank goodness the venue is not located in a secluded area, it was easily accessible by using the public bus.
However, the email did not state where the function will be held at... We met Ming Wei in the lobby & he was the one telling us the place is at level 3...(Now that I try to find the email, I couldn't find it.. Maybe I deleted it).
So we registered ourselves & were greeted by the organising committee! The place is nice & suitable for the function, I would say. :D
We have door gifts as well! Music dedication slip were given to us if we want to, so I did!
I dedicated to Eve, Karise, Louis & Aishah with the song 'Sugar' by Maroon 5. xP
Umm, the message I will omit out because it's cheesy. Hahahhhaha!

Door gift with the ticket! And fruit punch
Programme sheet 
The theme is 'Dreams', I don't know what to do with my nails so I just did a 'dark, dreamy night sky' even though it is not really linked to 'dreams'.

Decoration according to theme!

Karise & Jill came over to us & what happens when girls gather?

As you can see (& my past photos) my jaw is not aligned. After my braces have straightened my teeth, I'm gonna have jaw surgery (a total random fact). Well, it's gonna be a long journey... Right now the metal bands and the back of my teeth is rubbing & sometimes hooking against my cheeks which f*cking hurts ass! I can't even chew properly without looking like a barbarian.

While waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive, Eve & I went out to see what's nice in Chevrons. We chilled on the resting area at level 2 & recorded a stupid video. She uploaded on her Instagram, it's pretty short.
Then I took a few lame pictures...

What an illusion 
The lobby
My model of the year
We chatted and killed time before it's appropriate to go back to the place.
I guess we can waste time by

She's mad & annoyed because I always start off by not smiling properly. xD

A decent one
Inside joke
She hates this face of mine. I should do this often.
GDD kicked off with a video montage for the whole of SP BP Mentoring Club.
In the meantime we have to voted for the Romeo & Juliet of the night. Should I reveal whose name I wrote?? Hahahah for me Juliet is Eve & Romeo is Louis xD

The deco of the buffet table
Not very appetizing because of the lighting & my camera.. But it was alright! The tofu and fish is yummy.
She wasn't prepared..
It's really fun holding a toy gun but I'll be probably be shot by the popo if I'm in US.
There she posed
My bright Karise!!
Eve and I went out to see Ming Wei and Lou chilling at the cocktail table, so we decided to join them. No idea why I took this
From NESW - Me, Eve, Lou and Ming Wei
Lou picked a nut that blocked MW's face. He was unhappy hahahah
There were games and performance prepared for us.
I couldn't catch nice photos of them dancing so pardon me...

Skit by the 14th MC. Shen Jie wants to be a dancer
It's the power rangers 3 man team
I put my hands up in the air and wave like I don't care
But then my arms got tired
But I have to wave my hands up again 

It was entertaining hahaha because after the skit it was expected that there'll be a dance, but I'm not sure of the song they were using.

The next segment was Crowning of Romeo & Juliet!
3 Romeo & Juliet pairs will be nominated, & the Romeos are....

Wow that quality
Terence, Vincent and Louis!
 And who would their Juliet be?

Vincent's Juliet is Yiling!
Terence's Juliet is Gelien and Lou's.. is me! xD Really unexpected okay I thought it'll be Eve for real!
We have to play games and what we played was...
Doing 10 elephant spins, and the Romeo will walk towards his Juliet and propose to her
I thought I'm high on acid or shrooms
Lou is sucha creative man; he used boots to propose. Of course I said yes!
Look at how Benson laugh hahahah
Being over dramatic me, there I acted touched
'She said yes!'
All the pairs played Charades, with Romeos writing the answer using their butts.
I guessed only 1... Looks like our 默契 not up there yet, Lou. xD
But it was fun ^-^ I've never stared at Louis' ass for so long in one night. HAHHAHAA
The crowning Romeo & Juliet was Terence & Gelien! :D We all get gifts as well. If only I have the picture of us on stage.

Following was performance again! This time by the SC!

And we dance, dance, dance
Waving hands in the air again

I scrolled up to see the pictures, & noticed that Benson is in 90% on my photos.... Which is quite hilarious hahaha!
After the end of the event, we took some last shots.

My Romeo
My voted pair hehe
Not a lot of mentors in my badge came to the event.. Especially non-MCs.. They are either in-active or busy with work/intern...
Oh! Lou & I did what seemed to be our last live reporting last night.. :(
Eve refused to be part of it.. It's always us Trio, we are always going around interviewing the mentors or MCs or SCs ridiculous questions during all the Mentoring events.
This event is kinda small so the video is not very long. Furthermore it was recorded when the guests are eating so I apologise for disturbing you in your meal!

So that marks the end of our night! It was a great night because it's Mentoring Club ^-^.

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