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Sunday, March 15, 2015

How much can 3 girls spent in Swee Choon??

everyone is How?
I am so living my holidays well & I'm loving it!
My mantra for basically all the holidays:

Credits Credits Credits
Work as in currently my part-time job. I am very thankful to be working in that shop because I like it! There's something to do (although at times when I've completed my stuff & there's nothing else to do) & my colleagues are nice people! I am able to click with them very well. :D
So therefore the working environment is suitable for me! I foresee myself working there for a long period of time. :D I'm already at my 9th month working there! Go for 1 year!

Play as in gaming, shopping, going out with friends, attending events & maybe party? Hahaha it just involve draining my energy.

Rest as in just staying at home. I can sleep in, without alarm clock. I can wear pyjamas & eat breakfast food for lunch. Even lying on my bed using my phone or whatever I feel like doing.

It's all about balancing these 3. WORK, PLAY, REST, REPEAT.

So yesterday I went out with 2 of my sisters, Eve & Pauline.
The 3 of us are going out more often than in the past! But I always kena because I'm the youngest..
The 1st stop we went was ION Sky. The lift up is very dark, which gave it a mysterious feeling for me. But it'll be better if it's transparent but I'm sure a lot of shoppers will complain.
Our ears were blocked as we ascend, kinda like the feeling I had when I take cable car.
The viewing area is super cold (probably because I wore sleeveless) but Da Jie wore sleeves & she felt cold too, so it wasn't me. :P
It is BEAUTIFUL up there. Okay maybe beautiful is not the descriptive word to use because all you can see are buildings and a jungle (forest?) towards Malaysia.
But it's STILL pretty cool to see Singapore from ION Sky. There's also a device that allows you to zoom into the places you wanna see. BUT, it's not always available. WHAT.

Scenery were shot using my new iPod Touch! Same quality as iPhone's ^^

The shots were not bad, I'd say! :P

This is the device!

It was my 1st time up there so I took quite a few photos...
& there weren't many people as well! I hope it stays like this. Because I foresee there will be a queue formed and guards to usher the number of people going in, issuing passes to go up.
Of course, we couldn't missed taking shots of ourselves right? xP

The lighting is perfect!
By coincidence we wore the same shoes! Twin sync xP 

Many thanks to the girl who helped us that the photos! We disrupted her during her 'play' on the device.. Sorry..

We didn't stay long there because there wasn't really much to do, except for photo-taking & the view.
There was an ION Art I think, a mini gallery. I took some that I fancy.

Then we proceed to The Cathay for waffles!!
& I gotta say, Eve's sense of direction is improving!! I'm so happy for her! xP
When we arrived, whoa, there was a Cosplay event going on.
Of course our eyes wander here and there. Thought I could spot my Cosplay acquaintance but nope, I didn't.
I don't know many Animes so I cannot identify many of it. We spotted Spirited Away's NO-FACE.

The person caught all 3 of our attention hahaha.
I saw Deadpool, & it's true what they say: There's always a Deadpool in Cosfests.
Waiting for him to grab my boobs only. HAH JUST KIDDING.
Many realistic cosplayers too! & it isn't only limited to Animes, I see men dressed in army suits, fake blood, etc.
Thankfully we don't have to wait very long for seats because we only have half an hour to eat before our movie starts.
I ordered plain waffles with chocolate sauce topped with Strawberry Yogurt ice-cream
Eve ordered same but with salted caramel sauce and Matcha ice cream, whereas Da Jie got same as me but with Macadamia ice cream
It was tasty but not worth the money.
While waiting for all of our waffles to arrive, the service staff ask us if we mind giving 1 table to the customers beside us because they have more than 5 people and there's only 1 table.
So we have to shift to the left to make space for them because the table were turned horizontally.
Let me see if I can visualise:

The staff asked us in a nice tone & we couldn't reject either. Those customers were middle-aged family members. They didn't even ask us if we mind or what. I was rather annoyed because they didn't thank us. The woman heard me & then thanked me. Well.

I wanted to take a picture or two with the Cosplayers but we were running to catch our movie.
What movie are we watching??

I am more of an acting-more-than-animation kinda person, but Spongebob Squarepants is my favourite cartoon character!!!
& Eve wanted to watch it as well so why not hehehe.
Unfortunately.. it's kinda disappointing.. Well what can I say, it's a children movie. Thought, I must admit, I laughed at some points in between the movie. :D
6/10 Sponges & I added 1 because it's contains 'wtf' elements that really makes you go 'wtf??'

After the movie we headed to Swee Choon for dinner!!
It was drizzling when we're en route but thankfully we were under shelter when it started raining.
& damn the queue is LONG, no surprise because it's a weekend.
We waited for, I guess, half an hour? Because we got a table.
The use of technology and service is excellent!
Food arrived shortly and the ambiance is nice as well.

We were missing the Siew Mai because we were starving & tired of waiting so we dug in before the last dish arrived.
Everything you see here + the Siew Mai is a must order!!
My favourite dish is the Ha Gau & the Deep Fried Dumpling!
It was so scrumptious, we couldn't finished whatever it on the table..
Oh we also had dessert: Mango Sago with Pomelo! The pomelo was bitter though.

When we called the bill, we were is SHOCK.
I think I received the biggest blow hahahahah!
The total amount was $73.30?!?!
That's like $5 less when I ate with my colleagues & there's 6 of us!
I couldn't comprehend the digits right before my eyes..
How can 3 girls ate $73.30 worth of dim sum?!?!
Wow I guessed we really pushed our limits huh?
We just add the quantity like nobody's business without calculating the amount before we submit the order chit.
But then again, I wish I can do this when I grow older ^-^.

FOOD COMA, there's what Swee Choon gave us.
Oh, & pocket burnt, not forgetting that.

We went to Mustafa because we have nothing better to do and we wanted to walk.
Felt like a glutton after that heavy dinner.
During the journey home we played a game on Eve's phone. The game is like vocabulary/thesaurus game; where you have to pick the same meaning as the word on screen.
I can't believe we worked our brains after dining at Swee Choon because our energy were depleted, we were exhausted and the words were alien to us.
Eve even dreamt in the train because she's that drained.

I mentioned before I liked spending day out and at the end of the day, my body is drained out right? I enjoyed 14 March 2015 ^-^.
Let's do this more, sisters! ♥

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