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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Adventures in Wild Wild Wet

Marvelous March everyone!!!
I dunno why 'marvelous' though. Maybe because I've used 'merry' for another March previously.
My exams are finally over (on the 27th)!!!!! I SUPER love the feeling of the end of exams/tests. It's like a big burden off my shoulders! I don't have to read my notes anymore or whine like a bitch during the revision period.
MOREOVER, it's all the plans & the list of things I wanna do during the vacation that makes me squeal!!
I actually wrote down the things I wanna accomplish during the holidays while I was studying.
The holiday is so close that I cannot contain my excitement; I just had to jot it down!!
Hopefully I am able to strike off all or majority of them, because a few requires $$$...

Everyone (majority?) will have plans after the last paper, am I right? I mean, it's sorta like a small celebration or to reward ourselves.
So instead of the common 'go town shop shop', Karise, Atikah & I went to Wild Wild Wet (WWW)!!
My IP team received annual WWW passes as an incentive, so why not use it??
Sadly out of the 6 of us, only 3 of us could made it... But it's okay! We still went ahead!
The 3 of us were sooo hungry, we kept complaining but I think I complaint the most..
We bought food on the way to Downtown East! :D

My chocolate bread to at least reduce the hunger

We stop by Fairprice to get water & chips so we can chomp on it after we play! ^-^
The locker was $3! Atikah & I shared 1 while Karise had her own locker.

Slather all the sunblock!!
Can't wait to go down the water!!
We went to the Shiok River first. Slowly get used to the water. Even though it is only the 3 of us, it isn't awkward at all. In fact, we went talking all the way & laughing at our jokes. The sudden strong current was hitting our fats so hard it made us burst out laughing! xD
Then we went up the Ular-lah! I swear it was empty. Guess because it isn't peak period that's why. 
It'll be great it there's more of us to sit that water ride.. 

Basically we went to every attraction, except for the purple one, the fully covered one.
And the newest highlight: Torpedo.
I kid you not, that ride, requires at least 2 pairs of balls.
Atikah didn't wanna ride because she rode it before.. So she waited for us.
Karise & I climbed to the highest floor, we were out of breathe the moment we reached the top. The crew that was on duty was very friendly! Talks to us and joke about the severity of the ride. We couldn't wear anything on us so after the ride we have to CLIMB UP THE STAIRS AGAIN TO RETRIEVE OUR BELONGINGS AND THEN HEAD BACK DOWN.
I guess it's our fault for not following the instructions heh :P.
This ride, is not for the faint-hearted. It was hella thrilling and to make it better (or worse), before you drop, yes DROP, there's a computer-generated voice that countdowns to your drop.

It starts from 5.

My heart was already on the way up to my mouth already, the crew after he closed the door, he did the thumb-slitting-on-throat action.
Thanks that helps in calming me :D (Hilarious guy).
The trap door didn't open immediately after the voice said '1', it mumble some words, I think something like 'take off'. Before it even FINISHES THE SENTENCE, BAM! I disappeared.
Ouch, my heel hit the slide (but not painful) and water gush up my nose & ears :).
The ride was short-lived & quick!!
But I think I'll go to a maximum of 3 times per day. I'm not that bonkers. (whispers *yet*)

Atikah didn't want to ride the U-Slide Up as well.. So Karise & I sat that. Almost on par with Ular-lah but this the thrill factor is higher.
The 'Tsunami' was quite okay.. We float 2 rounds of Shiok River afterward.

Then something happened...

The 3 of us were talking in the water, then suddenly, out of nowhere, a f*cking huge current as if Hadouken my stomach, & I flew quite a distance away from the both of them.
Thank God I got up my feet, but water got up my nose & ears.
The lifeguard was like contemplating whether to jump down the water to save me but I got up quick so he's like, 'oh she's good, she's good.' -- According to Atikah.
Umm.. I yelled & I went quite a far distance in a short period of time and you're waiting if I'm drowning or I can save myself.. Hmm..
Maybe that's how he was trained to do ah.. But KARISE & ATIKAH.
When that happened to me, Atikah described it as 'dramatic scene' and she went 'eh what she doing sia?'
It was hilarious, but partner, you partner was hurt. You good you owe no duty of care to me, or your omission to act will be used against you (just kidding lah).

We went up and ate chips! I was so thirsty even though I swallow not little water.
I like how there's music everywhere you go, even in the washroom.
Excellent choice, to whoever's idea was it!

Pringles is the way!
Some quirky poses before we wash up

After we washed up...

Just Karise doing her own thing
Trying to perfect the Minah eyebrows. Her brow game is top-notch okay.
Failed to capture her hair flip because SAMSUNG
The reason why my face look white here it's because I just applied sunscreen..
Time to leave WWW
We decided to go Ikea to have their meatballs because there's a halal line in the nearest outlet.
The 3 of us are clueless on which stop to alight.. Except for Karise, she was using Google Maps.
When the bus stopped at our supposedly correct stop, Karise told us to get down but she is not 100% sure, so I said let's alight at the next stop, and they agreed.
Turns out.. We should have listened to Karise because... the next stop is after the expressway...
As if that's not bad enough, we have to take a super long-sloped over-head bridge... 
There's like 2 bus stops together, and the bus number weren't in all the notice boards.
Luckily we don't have to wait for very long for our bus, but we had to run for it BECAUSE THE BUS STOP IS TOO DAMN LONG.
We have to walked a distance to Ikea, and well, well, well, another over-head bridge. The one with stairs. :')
Boy, we sure exercise a lot that day.

The moment we stepped into the store, it was bliss.
3 hungry girls looking for food, WE NEED THEM MEATBALLS.
I shared the halal one with Atikah, and I ate Lotus-leaf rice.
Big mistake because I couldn't finish my food & the meatballs.

Karise wanted a tourist picture because well, technically we got lost so we're considered half-tourist.
The original one taste better though 
Happy because she got her meatballs
My funny partner-in-crime
Focus on the meatball
We were so worn-out from going all out in WWW, our legs transformed into a viscous matter and 
our mind were hollow.
Thank goodness there's a direct bus back to Woodlands and the journey was not very long.

The moment I reached home, I took out my shoes, dropped my bag and sat legs wide-opened on the sofa.
And stared at whatever's in front of me.
My mum asked my what happened, I was so drained-out that I just nodded.

I like when I spend my day out playing and playing until my energy is depleted, and I reached home to a good night sleep.

Because that's when I know I have lived that particular day well. Laughing, eating, playing, whatever. Because it reminds me that I'm still young & energetic; I can't do all these when I become old.
Because that's when I know I have utilized my youth.

More adventures to come please!

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