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Monday, February 16, 2015

Hitting the beach

Good morning all! :D This post will have TONS of photos, be warned. I'll try to minimise the number alright xD.
So on Valentine's Day, nope I don't have a partner to celebrate with (I'm not sour by it either), but instead I went out with 2 of my sisters ♥.
It was the day after my IT test & since the 3 of us are single, why not have some fun with each other??
I am so excited to go to the beach because God knows how long since I've been there.
Furthermore, Singapore beaches aren't very beautiful either.
We decided to have a picnic there while we're at it, so each of us prepared 2 dishes.
... 'cept for Eve because she didn't have the ingredients ready so she bought snacks (correct: junk food).

To save $3, we decided to walk the long route to Sentosa. Boy, it was a helluva walk. Both of them were always ahead of me...

Sadly, we couldn't take the tram because it was too full & if we want to take the next tram, we have to wait for very long.. :(
Da Jie suggested Tanjong Beach so Tanjong Beach it is!
That beach was occupied by so many Ang Mohs! Not sure if it's normal or because it is Valentine's Day. I dunno.
We went to change into our bikini and then we went to find a good spot ^-^.

Da Jie applying her flash tattoos hahaha

The weather is very nice to us, because it wasn't very sunny! I mean, there were clouds to shade us from the sun which equates to a PERFECT WEATHER!
It was my first time wearing a bikini so I felt bare when I exit the washroom... I guess everyone has their first time huh?

We found a good spot and lay the mat, and place the food out.
Time to dig in!

Da Jie prepared seaweed chicken & ham & cheese toast. I cooked fried fish cakes & Gyoza!
Hey baby
Error 404: abs not found
Goodness my tummy gotta maintain

We ate and chatted and look at people playing beach volleyball, there was wind and the sand was clean and soft.
After eating we took (tons) of pictures :P.

Eve & my plan to dunk Da Jie into the beach failed.. Because it was also an advance celebration for her birthday, but she didn't bring extra intimates so.. :(
I wanted to go down the water but I myself also didn't bring an extra set. :')

No idea what is she doing. Oops did I splash her with water? :P
The way how she say stop
Just so you know we're paroding how models pose
We're a laughing stock 
EVEXY S/S 2015 Collection Shoot
My plan to pus her down..
She's one strong woman 
2015 model pose of the year
Ok I got a lot of photos so I'm just gonna talk through them.

You can tell how good the weather is
And there weren't many people
Ready for some fun!
She said 'braces!'
Look how cute she is!!

Some washroom shots

We packed up around 7pm and changed back to our comfy clothes and went back to USS to dine!
Thank God for the weather, and also we managed to catch the last tram back!
We were busy talking in the monorail back that we missed our stop.. So we stayed in the monorail to take us back to USS.

It's tough being girls, with the amount of pictures we took.
Eve suggested eating in the Korean street, we buy dishes and share.
Goodness gracious, the food we ordered were HEAVENLY!!
Okay maybe I exaggerated but it was super tasty!
We wanted to get the Spicy Chicken Hotpot with ramen though but it was SOLD OUT!!! :(
In the end we ordered this:

This is chicken, but I forgot what is the name. YUMMYLICIOUS.
Xiao Long Bao Kimchi Ramen. T-T-T-TASTY.
I don't eat spicy food but this, this ramen is too good to complain.
We bought the J-cone also! F*cking cone is so f*cking hard to bite?!?! For people with braces..

I got a cigar
She too have difficulty yet she's laughing
We had a good meal there and then we walked back the long route again...
But it was kinda romantic hahaha with my close sisters.
Then we stop by to take some photos.

Okay I think that's about it.
I have greatly reduced the photo count in this post. I don't wanna bore you with multiple similar pictures so I just picked the more presentable ones. :B
It was a day well spent whenever it's with both of them, I am extremely grateful for meeting them ♥.

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