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Friday, October 24, 2014

Doors To 'HELL'oween

Hello everyone!
Oh my goodness when was the last time I updated my blog??? I'm so sorry for the lack of updates!
I have been busy with my school work as well as my part-time work.. No events during the holidays (actually there are but I was unable to attend them :().

Today I am gonna talk about a Halloween event happening in Singapore! October, a month of Halloween. :D
I am not a fan of horror movies, but I like to read creepy tales, go to Haunted Houses (like the one I'm gonna talk about) and go Trick or Treating when I was in Primary school with my friends.

So this Halloween event is called "Doors To 'HELL'oween" and is held at Downtown East D'Marquee.

Here is the poster:

There are a few Halloween events in Singapore but what makes this Halloween event different from the others? Let me list a few points:

1. It has 4 'DOORS' for you to enter and experience the ultimate horror.

The 1st door is the main highlight, which is the Terror Maze.

It has 16 trails inside this Terror Maze! Whoa! You can expect unexpected jump scares and pop-ups! When you walk the maze, you might see something, but, is it really there?

The second door is the Carnival Rides.

Why stop at a heart-throbbing adventure when you can enjoy another blood-rushing thrill? The Carnival Ride are open to adults & children because the creatures really likes young wailing and adults screaming...

The third door is the CSI Door.

Do you like mystery fiction? Being a detective? Solves brain-wrecking riddles? Then this door is perfect for you. Good luck trying to crack the case...

And the last door is the Treats Door.

Unlike the other 3 doors, this promotion is valid from the whole of October (except for 31st October). Nothing scary about this, it is a way to thank you for coming to Doors To 'HELL'oween. Trick or treat! Or rather, treat or treat!

2. The Hell Passes (tickets) are cheaper.

For $30 (for NTUC /nEbO Plus! members) & $35 for the members of public, you get to enjoy all these fun & excitement! That's a pretty good deal if you ask me. Don't look down on the ticket price, because the level of horror of this Halloween event is gonna SCARE you! (Hehehe pun intended).

3. Other forms of entertainment.

Say you have been to all of the attractions of Doors To 'HELL'oween, you might think there's nothing else you can do? WRONG. You can watch a movie at Cathay Cineplexes in E!Hub. I know Ouija is out, why not go on a full Halloween streak when you're there? Or if you wanna calm yourselves down, there are other movies for your selection. :)

If movie is not your thing, there are other forms of entertainment to make you (temporary) forget your fears such as Colosseum & Party World KTV.

If you wanna know what to expect in the Terror Maze, here's 3 trailers for you to anticipate it:

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Trailer 3

Pretty well done huh? I like Chain Prisoner the best. :D

And to all students! There is a special promotion for you! If you use the promo code 'STUDENTS18' when you check out, you can get the tickets at $18! Perks of being a student because there are student promotions everywhere in Singapore xD.
So what are you waiting for? Hurry up & gather your friends before the promotion ends!

The tickets can be purchase here: http://bit.ly/DTH14

See you there! I can't wait for the Halloween event to be here! Take a break from my stress (or is it the other way round?)

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