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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sunny Day Out

A good afternoon to you guys! Holidays has been so pack for me.. So whenever I have no plans I will coop in my room with my jammies and eat whatever I have at home.
I just came back from my Grandma's house for lunch and I only have this short buffer time at home before I go out again.
So I shall get on with the latest event!

This event is called Sunny Day Out (as you see from the title, obviously) which was organised by my CCA Mentoring Club!
It is filled with many games & activities to bond the mentors in each schools! Because some mentors did not attend the Mentoring Club FOC , they might not know each other well so Sunny Day Out is the perfect opportunity to make them closer.
I was the Game Master (GM) for this event so I don't get to mix with all the mentors..
Pretty slack ah this position, furthermore my appointed game station is located in FC5. There's food and air-condition, so it's an easy job ;)
I'm the GM for Charades & Questionnaire.
Basically asking them questions related to Mentoring & they have to perform an action or whatever is written on the paper to their fellow mentors.
Actually the original games is to act it out on strangers but from the 1st school, the strangers weren't very friendly (2 different strangers rejected us) and there wasn't a lot of strangers in FC5..
So Karise (I'm her GM, she's in charge of the game), modify the game to acting it out to our people.
Oh well.

The activities goes like this: Ice Breaking, Game Stations, Lunch, Mass Games.
I didn't manage to take any photos but I shall get some from the SP BP Mentoring Club Facebook page ;P.

This wasn't my station and I don't know how this game is played.. 
Another game station. The GMs demonstrating how it is played
For this game, one has to toss the ball through the hula hoop as it is being thrown
There are some more game stations but I want to focus on the mass games.
2 mass games: Bingo & Human Foosball.
All 5 schools will compete with each other and instead of crossing out the numbers called, the mentors has to find an object or human to be placed on the number.
For example the GM called out 'mentor wearing spectacles to stand on number 15' or '2 pairs of shoes on number 3'. You get the point.

Hmm what are we doing? 
Superstar spotted
Jay is suppose to stand but look at him
Ever ready for photo this girl
Can you guess??
During the whole Bingo game, Louis, Eve, Audrey & I went around playing the 'News Reporter' game and doing live video of the activity.
The whole playful mimicking of Mediacorp news reporter was actually impromptu. Because Louis was using his portable charger and I was holding it, then he started the idea of this.

After Bingo was Human Foosball. It can be a good workout if you put in your best effort in scoring!
People were dragging and pulling and resisting. Werk dat muscle!

There were injuries, small cuts and much laughter xD.
Glad they were enjoying the event :)
Not forgetting group shots!

No idea what Eve and I were doing

Looking for the next event!!
Thank you dear MCs for organising this event! ♥
Video credit to Louis & photo credit to SP BP Mentoring Club Facebook page ;)

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