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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

School's not really out

*Takes deep breathe*
I can finally blog!! Feels so good to be clearing my desk and place my laptop in the middle of it!
Playing music, having a cup of warm beverage beside me and typing these sexy keyboard. FEELS GREAT!!
My last paper was today and boy, did it felt great when I hand in my paper and exit the mafaking cold room!! I was scribbling (okay not really), just writing really fast because I wanted to leave the f*cking cold classroom.
Days before the end of exams, Aishah, Karise, Marz, Mingz & I planned to go eat waffles after Logistics paper, which is today.

Aishah suggested having our celebratory waffles at Createaf Waffles!
On the train there, we chit-chat and laughed while we're at it. As I entered the train, a bloody insect (a moth I assume) flew to my right ear, just below the lobe & it touches my skin!!!!!!!
Omgosh I could hear the wings flutter!! I freaked out, OBVIOUSLY!!
& being such good friends they are, they all laughed... Thanks guys you guys are the best.

Marz came shortly because she had IP meeting and so we're ready to order our waffles!!
Here is the menu:

Price is pretty affordable as compared to Gel├íre or typical cafes out there which burns a hole in our pockets. The illustrations are so tempting! I scan the menu seriously and saw 1 that captured my heart (or my stomach).
What we ordered:

I ordered Sinfully Chocolate FULL, topped it off with Hazelnut ice cream. Yup you read that right, I ate a whole waffle. That's pretty normal, yes?
Marz and Karise shared Banana Chocolate with Vanilla ice cream
Mingz on the other hand ordered a healthier choice: Merry Berry with Matcha ice cream
Aishah had Peanut Butter Crunch and had Hazelnut ice cream as well!
The 1st bite is always 'oh my heavens this is so yummy!!' & when I'm done with the 2nd 1/4 of the waffle, in my mind I'm like 'oh heavens I regret this decision'.
Chocolate sauce + chocolate flakes + Koko Krunch + Hazelnut ice cream = chocolate overdose.
It was so sweet and I felt a little sick.. I couldn't finish everything (I'm too weak) so Mingz helped me eat the ice cream and waffle I couldn't stuff it anymore.
Stayed for a while because we are too full to move & besides, we're the only customers in the shop.
Took some (bad) photos of the interior of the shop. Nothing nice about it.

Service:  Speed: Food:
Will I come again?

Mingz got her sushi from Maki San and she was a happy kid.
Nothing is fun for us in Dhoby Ghaut so we decided to walk over to Somerset because MM & Aishah want to check out H&M (shoppiiiinnngggg). Marz was meeting her friend so we left without her...
We couldn't make do without a photo, can we?

Honestly, I'm proud of myself for leaving H&M without a bag on my hand. *Pats self*
Basically we walked the whole of H&M and *scape. Aishah got her mobile phone cover, Mingz bought a skirt from H&M & Karise got a macro lens! I'm considering getting 1 too hmm..
It was a really nice piece of skirt but it doesn't have my size :(

Mirror selfie 
It wasn't long after we had our dinner at Eighteen Chefs!
Well, when we had our waffles it was neither lunch nor dinner.. Lunner? Dinch? Whatever.
I've learnt my lesson when I dined at Eighteen Chefs last time; I ordered Cheesy Baked Rice with Creamy Sauce.. It tasted.. Let's just say it's extremely creamy and I didn't enjoyed the meal..
So this time I had pasta with the basic tomato base. You can never go wrong with tomato base spaghetti.

Service: Speed: Food:
Will I come again?

We were taking selfies when this waiter offered to help us take a group photo.
He even pulled out Karise's chair when we're going to order our food! What a gentleman!
Never judge a book by its cover :)

So that marks the end of my day! It was a day well spent! Laughed a lot during dinner. Hope our friendship will continue to grow & become closer!

Here's to our Integrated Project happening now and Year 3 + Internship next year! ♥ 

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