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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Food For Thought: Griddy + 49 Seats

Good July everyone! This is my 1st July post & it is already mid-month.. 
I started working during the weekends & on weekdays I have school. I'm not sure if I can handle both of them, in terms of my body. Like I don't give myself rest after 5 days of tiring school. Lucky the job is not stressful nor takes up a lot of energy, the only thing that burdens me is the traveling time. If only it is in Woodlands..
Like I've said in my Instagram post, I'll do up a review on Griddy & 49 Seats. :)

Last Friday, I TGIF with 2 of my sisters (not blood-related but feels like). I had Griddy with Eve as lunch because they have student promotions at half the price

What is Griddy? As I quote from their website, 'gourmet waffles'. This food stop is very unique, I must say, & I am impressed! I mean, no one had come up with a F&B business where they combine savoury with sweet (except crepe houses). In Griddy case, they mix waffles with meat! Sounds disgusting but if you take a look at the photo, you might change your mind.

Photo taken by Eve
I rarely been to Westgate & when I was there, I only visited the clothing floor, never the basement. I only know of Griddy when 1 of my friend shared the pictures on Twitter & I was like, 'omgosh I wanna eat this!!!'
Their student promotions only applies in the afternoon, so with Eve we had our lunch there. When we reached there, we were told that the 'Student promo OF THE DAY' was the Snail Sausage waffle. And no the sausage isn't made of snail it's just that the sausage is being made to look like a snail. 
Lucky when we went there the Waffle OTD was chicken, if not Eve. couldn't eat it. 

There wasn't a lot of diners when we reached, but as we settle down more & more people started to come in. We ordered our food at 12.33pm (it was in the receipt) & we were waiting for very long for our food to arrive. I really hate waiting for more than 15 minutes for my food, be it cheap or expensive, delicious or not, worth-the-money or a rip-off. Food is food, I pay for the service. 
Service staff was good; it was an Auntie serving, & ONLY 1 of them. Furthermore that auntie was not from Griddy, it was from Pho Street, the shop behind Griddy. She was really nice. The couple who came after us got their food & our is still not here! We asked the auntie & she was really nice to check with the kitchen crew. When it came, only the waffle combo & 1 set of sausage waffle came. WHERE'S THE OTHER ONE?
Again, we asked the auntie. Turns out they missed our order & they made the 2nd set ON THE SPOT. 


Will I come again? 

The food is really delicious, but the fact that the crew missed out our order when there wasn't a lot of customer when we came in disappoint me. Let's just say I won't suggest eating at Griddy unless my friend wants to, then I'll go along with her/him/them. 

While Eve went to school, I went back home to quickly exercise and meet Da Jie. 
It was my 2nd time eating at 49 seats (you can read the post here) because THERE IS NO GST OR SERVICE CHARGE! Maybe the GST is inclusive but knowing that I don't have additional charges to pay I feel more happy eating in that cafe.
I guess cafe without additional 'hidden charges' (7% GST & 10% service charge) will attract me into eating at their place. Doesn't matter if it's included in the price. I guess it's a psychology thing.

Da Jie & I ordered our food 1st because Eve arrived very late. I ate Chicken Bolognese & Da Jie got Tom Yam Seafood. We also ordered cheese fries & when it came, whoa we cannot see the fries. There was a MOUNTAIN OF CHEESE & MAYONNAISE & SPRING ONIONS. IT WAS TASTY.
Eve got the same dish as me but to her she don't find it worth the $12.90. 

The Menu: 

Cream of Cauliflower soup. I thought I wouldn't like it but it doesn't taste bad
CHEESE FRIES! Look at the amount of cheese 
My Chicken Bolognese! 
Tom Yam Seafood


Will I come again?

Tip: Make a reservation before heading down, especially if it is big group (more than 6). When I went there, many customers did not make reservations & the staff told them that they needed the table back by 1 hour. So it's really a bummer because your time of eating is restricted. I don't like to rush my food because how can someone rush me when I'm eating?

After that we went to *scape to have dessert while we chill. On the train home, Eve & I decided to play mind games with Da Jie & it was really hilarious!! She was brain-dead xD. We laughed throughout the train journey, we weren't aware of the stations & we felt that the journey was short! Time past so fast when you're having fun!!

Oh well, guess that's how I spend my Friday. Wonder what's line up this Friday. xP

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