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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Youthphoria + 2NE1 All Or Nothing Concert


What's up everyone??? I guess this shall be my last post for June.
Term 2 is starting tomorrow.. Not looking forward to waking up early. One thing I dislike is waking up earlier than my body clock. Any alarm before 10am or sometimes 11am is really a bummer. 

So let me get on with what happened yesterday :D.
I went to Youthphoria, an event that my course-mates organised. What attracted me to go is the blockbuster movie & Zombie War. Early bird ticket is $6! & with $6 you get 6 coupons, with each worth $2 (or so they stated at the back of the coupon). So every activity there is really worth the $6!! (kiasu spirit emerge)
I went with my Da Jie. The event was from 9.30am to 5pm. I'm guessing we can go there anytime but we want the early bird lucky draw (kiasu spirit level rising). We agreed to meet at 8.30am... but I woke up at 8.29am. 
I swear I adjusted my alarm clock, then I realised I did not turn it on..
When I woke up from my slumber, I noticed something was weird. 

'Why doesn't it look like 7am outside? It is rather bright leh.'
*Checks iPod* 

So I called Da Jie & she's already on her way to my house xD.
She made herself at home, crashing on my bed while I was showering.
For a girl, I was all done & ready to head out under 50 minutes. 10 minutes faster than my usual preparation. The reason why I use 1 hour because I like to take my own sweet time to prepare, no need kan chiong here there. 
Okay so when we reached the venue, there weren't many 'youths' our age.. 
Many families, some primary school & secondary school students. I saw some of my course mates.

Early bird lucky draw

There were game stations, food stalls & booths that sells items! 
The 1st thing that attracted my attention was CHURROS!!!
All the booths & stalls were manned by students!

It is so cheap!!
A for effort in decorating their booth
Fry those long things
Da Jie find the owner handsome hahahah
8 sticks with dip, only $4! Nutella dip aww yiss
mmMM the Churros were yummy. The owners were friendly too! Then we went to drop our lucky draw & queue for the blockbuster movie at the iWERKS Theatre. It was either How to Train Your Dragon 2 or Transformers: Age of Extinction. Obviously we chose the 1st choice.. but the queue was so bloody long!! By the time we wanted to get our tickets, it was left with few seats in the 1st row. 
Benefits of going out in small numbers: can get seats despite the volume.
Althought it was at the side.. but hey, no complains :D.
It was 3D too! Nngh, I prefer digital to 3D. 
The movie was nice!! For me, I always prefer acting movies to animations. But HTTYD is 1 of the few animations that I really like. It's not too kiddy, or cute, or give a false fairytale with princesses & their Prince Charming, etc. There is fighting, cute main character, a little bit of touching moments & DRAGONS!!! (I spotted some Wyverns though)
I give it a 4.5/5 dragons.

After that it was just eating from the food booths. I had Wang Wang milk & we both shared waffles!! I did not take a foodo of it but it was quite yummy. It's not the typical buttermilk batter but CHOCOLATE! & if I'm not wrong there is chocolate filling inside the waffle. 
The best part? $1 for 3 toppings!!! Holy shit it is dirt cheap!!

Even the owner was wearing white singlet with white 'Sunshine' towel! (Not in picture)
There you can see how the chocolate waffle look like at the bottom left.
Then Tosh & Wang Weiliang appeared on stage. For a short while only; they had quizzes for participants, sang 2 songs, then that's all. Some fans even gave presents to them. 

Moving on.

We rode on the 4D Simulator Ride for half the usual price, U.P. $10.
It lasted 5 minutes & what is 4D about it is the shaking of the seat + wind blowing. 
The simulator is a car race. Will not spend $10 for the experience again
I was laughing when it got exciting, & then there is this stranger girl, every little bump or jerk she'll scream. Like really the room only her screeching yell. Which sort of made me laughed too hahahah!

We tried the Virtual Gallery Shooting, & did the rifle range.
Pretty heavy gun. My fringe kept obstructing the scope, but despite that out of 10 shots I hit 8 targets yay! (This one must show off)

Ended very fast. After that we went to the Zombie War! The queue & waiting time was rather long. Some people left (thanks man) so we moved forward in quite a bit of distance. 
What did I say about going out in small numbers? You get to jump queue. :D
The trail is by groups of 6. So there were 4 guys at the front who lack of 2 more participants. & that's, my friends, is where we come in. xD
We joined the 4 guys & went into the waiting room. 
Outside queue need to wait, inside the classroom ALSO have to wait. 
I can confidently say the playing time is waaay shorter than the waiting time.
Basically, 6 players vs 3 zombies. Find a code, find a antidote box, unlock the box. Done.
It's a game of laser tag lah. 

- No queue control: no stachions or anything to create a quene line. It was congested at the front part of the queue. No queue ushers coming out to direct the queue flow. 
- Crew at the entrance of the game area can be more lively. The person was explaining the instruction in a monotonous tone. 'Find the antidote & kill the zombies. Watch your back. Okay start.'

I did a feedback form but that was when I just entered the event venue...

After that boring Zombie War, the both of us have 1 coupon left, so we might as well use all 6 coupons. We spent it on game stations & won mini colour pencils.
We left the place before the grand lucky draw because there was nothing left to do.
Traveled back to Jurong Point, we ate at this Malaysia Food Street.

All the food we bought were shared between the both of us. The Siu Mai was good, Popiah is good too! It was sliced all the way down, so it is easy to eat. The ingredients did not messily dropped out of the wrap. I love it.
The Bak Kut Teh was so-so bah. I have this taste that the pork was kinda smelly? The soup was good, but the meat isn't.
I didn't eat the chendol, I don't like it.
Afterwards we look some last photo together before I head to Singapore Indoor Stadium!!

I went straight to meet Aishah & her friend in the concert hall. This time I was sitting instead of in the mosh pit.
Don't have the money for mosh pit :(
I didn't took any photos or record any videos of the performance because I want to live the time. Enjoy myself and have fun!!
It was crazy! The queens were really sexy, hot & whoa, just blew my mind.
I teared when they appear.. Seeing them again after 2 years..

In 2012, they said they will come back. They love Singapore & will definitely visit again.
2014, yesterday: Welcome to our show. 

A lot of jumping, screaming & fan chants. I forgot to bring my light stick :( So my hands were awkward throughout the concert.

Dara said 'they are coming back, it's a secret'. Hahaha how can I not love her??!
Bom & Dara were saying they should come again, & bring their FAMILY with them. Whoa this made the crowd roaring with cheers!!
Bom: Your family? Or my family?
Dara: Our family!!

I enjoyed my holiday to the fullest!!! Even the last day of holiday, which is today, I am still going out.
School is such a bore. We'll see if I have anything up in July! :D

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