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Saturday, June 21, 2014

SP BP Mentoring Club FOC 2014

(Photos taken by my Casio EX-JE10)

Hello everyone!!
Yes, this month I will have more posts to write compared to Boring May!
Perhaps, this may be the last few post to write because school is starting real soon.
I shall shut my gap & get on with this post.

My CCA's FOC was from 11 June to 13 June, a 3 day non-overnight camp.
As I love camps, I was more than willing to help out in the camp!!
So my role was a GM (Game Master) helper. So the job is pretty easy & not so stressful.
We GM helpers arrive later than the campers & the SCs (Sub-committee) so that's pretty great.

Day 1:

The theme for this camp is DIVERGENT!!!
Cool or what??! Then each group's name are the factors of the movie.
I only get to see the campers during lunch, so the time before that we were resting & chilling away.

I thought this bird has only 1 leg but when it flew, it showed the other. Cheat my feelings..
Dauntless! (Shen Jie what are you doing??)
Abnegation! Go lemons~ Go lemons~ SQUEEZE!!
I realise I didn't take a group photo of Erudite. My bad!!
During lunch, the GM & helpers will sit on the ground in a big circle & eat together.
& this, my friends, was when the fun started..
Actually it started during prep camp, but during FOC it as Day 1 lunch.
Especially the GM helpers, we engage ourselves with games. Not just any games, but mind trick/ brain logic games.
It started out with Fuzzy Wuzzy.. Do you guys know Fuzzy Wuzzy? It's the same as In Bobby's World. I was the last one to figure out the trick!! Was so frustrated, but in the end I figured it out myself hehehe.
I'll just list out the mind games we played throughout the whole 3 days, yes you read that right, every day there is something new to play:
Fuzzy Wuzzy
If this is 1, this is 2, where is 3?
Black Magic
Peculiar Auntie,
Picnic Game, 
This can has 5 sides,
Stick game,
Johnny Johnny Johnny Woosh
Ding ding how many stars are there
Angle 1 + Angle 2 + Angle 3, what's the total angle?
From xx to xx, who is it?
Snap snap snap, who's picture did I take?
Bang Bang Bang, who did I kill?

I think there are lot more games, just that I don't remember the others.
It was hella fun playing with the GM helpers that these games brought us closer together.
My favourite was Black Magic because Eve & I got to mind-f*cked the rest xD.
Some of the games were from Linda but most games were started by me hahaha
It was the perfect time & place to play -- big group, camp, steady people.

As GM helpers we had a lot of buffer time before it was time to get to our game stations.
Day 1 was all about game stations.
So what do we do..

We jump rope!
That's me haha 
C'mon Andrew you can do better than this
& I have a little video.. Hehehe

So before the station games, the campers moved to the basketball court to play a warm up game (sorry I couldn't remember what is was).

Zhi Bi x Beng
Jill demonstrating vigorously xD
So after that, we also had quite some time left before the 1st group came to my appointed station, which is Aston's game station. Don't ask what is Eve & Aston doing.

So, the 1st group came! & it is...

Lemons!! I mean, Abnegation
Whoa that is some high shoe fling
That's right, flick it up!
U go gurl
For a moment I thought Aston's face was warp or distorted
& the 2nd group is..

John u suk
Whoa powerful fling!
Look rather tired..
I like their flag - neat and clean
Next up, Dauntless!

The beautiful art of shoe throwing
Now who's next??

Divergent. Aston: Hail Hitler!
Group flag woots
Last but not least, A-M-I-T-Y!


While waiting for the next group to arrive, the 3 of us (Aston, Eve & I) went over to the other station to kpo a bit xP.
Since there is a station near to us, why not join in the fun??

Catch it Kuo Xun!!
The guy at the back ever ready for a photo
Yup, that's it for Day 1. I couldn't take pictures of other stations & moments of the day because, well, I'm not in SC so I couldn't wander around & take photos. I wanted to grab some photos from the club blog but apparently they have yet to blog about it.. So yeah, that's that.

Day 2:

Day 2, I have to wake up earlier than Day 1.. It's the day of versus games & of course, MORE MIND TRICK GAMES MUAHAHAHAH
It's seeing my fellow GM helpers that makes FOC more fun (the camp itself is superb, but being a GM helper is a bonus!!).
Again, there is a long buffer time before the 1st group comes to the station. 
Eve, Aston, Shen Jie, Linda & I were bored so we played cards &... filmed a video of us dancing to a song. Like an MV. I couldn't bring myself to upload it online. Hahahah sorry man it's really f*cking embarrassing. Keeping it for personal use. xP
The 2nd day is also the day of SMG (Smaller Mass Game). It's pretty fun! It prepares the campers for the last day, which is the MMG. He..He..He..

This game is basically like Sudoku. There will be an Attacker & Defender. The Defender cannot land in the same vertical or horizontal line as where the Attacker stands. Pretty simple but wrecks the campers when the participants were attacking & defending for a long time. Quite thrilling!

Amity v.s. Erudite!
That's Candor over there. Oh and Flora ;)
Why is this dude in my camera roll..??
Wah wah wah!
After versus games ended, the campers proceeded to the same basketball court for Steal The Flag.
It is so similar to the games I played during Secondary school P.E. classes, where 2 teams has tags beside them. The goal is to steal the opponent's cone & bring it back to our base.
But this game is modified in a way the cone is their own flag, & they do not have tags. They just have to tap them. A little like catching.

My fellow Mentors are also ever ready to be in a photo
Dat ass

I didn't use my camera so much during this game because the campers were running & it would turn out blurry.. Meanwhile I was goofing off with my pals xD

Then it was lunch. Ahh.. lunch.. the time when we had all the mind trick games.. :')
Okay let's move on to SMG YAY!

Super tense among the factors
Looking cool
Benson and Xavier look like tailors; customizing Mr Sun's clothes and taking his measurements
Mr Sun has 8 'PEGS'! Geddit? Haha like 8 packs but 8 p- ah forget it

Wondering what are they doing? In the midst of chaos between the different factors, who are thirsty of their opponent's pegs, the SCGMs sent an Evil Guy & Good Guy.
Evil Guy: Able to rip off the pegs of the campers, but they cannot attack him. Tip: AVOID HIM AT ALL COST. RUN LAH SIA!!
Good Guy: Has pegs all over this body. Aim is to dash from 1 end to the other. Campers can take his pegs. Tip: JUST ATTACK, DON'T HESITATE. CHIONG AH!!!

Don't mess with this guy: he got tattoo 
Vincent and his naughty fingers
Weixian's turn to be the Good Guy

I was the Evil Girl in 1 round & Vincent was the Good Guy. Oh man, he grabbed onto my hand & ask me to protect him. xD
Of course I protect him, hahaha but he's too funny that my energy quickly depleted from laughing!!
Day 2 is also the longest day, during Dinner everyone was stoning & dazing away.
The next item was performance and cheer showcasing! It reminds me of my FOC.. Ahh memories, my group won the best performance award yay!!

Can't remember if we're playing Bluff or Daiti
Sorry I cannot identify this factor.. Their performance was a skit of being drunk & going to wild adventures, with appropriate BGM to accompany the actions.

Next up was Candor. Their performance was laughter-inducing!

It started with a lip-sync MV
Someone call a Bomoh
Looking sexy
Okay this part is really funny!! They were shaking and vibrating on the floor to Skrillex's music! Super hilarious!
Yay to Condor
Afterwards was Dauntless. Dauntless' performance was bravo too. They had dance & brings up the atmosphere in the lecture theatre!

After all the factors had performed, it was SC's turn!!
They prepared dance, and I can vouch that they put in a lot of effort & time to practice the dance moves. Taking up so much time to only perform 10 minutes. As the Chinese saying goes, 台上十分钟,台下十年功。Literal translate: on the stage 10 minutes, behind the scenes 10 years effort.

The SCs had the ability to make the audience roar with cheers!
Everyone was shouting & acting like crazy fans flailing their hands in hoping of reaching the 'stars' xD
I was too absorbed & screaming for my friend's name that I didn't take many photos.
It's like watching a concert; I focus of the performance!

It was a hot & crazy night man. Whew. Exhausted but day well spent!

Day 3:

Sigh.. it's the last day already..
& for the last day, the SCs prepare something exciting, thrilling & scary (kinda) game for them. It's the Major Mass Game (MMG)!!
It's a little bit like Running Man's tag-ripping game. But instead of tags, the campers have to rip of pegs. They also can find hidden items scattered around the school to earn points for their factor.
Here's the catch: there will be Secret Society (SSwandering around, targeting campers & ripping off their pegs. Only if the camper has a white wrist tag, then they can rip off the SS' wrist tag.
The SS' wrist tag is pretty stubborn to be torn off, because it is paper with scotch tape. So imagine a rough camper trying to tear off the strip, the flesh will also not be spared.
I was a SS for the 1st half of MMG. I was with a group of other SS, & it's pretty funny seeing how the campers flee & scatter when we approach them xD.
The 1st time my strip was torn off was when 3 campers v.s. the 3 of us (Linda & Eve), to the point I was held onto the ground. I guarded my tag near my chest but it got ripped off, I felt harassed T.T
Anyway it's okay, because SS can redeem their tag free-of-charge :D

United back into the SS Gang, we decided to tackle Dauntless. Wah got this girl, she was so rough she pushed me & my back hit the metal railing. Can you say ouch??
I got mad for awhile but cooled down quickly because 1. It's a very competitive game & 2. I think I'd do the same thing.
The funny part was when Xavier called me for reinforcement in FC3.

For the 2nd half of the game I was a base guardian for Abnegation. I was recruited to be one of them. Woohoo!
So the base guardians were Javier & I. I was facing the front while using my phone, because I thought the opponents would come from the front. The flag was behind me.
All of a sudden, Candor sprinted in front of me with Abnegation's flag in their hands!!!
First I was like 'huh wtf?'
Then I was like 'EH WTF SHIT!!!'
Despite that, my butt remain rooted to the seat because I was flabbergasted & what just happened in a flash. Then, a hero emerged!!
Javier started sprinting at top speed IN HIS SLIPPERS! EVEN 1 CAME OUT OF HIS FOOT. Few moments later he came back panting with a peg on his hand & the group's flag on the other. At that point of time, I seriously see Javier as Prince Charming looking all suave you know. Like he'll do anything to get back his campers' flag. I told him he looked hot.
Fell for him for 1 second but that's it.

Afterwards, it was prize giving & the team to give one last act for the club!
Even the MCs (Management Committee) were not spared. d:

But first, let us take a selfie
Oh look at Andrew

What the GM lunch circle look like. I figure taking a photo of this is keep it as memory :)
We have special awards for selected campers: Mr & Mrs Cool!

John, no need to thank me.

Carpenters, REUNITE!! 
Linda why are you there..
Blacksmiths! Thinking of what pose to do
Xav: I think we should do a fierce pose
Karise: How 'bout muscle pose
Aston: Okay
Mr Sun: :D
In the end they decided on this! Aston you spoil the photo lah..
Don't we look happy

The following photos are not taken by me! I dunno who's photos are these but I think it's from Louis' phone. Thanks Louis!

Syed you very heavy
Flawless photoshop skills over there. Weixian blends perfectly into the picture.

Can you even see us??
Person taking the photo is not in the photo. xD

Overall, the camp is a fun (understated) experience and a whole lot of bonding opportunities with my fellow Mentors. I'm so glad I chose this CCA & I thank last year's SCs & MCs for accepting me into the club!
I love camps so much, I love the people even more!
Thanks for letting me be a part of this FOC & as a GM helper! I'm really happy that I am a GM helper :D


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