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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Food for Thought: Oblong Ice Cream + Chomp Chomp

What's up guys!
I am so busy this holiday, except for the last week of holidays though. I want to work!! I need income :(

So on the same day as the FHLCC mentees outing, I went out with Eve & Cong. We visited Oblong Malu for tea break and Chomp Chomp for dinner!
Eve wanted to try out their Red Velvet waffle, & so she did.
Cong ordered the Charcoal waffle while I ordered the normal Buttermilk waffle.

This is the 1st thing I saw when entered the cafe

Buttermilk waffle with Horlicks ice cream d:
Eve's shot: Red Velvet waffle with Matcha ice cream
Cong's Charcoal waffle with Cappucino ice cream I think
You can visit Oblong at 10 Maju Avenue Singapore 556688. Here's their Facebook page. (Chey free advertising)

The waffles were really fluffy, but I wouldn't say it's the best waffle I have tried.
Afterwards the 3 of us walked around the area. It was really filled with food shops.
Then we met this man, who claimed to be an ex-convict. He approached us with a certificate that proves he is one, and pleaded us to give him some cash for transport & food.
I was stunned in my tracks, I looked at both of them. Like, what should we do??
In the end we apologised to him & left..

Chomp Chomp is a hawker centre that only opens in the evening. I love it when it gets crowded (that is if we got ourselves seats).
There were so many stalls selling similar food, but different price. Few stalls also have like awards pasted on their stalls.

We ordered chicken wings here because why? Because see below.
So many awards damn
We also ordered stingray!! Yumz but it's a tad too spicy for me.
As we were not very hungry, we only had 2 dishes. One day we should bring our gang there to eat a feast mmMM!!
Oh and their drinks are super worth the money! The smallest is $1.50/$2 depending on what drink you buy, and the cup is consider big!

Only had this low quality photo of us...
Will go to Chomp Chomp again!! Wanna try out their satay and Fried Carrot Cake.
I'm hungry already.

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