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Sunday, June 15, 2014

FHLCC Mentees baking workshop (10.06.2014)

Hey everyone! Okay yes finally I have an event to blog about. I kept on harping how boring May is, now summer vacation is here!!
Before my tests I was busy with revision. After tests I am still as busy; I have prep camp for 3 days, to prepare for the upcoming SP BP Mentoring Club Freshmen Orientation Camp, which is my CCA.
It was really fun, because during the prep camp, the GM (Game Masters) helpers started playing mind trick games
It continued even from the 1st day to the last day! The FOC is a 3 day camp. more details will be up in my next entry (but let me say beforehand that the post will be a lengthy post). 

The bakery was initially at Ang Mo Kio, but it later was changed to Punggol... And we have to reached there at 9.30am..
Luckily Eve & I were on time, because then Max can lead us the way to the bakery.
When we arrived, the place is a common neighbourhood bakery. But unlike others, this neighbourhood bakery has its own website & does catering & offer workshops.
When the mentees arrived, they were so noisy! (Hahah obviously)
The programmes lined up were: pizza making, cookie making & a worksheet to complete. 

Luff's Cottage
Karise over there!
Thanks to Louis for the photo!
The box to contain their own cookie
I was in charge on taking care of the primary 5 & 6. When they were doing pizza, they were spamming the cheese (I guess this is like the typical human being habit), while few of the girls were really neat on their pizza, like must symmetrical. 
While they were waiting for the pizza to be cooked, that's when they did the worksheet. Basically it's just writing down the price of the different breads & drawing 5 favourite breads.

A simple worksheet to pass time
I finally brought out my Casio Exilim EX-JE10 camera to play!
My Samsung ST600 (the one with front LCD screen) is being neglected.. So sorry baby I'll bring you out too soon!

*Press press press*
Kneading the dough for the pizza!
The kids I'm in charge of
Typical Hawaiian pizza yaay cheese!

The other groups
Time for bakery tour!
The other Auntie explaining the different types of bread
There's always time for selfie!
When the pizzas were done, there was a problem.. 
The pizza were all stuck to the baking paper! I guess the baker did not grease the paper before placing the dough on top of it. 
That's when the children started to make noise... They're kids, of course they'll complain & show their unhappiness.. One table were quietly eating the toppings & whatever dough they can eat without the paper, the other were busy plucking the paper off the pizza. 
When Yi Ling asked one of the mentee from that table whether the pizza is nice, she yelled 'not nice!', to which the workshop auntie heard it. 
The same mentee complained 'the paper is stucked, how to eat?!', and again, the words were heard by the auntie.
So in the end the auntie use the knife to slice of the baking paper.

When it was time to make the cookie, the face of the workshop auntie totally changed. Drastic difference: in the beginning she was all smiles, introduced the activity with a happy tone. When explaining the instructions, her tone was serious & her face straight. 
Pity the auntie ah.. 

Ingredients: raisins, chocolate chips and MnMs
Off to the oven it goes! Some are really creative with their cookie shapes, like heart shapes.
Some of the mentees' cookies
There is this mentee called Nicolette, she's not my mentee but I always tease her. Her Jiejie (mentor) is Clover, but I always play with her saying Clover is my Jiejie. 
I tried to take photos of her but she doesn't like it, so I secretly took some. Hehehe.
But at 1 point of time she wanted to play with a camera app, so I let her. xD

So shy hahaha
Got it secretly hehehe
Think she found out..
Sorry Clover! I am not stealing your mentee, just teasing her xP.
And here is her creation:

This is all her choices, I didn't do it. xD

What matters most is that the mentees enjoyed their baking experience. Actually they didn't bake, it's just decorating of the dough.
But they had fun, which is what is important.
Mass group photos!

The mentees!

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