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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Food for Thought: 49 Seats

Hey everyone! I finally have something to blog about!
As you all know, I looooooooooove food so much my expenses on food every month is always burning a hole in my pocket.
So I decided to write a sub-category in my blog called 'Food for Thought' & I've labeled relevant old posts with the tag so it's easier to search for it.

On Labour Day, there's no school (duh, it's a PH) so Cong & I went to dine at 49 seats. He wanted to try it out because he saw it online & the cafe is receiving good reviews about it. Since people says the food there is nice, why not try it out?

49 Seats it located at 49 Kreta Ayer Road Singapore, Singapore 089007. 
Take the MRT & alight at Outram Park, exit through Exit H. It's not difficult to locate the place, well there's always Google map. xP
The cafe/restaurant only opens from 6pm onwards until late. 
Interior of the cafe is not very nice.. The flooring is kinda run down and the chairs are metal chairs.
The metal gate at the counter desperately needs oil because every time they open/close the gate, it gives out a screeching sound. Not giving a pleasant dining experience if you're eating inside.

They serve pasta & Western food.
Best part of the cafe: NO SERVICE CHARGE & GST!
That really saves a lot of our money, considering I am not working.


Classic Chicken Bolognese. I guess the owner really likes metalware huh.

Obviously the pasta taste way better than Pasatamania's & Pizza Hut's, in my opinion.
I give it a 8/10.
Service was good, give it a 8/10 too.
1 because of the screeching metal gate sound & 1 because the staff place a couple beside us (a table of 4) without asking us if we mind.
Cong told me the girl complained that she felt awkward sitting with us & even requested to move to another table.
Hell like I want to sit beside you.

Selfie 2
Overall, experience was great. Will I go back again? Yeah, but I'll choose to sit outdoors.

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