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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Quick Update #11: May is such a bore.

Good evening everyone! It's the middle of the week, which means tomorrow's not Friday.
I had a site visit this morning, it's about Workplace Safety & Health site visit (no it's not conducted outside school it's actually in school, so nothing fancy).
Well, I wouldn't say it's a waste of time but it's a waste of time.
Sure, the equipment & displays are important (I think) to my module, but what's the point of having the talk if the teacher cannot engage the students?
I guess like 1/3 of the class did not turn up, most of us are forcing to write down notes (basically just jotting down the words coming out from the teacher's mouth).
I was in charge of taking photographs for the tutorial. I couldn't concentrate of her, her voice is really soft & monotonous. So I went around taking pictures and was very, very, fidgety.
I don't think I can share the photographs because it is not allowed to the public.
Because I was fooling around with the workshop's equipment, it sort of wake me up.
I was laughing with Junyuan, Aishah & Mingz. The workshop lasted an hour half.
After that, we had a meal (only me lah) before Aishah, Mingz & I went to photocopy some documents.
Both of them has McBreakfast.. But it's okay; I had cai fan (mixed vegetable rices), it is healthier & cheaper..
I stayed with them until it was time for me to meet my SIP group mates to conduct an interview.
1 grateful thing about this module is that my group is a talkativeactive one, which makes the module a little better. Really, we laughed during our discussion & conversation. Great to have them.
Because I see other groups are really, really dead silent. I am soooo glad I am in this group.
We must always look at the bright side of every situation.
But I still can't deny the fact that this module is a bummer. (SIP = Social Innovation Project).
This module offers different subject, & I was chosen to be in the Environment subject, which is pretty cool by me because that was my 1st choice.
Our 1 project is to tackle an environmental issue in Singapore, and we chose beach littering.
So we went to West Coast Park/Beach to conduct our interview there. 5 interviewees - 2 teenagers, 1 age between 25-35, 1 age 40 and above, and another age between 13-35.

It was really hard to find suitable people to interview. I mean, West Coast Park is bloody DESERTED.
Except in Mc's though, that fast food restaurant is filled with people. When we scan the park, there was nobody. Nearing the beach, we thought we found a suitable respondent. Turns out.. I couldn't communicate in English to him, and he can speak Indie, which Arun can speak!
However, it is kinda of a hassle because Arun has to translate his words into English and I'm afraid the real meaning might be lost during the translation.
No kidding, the area nearer to the sea, is deserted. Only less than 10 people and I don't think they are all locals. Even so, we cannot communicate with them.
After soooo long, we targeted 2 secondary school girls. Killed 2 birds with 1 stone: asked the interview questions once to 2 interviewees.
Thankful that they participated actively & gave their honest opinion.
Because we really couldn't find suitable candidates, we end up interviewing 1 of our group mate. After his session was over, we went to search for the last one of the day.
And YES! WE FOUND A MAN AGE 25 AND ABOVE! This man gave constructive replies and I am thankful that he gave his time for us!
The last one will be my father, I'll be interviewing him at home haha.

I think it was my 1st time in West Coast Park.. Even if I did I guess it was when I was really small & couldn't remember any of it.
It was awesome. It has like adult playgrounds!!! I wanted to play longer but apparently my group mates aren't like me so I got embarrassed & stopped playing.
Oh well. Oh well.
Even after the interview session, I still can't go home. I have to attend a compulsory talk that is about PR. Guest speakers from the industry will be giving the talk.
Seriously, all the talks since Year 1 the school have been labeling them as 'compulsory' and to make us really go to these 'compulsory' talks, they make sure they mentioned that attendance will be taken.
After so many scams, I start to suspect that all these are a gimmick. A gimmick, I'd say.
I think it's because they have paid the speakers and if they don't include the said conditions, the theatre hall probably won't be even filled up to half.
In addition, so far, I only attend 1 talk out of all the talks, that the lecturer took attendance (or maybe I'm lying to myself, maybe it was my imagination).
The only successful trick the school pulled to make us student attend the talk, used 4 words:
Yup, that'll attract us like lions to zebras.

So this talk, is really bad. And I meant both the content as the speaker.
Basically, as I quote from my classmate, 'put it frankly the whole talk was bs marketing' (Not sure if bs means 'basically' or 'bullshit', but I got a hunch it's the latter).
It's just bragging the successful events the PR company has managed, with 4 case studies.
Ultimate boasting, too high. Can't handle.
I'll just use a Chinese idiom & translate it to English:
"老王卖瓜自卖自夸" a.k.a "every potter praises his own pot".
Put it bluntly, the speaker is a boaster herself.

That is nothing that gets me frown my brows (that.. kinda rhymes..).
Because I could care less about her promoting her company's way of managing events, whatever man.
The thing is, she forces this guy to come out front to do this bloody lame activity.
Basically you just scream/roar into the microphone of your phone, and try to get as high decibels as you can.
I can see that dude really don't want to go out, he was refusing & cursing under his breath (I sit 2 seats behind him), and this speaker wouldn't let go.
Another thing was, 2 of my classmates went out of the theatre hall together, and she assumes that 'boys also need accompany to go to the toilet ah hahahahaha'
I can see the black look on my classmate face. Seriously, why turn the attention to my classmates when the attention should be on you & the presentation?
When the both of them came back, they were holding drinks. She mocked them, 'wah still have drinks ah? Eh why never hold hands?'
His face is blacker than ever, like this black --     
Nah just kidding, I exaggerate things, as you know.
Why she wants us to do the stupid roaring thing? Because the highest score will receive Nerf gun. Pretty attractive, I admit. But hell no I'm going home with the gun. Can you imagine? I have 2 brothers at home. My elder bro personally own a Nerf gun himself. Spare me the sufferings, thank you.
May, is such a silent month!! Nothing is going on! No ongoing events! No upcoming events!
Even my CCA has stopped until 21st May.
God knows what I will do if I can't keep on going in this colourless month.
I need to do something.

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