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Friday, April 25, 2014

5 reasons why I don't want to go university

Good day everyone! First of all, I would like to apologise for the lack of updates. 
It's been 3 weeks since my last post, & it was a quick update. So to make it up for the lack of updates, I decided to do a non-event related entry.
Partly because this month is the 1st month of my Year 2, there's not much events going on

So as you can guess from the title, I will be talking about my the further studies that Singapore is 'brainwashing' tertiary students to pursue once they complete their 'A' levels or Diploma. 
This topic is never left out whenever I am with my friends, whenever we are chatting, someone will add in 'eh you all plan to go uni not?' Even my lecturers asked the class how many of us plan to go uni after our diploma.
Well, for me, it has been a 'no' all along until some pointS of time (yes more than once) I was considering pursuing a degree. But at the end, my stand is a NO. Some of my lecturers & guest speakers (my school frequently invite industry people who are experienced, important & well-known to give a talk) assure us that one does not need a degree to get a high-paying job. An example would be the Flying Dutchman.
One of my lecturer even say don't waste our time taking these particular degrees because it will be of no use & it is a waste of time.
Sure, if you have a degree, your initial pay will definitely be higher than diploma holders, So what? 

Let me get started on the 5 reasons why I do not want to go to a university after I graduate.

1. Don't wanna spend almost half of my life studying

Okay I am exaggerating but you get the idea. Let's do the math: I am turning 19 this year & I am in Year 2. By the time I completed Year 3. I will be 21? Maybe I want to rest & have a holiday before I enter uni. University takes about 2-3 years? I'll be roughly 24/25 when I graduate from uni. 
Don't get me started about working. 
My point is... I don't wanna spend my time (or youth but f*ck this year is the last year before I step into my 20s) STUDYING, STUDYING & STUDYING.
The thought about exams, tests, assessments makes me cringe. Hell no I'm going into another level of hell.
PSLE? Check. 'O'/'N' Levels? Check. (Anyway it is compulsory for Singaporeans to have at least 10 years of education so that's that) Diploma? Okay fine it'll do, check. Degree? Err... PHD? To hell with it. 
If you know me I am not studious. I just study when it's time for tests/exams but if there's none, I'm gladly use my free time to play. 
I wish I am born a gamer who is gifted with gaming skills so I can study in this gaming university in Korea. 
Or that I strike 4D that can last me at least 30 years. 
Fine, whatever.

2. School/tuition fees that make your eyes pop

Or rather, my parents' eyes. Sure, my friends & teachers (who are encouraging me to take a degree) all says I can take up bank loan or borrow from my parents' CPF, then spend my work life repaying my parents' or the bank (who are the real robbers) & cannot enjoy pampering myself with the salary.
Oh, don't get me started with this CPF contribution which I personally think is useless. Why would I want to pump in money into an imaginary account I cannot withdraw for my own use? Other than medical fares or housing or others.
I've read an article about the (ugly) truth about the CPF policy and you can find it here.
I only read it halfway because it is too concentrated and I will go back to finish once I have the time.
Not sure if it is true but either way, I don't fancy the idea of the government taking our money. (Taxes are different: I want shopping malls and good medical services)
The thing is, I am grateful for my parents for providing education for me, up to tertiary education. I don't want to be a bigger burden for them. As parents, of course they will be happy for me to go uni if I am eligible. They don't force me to enter, for that I am thankful. 
If you study in local U, the government will subsidy you but take longer to graduate.
If you study overseas, good luck to your parents' wallet, but take lesser time to graduate.

Comparison between NUS & NTU:


Fig.1: Source
Fig.1 are the tuition fees for new takes in AY2014/2015

Fig. 2: Source
& Fig. 2 shows the tuition fees in the previous academic yer, AY 2013/2014.
Notice how the fees have increased??
That is not all, the fees in Fig. 1 & 2 are exclusive of other miscellaneous fees. Take a look below.

Fig. 3: Source
Fig. 3 shows misc fees in AY2014/2015

Fig. 4: Source
Whereas Fig. 4 shows misc fees for AY 2013/2014.
Not surprise that the fees have increased too. The amount of financial burden is too damn high!


Fig. 5: Source

Fig. 5 shows fees for AY2014-2015, for new intakes.

Fig. 6: Source

Fig. 6 shows fees for AY 2013/2014.
Much like NUS, the fees increased from the previous academic year. I wonder how much will the fees like when my batch graduate from poly.
Frankly speaking, doesn't the number scares them?

I never want to borrow money from the bank because as my friends & I call them: 'legal Ah Longs (loan sharks)'.
They don't do crude stuff like throwing paint on your doors, hanging pig heads but they take away your properties. 
I can't afford this education, & I won't pursue this degree.

3. Competition

Yes yes.. I know.. Competition is inevitable EVERYWHERE. But I don have to face another phase in life. I can get all the competition I want in my future work place.
This isn't a strong reason to stand my view but think about it: unless you yourself in a competitive person, why go through another round?
There will be people who will go through lengths to be the top. Minor things like stealing your calculators, notes or whatever,

Uni can be a colourful (in terms of orientation camps & events) or cruel world of studies (nasty, mean people). Beware.

4. Work my way to the top.

I believe that if I can graduate with a nice certificate (academic & non-academic wise), I can land onto a job I like, & slowly build my career.
Yeah, the starting pay might be low, but no one has it easy.
No matter what I will work diligently & slowly increase the salary. 
Furthermore, without having to worry & dread the start of uni term, I can enjoy my holidays while I send in my résumé to the companies. 
My lecturer says the employment rate is shrinking so that kinda worries me (actually not kinda is A LOT). 
I shall slowly build my foundation in the company & show the bosses what I'm capable of. :)

5. Time is money

I've heard this saying umpteen times & only know a fraction of the meaning. So I think it is applicable to what I will be saying, 
Let's do comparing: Uni undergrad v.s. Diploma graduate
Let say both of them are in the same class, graduate in the same time. The uni grad is already schooling & the Diploma grad has landed himself a job related to his course in poly.
Within the time frame of the Uni undergrad's 1st year to his final year, the Diploma grad is already receiving paychecks after paychecks.
Then, when the Uni undergrad finally got his degree, he have to pay the debts for his degree. Okay in some cases, those rich families, the children don't have to worry so much about debts. 
The things is, I rather earn money & start saving for my future, than start late. God knows how long it takes for one to get a job after one graduate. 

There, I've spilled whatever is inside my bottle. 
Honestly, when people ask me if I'm going to uni & I say no, they gave a me hysteric 'WHYY????'
Then I got lazy to explain so I just reply 'don't wanna'. 
Adults all say this is the harsh reality in Singapore, you have to get a degree. 
Well, I rather focus on the bright side. I will remain firm & will not change my stand. :)

What do you guys think? Do you agree with my stand & points? :)

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