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Friday, April 4, 2014

Quick update #10: Food for Thought

Good evening to you my dear.
My April started out bland.. :( Well, I did go out w Da Jie for Korean BBQ.
That restaurant waitresses are Koreans! And there are like Ahjummas & Ahjusshis in the restaurant. Hearing them talk is so.. mmMM authentic Korean BBQ.
The food is above average!! Tasty & juicy meat, omgosh just thinking of it makes me drool.

The restaurant we went was Don Dae Bak
Highly recommend it.

Spotted this on the wall. You're awesome, whoever you are, for writing that! ;)
Sizzling meat on the grill, Korean beer, K-pop as BGM. I LOVE IT.
The lettuce leaves are so big, I couldn't shove the whole thing in my mouth. But we challenged each other to do 1-shot. I almost gagged.
And the bill is just.. I didn't checked the bill properly, when I reached home I realised they over-charged us of an additional of the beer!!!
It's too late to get back our money.. ARGHHH.

*Ends abruptly with selfies*


I regret not signing up for my school's Freshmen Orientation Camp!!!
It looks so much fun.. Oh well.. I hope there are more events to go! But I doubt so because I will be doing my Integrated Project this year.. Gosh I hope I can cope with the stress & manage my time well.
April April please be fulfilling!

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