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Monday, March 24, 2014

Singapore Zoo

Another post about my trip to somewhere!
This time it is to the zoo. It was my second time going there since I was a child, when my parents brought my family out to enjoy.
& this time, it was with my CCA mates: FHLCC people. But not all came though. We met up early in the morning (10am) and reached there at around 11am? By then the venue was already filled with tourists and locals.
We were baffled by the length of the queue... Fortunately the queue was moving and it didn't take very long. We tried to purchase the tickets online but it failed. Oh well.

Photo taken by Eve. Believe me it look way more crowded.

Once we got our tickets, I was excited to see the animals! :D

I will talk less, let the photos do the speaking.

Proboscis Monkey; the monkey whose nose is the main attraction
1. Lone wild boar
2. Oh no they are fighting!
3. They have 4 horns/husks?
4. Are they playing or fighting?
The majestic white tiger
Gaaah it looks into my camera!
This goat is extremely close to visitors! I didn't have enough balls to touch it
1. mmm Red Butt Baboon
3. The Grand Master ass
4 and 5. It is picking the ticks! Witness the scenario
1. It was going to eat the shit
2. Dat ass
The rhinoceros 

Snakesss. The middle one is the biggest of all.
Free roaming reptile.

We went to watch an animal show. It was pretty cool. 
& Aston volunteered to be the one to touch the snakes!! How rad!! I wish I could touch the snakes too! 
Pretty badass I would say.

Me when there's school the next day
Another pair of fine asses
They sure are relaxing
A nest of big birds
I spotted Gwangsoo
Naked Mole Rats (Remind me of the song in Kim Possible)
Orang Utan

I forgot who was it that pointed out the bats above us. I wouldn't have notice it!
However... something unfortunate happened. A bat dropping landed on someone's arm.
Yup.. It is 1 of us but I won't say out who to protect the person's face. 
But of course as fellow CCA mates, we offered tissues/wet tissues to the person after we finished laughing xD

I can't stress any further
Tail like calligraphy brush
The penguin in the middle is like chilling out man.
There was another animal show we went to, it was targeted mainly to children, but we watched it anyway.
But there was a slight problem during the show: the cat did not came out as trained & the trainer had to come out to bring the cat to climb the prop. Oooops.
Then there was a segment of the show where the trainer needed 4 young volunteers, and 1 of them was very naughty & fidgety. Couldn't stay on the spot and do as he was told, going around and exploring the place.
Until the trainer was kinda pissed off, and till the point that the mother had to come down for the kid.

It was good.

Group photo of the day!
It was a fun day. Animal lovers sure enjoy the zoo, except for the scorching hot sun and the rain that fell afterwards.
I was sharing umbrella with Karise and were walking to the shelter, and we didn't know there was someone behind us. This auntie, a mother, yelled at us 'HELLO CAN WALK FASTER?!'
Yes, exact words of hers.
1. What kind of grammar is that.
2. You're so rude; couldn't you at least say 'excuse me' & not yell?
3. You're with your daughter, shame on your attitude towards strangers.
4. You're a mother, shame on you for not preparing necessary items out.
5. It was raining, the floor is wet. It was natural human instinct to walk carefully so as to not slip.

Goodness, I have experienced several ungracious Singaporean acts but your attitude is 1 of the worst, Auntie.

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