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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Food for Thought: Cafe hunting

I loooooove sitting down in front of my laptop and blog.
Finally an off day after consecutive days of going out (actually I went out this morning to have lunch with my fellow nail acquaintances).
This post was due 3 days ago, and due to my busy schedule I am only able to blog today.
With so many events but so little time, the entries will only be pushed back further :(
So let me start on it. On Thursday I went out with Aishah, & instead of the usual shopping trips (because we have no money & we have no idea where to shop), we went on to good cafes!
Nowadays teenagers are very fond of going to cafes because of their good food & beautiful interior design, and also the ambiance. But some cafes are really expensive and difficult to go.
Aish brought me to this cafe in Arab Street because she says the food there is nice, so that was our 1st stop!
Unfortunately... it was POURING. Aish was more worried about her shoes getting wet than anything else (girls), and there was no shelter. Even with my umbrella it would be useless with the wind blowing the rain into our body.
We cabbed down there, it was desperate okay.
Ironic that the interior of the cafe is decorated with droplets of rain.
Oops, forgot to introduce the cafe: La Marelle

Credits as stated

Choosing the food

The cafe is located on the 2nd floor, they had another floor up for bigger groups.
Most of the tables are in seats of 2 and few in seats of 4. So it is best to go in a small group.
This is what Aish ordered:

I think it's some sort of berry cheesecake? I forgot.

& this is mine. Beef bacon carbonara. Not too bad but because it's oil base (olive oil), you'll get tired of the taste towards the end (in Chinese: 吃到很腻)
Heng I share with her, but even so we couldn't finish it. The oil at the bottom of the food makes it.. urck.

They had a mirror so...
Oh yah, how sweet of Aishah to bake cookies for me! (I'm a sucker when it comes to cookies)
It was yummy, obviously. The stereotyping of Malay baking skills is true. I can vouch for that.

We stayed in the cafe while the rain gets smaller so that we can explore Arab Street. Says there are many Halal cafes around the area.
The rain is such a spoiler.. We were full after the 1st meal, so we walk around and went over to Haji lane!
& that day then I realise.. Aishah is such a direction-fool. We walked a big circle to get to Haji lane when we could've crossed a traffic light.. HEHEHEHEH
It was deserted in Haji lane, we didn't buy anything there (obviously, can you imagine the price of items in Haji lane?!?!)
There were murals around Haji lane therefore it's popular to take photos there. While we were walking along the street we saw a wedding couple taking their wedding photos!

Don't hate us okay.. We're girls..

All photos are taken by my Casio Exilim EX-JE10. The dates are such spoilers..
After much walking, we went to the next cafe which is I am...
But there was a queue.. While waiting..

We have to walk quite a while.. If it didn't rain we could have gotten a seat outdoors.
But never mind, I don't mind waiting for good food!

So here are the foodos:

Home-made lemon tea
Calamari mmMM

I wanted to get their Red Velvet cake, but look at how BIG the dessert is..
Aishah was too full to help me finished it. It took quite a while to eat 1.5 'lines' of the cake.
She helped ate 0.5 'lines', and we packed the rest to bring home and eat.
It was really big and cost like.. $7.90 or $8+ I can't remember. WORTH IT.

She wanted to make use of the surroundings to make more photos.. so there we go!

& of course, our matching bracelets! ^-^

It was day well spent! Glad to have time with her :)

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