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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mean Girls 2014: Asian Edition

Good evening ladies & gentlemen, how's your day so far?
I finally have the time to blog, my holiday schedule is so pack!
So maybe I might be binge-blogging (if there even such things), I'm not sure.

You'll understand the title once you've read the whole post. ;)
On the 11th of March, I finally went out with my favourite girlfriends (goodness it's been 1 week since the outing) & they are Serene, Eve, & Jas! (a.k.a SEXYJ)
Ever since we went to our own ways after 'O' Levels, we seldom meet up. So whenever we have the chance to see each other, I also cherish the moments when we are together.
They are so precious to me.
Jas is currently in her internship, so it makes it extra harder for the 4 of us to be free on a certain date, holidays or not. But fortunately her work has a 4 hour break. We used that time period to have a simple lunch! We get to eat & laugh & catch up on one another.

Eve wanted to bring us to this restaurant because they serve the best Red Velvet cake, but we ate at ION Orchard for Jas' convenience! Doesn't matter where we eat lah, as long as we can sit down & talk that is what matters the most. :)
We ate at Watami, a Japanese casual restaurant (yay Japanese cuisine 1 of my favourite), good place & service was good.
So we starting talking & Serene started this 'game' where 1 person ask a question about each of us, and all of us has to reply that.
Something like 'name 1 bad & good point about us', keeps the convo flowing. Then again, topics will be jumped here & there so we can never stay on a subject for long. Unless it's like an important or major topic ah, or that is a hilarious topic.

Where to eat.. what to eat..
My lovely Jas

Because there's bound to be gossips between girls (er we're girls, duh), we named ourselves the Mean Girls (hence the title).
Serene is Regina George, Eve is Gretchen, Jas is Cady & I'm Karen (I'm the dumb blonde fag). Serene said she wanted to be the bitchiest bitch among the Mean Bitches so she got the Queen Bee(tch).
& I can't believe Serene & Jas have never watch Mean Girls!! It's like good chick flick!
We were talking about have a slumber party where we can watch that & White Chicks. Hopefully it will happen!!

We has some time left before Jas went back to her work, so we walked around calling each other by our new nick names. xD
Gosh I love them so much.
When it was time for her to go.. (NOOOOOOOO), we took some last pictures (say until like she's leaving the world choy choy choy)

No idea what happened
P.S. this was taken in the lift hahaha
Yes managed to block Serene
Love this picture 
This too
After Jas went for her work, it's left with Regina & Gretchen (OMGOSH I just realise it's the original Mean Girls).
We walked over to Cine because Gretch (Eve) wanted to get something.
That day was a day where we walked so much our feet got sore, so we 'borrowed' McDonald's premises and chilled there. There was a staff cleaning the ground, and obviously we're just using the chairs & not buying their food, Regina (Serene) kept speaking in a louder than usual voice to purposely let the staff hear, saying stuff like 'er what are ya'll getting? Should I get Double Cheeseburger or McSpicy???'
Just so the staff won't get the wrong idea of us just using their property (which we are).

Singapore is boring, unless you're filthy rich to spend money on good food & entertainment. Otherwise you're just wandering around town to pass time. & that's what we did.
Thankfully I got them, the laughter was the battery to keep me awake.
Until it was dinner time, we basically just entering various shops to look at the clothes.
Damn, Editor's Market apparels are so nice but the price made me put the clothes back on the rack..
As I have mentioned in the previous post, I have no time to commit to a part-time job.. :(
And because we don't want to spend so much on dinner, we ate at Graffiti Cafe. They claim that their Char Siew Mee is delicious so we decided to give it a try.
We were deciding if we should get dessert so share, so we got this 'Ah Boling', which is like 汤圆, but there's no filling inside. It's texture is like pearls; chewy.

We basically spent the whole day in Orchard/Somerset. We waited for Jas to knock off from work so we can go home together ^-^
Said to meet at the MRT station but this Gretchen led us to FEP, but we bumped into Jas at 7-11!
This shows that sometimes being blur can be a good thing.
I was so damn thirsty so I bought a drink & sat down with the girls to rest for a while before we hit the train.

Where's Jas??
She's coming out! A little bit more!
There she is!

Being with them makes me so carefree, like I can express myself in anyway when I'm with them.
I love you girls!! Thank God for bringing you girls into my life. ♥

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