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Friday, March 14, 2014

Malaysia getaway

Hey hey ho ho everybody!
How're you doing? Good?

I have 3 4 pending blog entries.. 
Finally have the time to sit down & write; I might go binge-blogging (is there even such things?), I'm not sure.
Holidays so far is good to me, my schedules are packed which means I am occupying with events & things. I love it when I have a healthy holiday: no assignments/homeworks/tutorials, just play, play & PLAY!!!
& by healthy I meant there are rest days at home as well as going out to enjoy.
There was a few holidays last years where I went out every single day for a whole week. No time to rest.
So I'm glad I am using up my holidays well. Except for the fact that my schedule is so busy that I have no time to take up a part-time job, I can't commit. :(
If only there is a flexible job out there, please appear in front of me!

Anyway, this post is about shopping & food!!!
In Chinese, 吃喝玩乐 (eat, drink, play).
Unfortunately... the place we went in Malaysia is KSL (the nearest to Woodlands Checkpoint) & there wasn't much to shop...
The whole day I only spent on a jacket because we went to catch a movie.
Oh, pardon me. I forgot to introduce: the Douches, Natalyn & I went over to our neighbour country to let our hair down & hopefully do some cheap shopping.
John got my hopes high.. He said the clothing there are dirt cheap. NOO... But please bring me to Bangkok :D
My money were mainly spent on entertainment & food, which is perfectly fine with me because.. I love them both!!
I was soooo stoked because it was my 2nd time going to M'sia with my friends!!! (my family rarely travel. Yeah, evening to our neighbour)
So we grabbed something light to eat before exploring the mall.
We bought Banana Nutella crepe!!
It was hella tasty!! Dang it I can't believe I didn't snapped the foodo. I think there is a branch in Bugis Street..
Well, there's no foodo, but Renwei's vlog will do right?

Not enough? Okay hold up, I got 1 more.

Yup, that's our vain douche, the leader of the ring.
We walked around, look at clothes, I think there is 2 parts in the mall: the expensive part & the cheaper part.
Well.. nothing caught my eye.. Or maybe because I'm afraid to buy clothes when there is guys around?
Don't get me wrong: I am comfortable being around them. Maybe is shopping wise? Don't ask me.
But seriously, I don't see anything that will make me go 'omgosh should I buy this? It's so nice!! Should I, should I?? Aiyah just buy lah I'm reckless anyway.'

Saw this in a shop that I find pretty cool. Chinese translation: The gorilla inside you is called a monster
After a round of exploring, we went to have Mexican food!! YAY FOOD!!!
Sadly.. it doesn't have a strong Mexican cuisine in their menu.. Because we see pizzas, sushis, and other non-Mexican dishes.
We bought items and shared. I love it when I'm out with my friends & we order food to share. Like, it feels like family (Ohana means family).
Then the bill can split equally, no need to count this count that so much.
Here are the foodos:

Just flipped to a random page
My mango peach, John's oreo milk, Nat's Cappucino (I think)
Renwei's only glass of plain water..
And yes John and Kel purposely pose like that
Kel's... don't know what he ordered oops
This.. is actually quite nice. Looks like KFC's BBQ Meltz
And this pizzadilla is not too bad

The cheese fondue..
This cheese fondue right, is.. I'd say not worth the money.
The taste of the cheese is weird, like really doesn't taste like cheese. I dunno if it's 'Mexican cheese' that taste different from the cheese I eat, but after 3 dips, I ate the ingredients bare. (Look at that layer of oil..)

Was wondering whose burden hands were those, then it's actually mine.. 
Renwei x John x Kel
Nat x Zen
He requested the photo..

I forgot whose phone he used for his (shameless) selfies, but trust me, there's WAAAY lot more of his solos hiding in the phone. I didn't post it all up for the consideration of you guys. xD

There was music playing & this dude was, I think drowning in his fantasy, and singing along to the song.

Conversations were flowing smoothly & jumping here & there, I loooove it.
The food was fairly cheap, service was above average. :D
I'll rate it 2.5/5 Pizzadillas.
Will I come again, most probably not.

(Let me retrace the order of events)
Ah okay, after lunch we decided to catch a movie, and the film we watched is:

The cinema cut the movies on 2 scenes!! Hey!!
But you get what you paid for.. Oh well.
There was a lot of gore & coarse language. Like I am one who can tahan gory & uncomfortable scenes & images, but I cringed at some parts..
Whoa imagine if we watched it in 3D. OOOOOHH.
The ending was abrupt.. I should watch the 1st movie.
I rate it 3.5/5 Spartans.

We still have a lot of time, so... we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.

There was a lot of promotion going on, so we took the Student Promo instead of the Happy Hour; 3 hours of non-stop singing.
They even have free wifi for us & free food & drinks!

We were all so stupid because we don't know how to operate the system (actually we're not stupid lah hor it was our 1st time there & it's all so foreign).
The floor manager was so friendly with us, because we were talking casually with him. I like!

Stupid Renwei pushed me that I knocked onto Nat.

Sing K loh!

Obviously it's Renwei who picked the song 

It was one of the f*cking sick atmosphere and time of my life! 
We jumped, danced, stood up & sang our hearts out.
As if we're in a concert for an imaginary 100,000 fans.
I laughed so hard & sang so hard my throat was as dry as my lecturer's jokes.
I really had so much fun inside the karaoke room.
Not sure who picked Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus, and the guys' singing was horrible + hilarious.
I've seen the wild & high side of Kel. *Rapid eyebrows movement*

Goodness, I was laughing my ass off my belly button flew out I felt abs coming.
That plus the other moments in the room. :')
Laughed till I teared.
Such perfect stress reliever & therapy.

Other unforgettable moments is 1. Jai Ho by Pussycat Dolls
We all stood up & sang. I sang the echoes & harmonize with the rest. I was rocking my head when I did the echoes. Funny as f*ck!!
2.  Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston
Again, we all stood up & danced & jumped sang at the top of our lungs!
Definitely money well spent.
3 hours flew by quickly.. If not for Renwei who had something on at night, we could've extend the singing hours (see: burden).

Because he had to leave very soon, we went on to have dinner.
John introduced the restaurant to us because it has ostrich meat!
Bizarre? I dunno, I never tried before & wanted to try! (You only lived once)
It tastes like beef + duck..
Again, we ordered food to share between us :) We kept on talking and eating.

Nat x Zen
Looks like he's taking the photo of himself


Chicken bee hoon
The ostrich meat! With a side of corn and fried rice
Grilled salmon with sides of potato and corn
Tomyam bee hoon

I didn't ate the Tom Yam because you know, I cannot take spicy food.
The food was mmMM!
The service staff was also friendly & funny! However, I cannot take his humour.. I was taking a picture of the menu & he said I couldn't take photo. He said need to pay $10. I was embarrassed & asked him 'oh I have to delete the photo?' And he was laughing away. ...
The guys said he was joking... IN MY DEFENCE he look dead serious okay & his tone was..
Goodness I can't believe I fell for it.

Food was good, company was good, memory was definitely good!
I feel really comfortable being with them. I like hanging out with guys like them.
There could be another outing in future.. not confirmed but I hope there is!

Day well spent :)

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