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Friday, February 28, 2014

Year 1 is over. Level Year 2: Unlocked

Hey hey you you!
My exams are f*cking over!!!!!!!!!!!
It ended on the 27th of February, so I celebrate the end of exams & Year 1 with Ong (Eve).
(Sorry Karise, Marz & MM I couldn't join you all..)
She wanted to visit IT Show to (hopefully) get a camera for herself but she didn't in the end. Maybe because no camera caught her eye.
But before we went to IT Show 2014, we stopped at Food & Beverage Fair 2014 to grab some lunch.
Also because the shuttle bus service was located at Suntec City. So we thought, why not go see what good food the event offers. I've been to several Food Fairs and all of them didn't disappoint me.
I have 1 post about it, it's over here. (Sorry there wasn't many foodos)

I expected like the usuals exotic food and hard to find in Singapore kind of delicacies.. But it was not..
There were many old people. Like really a lot, maybe because the products are targeting at elderly (which I think it is).
Some random foodos:

Look at that mini cupcakes!!!
But what the hell - cupcakes are already mini cakes, and there's mini mini cakes.
Looks pretty on the outside, not sure about the inside taste (Sia lah like Tumblr quote)

So we end up eating otahs & this Chee Cheong Fun:

The sauce is really unique and different from all the other Chee Cheong Fun in Coffee Shop.

You know the typical sauce is black & sticky? This is totally not. It's curry-coloured and it's a mixture of sweet & salty. I'd say sweet : salty is 6:4 . It's really delicious (you can tell by how clean the bowl is we're like dogs licking off the residue).
I give it a 4/5.

So that's all for F&B Fair.

IT Show 2014 was also.. I dunno. Not a lot of consumers were there & there are many empty spaces. Maybe because it's the 1st day so not many vendors?
We left shortly lah, because she couldn't find any camera she like.
Since the event is in MBS, Eve wanted to check out the Bath & Body Works, which, according to her, recently opened in Singapore.
I must say, their price is -whoa-. (Not surprising I mean, MBS is basically rich people's CWP. I could barely part my money to buy a bottle of mineral water. What, a bottle of distilled water cost $4?! Dude I can buy proper food from kopitiam leh. Is it royal water or spring water from Jeju?? Not worth it = won't buy it.)

We decided to settle down to chill & have some tea, so we went to TWG..
It feel so good. The chairs were so luxurious and comfy, the ambience is relaxing. Their service is also excellent.
Coffee or tea, I'm a Tea Person. So I'm so glad we stopped by TWG.
I couldn't decide on:

Geisha Blossom Tea & Sexy Tea. There names captured my attention (but the price turn me off but enjoy good tea once in a while is okay.   ....right?)
But in the end I chose:

There there chio bu

First Kiss Flower Tea.
I did Chinese Cuisine for my F&B module, and we have to come up with the menu.
My group chose flower tea as the beverage & we included the video of the blooming tea when we presented.
I thought I was able to witness the flower bloom & that would make my life 1% complete, but NOOOOO.
The flower was suppose to bloom like this:

So, so, so, so disappointed. *Sigh*
Never mind the action, the tea was mmMM!
It was refreshing & not too strong. When I first sip, I said, 'oh my I feel like my first kiss was taken away'.

We chilled for a while, talking & laughing, before we went to Clarke Quay.
The sun was directed to the bus window, and we quickly took the chance & snapped some pictures! (Female instincts; it's in our blood, can't blame us)

(Okay the sun + photo effects.)
I was in an elated mood yesterday, because it's finally holidays.
Eve wanted to eat at a Japanese restaurant, we had a hard time finding it but we found it in the end. (Yay!)
This is what I ordered:

Udon in Japanese style (or some sort) and it was really, REALLY, DEAD SEA SALTY.
When I started eating, it taste not too bad. But as I proceed, really cannot take it. I didn't finish the food because it was that SALTY (I don't waste food if you know me).
There was this, I think is Tau Pok, I couldn't bite is off so I stuffed the whole piece in my mouth. And you know Tau Pok is like a sponge; it absorbs water/soup/gravy.
Damn it. I forced myself to have straight face. I can't possible puke it out, so I just swallow.
That f*cking piece of Tau Pok is worth at least 5 cups of instant noodle combined.
I gave it a 2/5. Thank goodness I bought a Mocktail to calm my liver.


What's a celebration without drinking?
You know Clarke Quay is filled with bars/lounges/pubs but we couldn't settle on a spot to drink.
In the end we chilled at Wings.

Credits from Eve
Kind foreigner initiate to help us take a photo. Thank you random man!
It's very comforting to spill whatever you're bottling inside to someone you can trust. who is close to you, who you know can keep secrets.
It was a day well spent :)

Before I go, here's a fabulous (no I'm kidding...) picture of me:

Check out her blog!

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