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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Avril Lavigne tour

Hey guys! How have you been doing??
I'm in the midst of having tests & exams so I'm busy this & next week. 
(Btw I'm blogging from the Blogger app so I can't highlight the words with colours so pardon the boringness)
I wanna take the time to talk about that crazy night on the 15 of February!!
It was the day when Avril Lavigne came to Singapore for as 1 of the stop in her tour!!! I was so overjoyed when I heard the news but comtemplating whether I should go because I have no one to go with. Fortunately, Amelia was very on & went with me!!
I was mad excited & bought the tickets & counting down to the date. We went there early hoping to be in the front (we got tickets for moshpit) but we end up in the center, which is alright. 
While waiting for time to pass, we brought notes to study for the upcoming test (sucha spoiler but rather use that time to do something productive than using up my phone battery
In the end we got tired of AVS & chit-chatted till it's time to rock.

We sorta made new friends, but not considered friends. Just happen to converse a little. 
I realised that people in the same fandom are so friendly towards each other! That day, 4 Little Black Stars (LBS) smiled at me!
& during 2NE1's world tour, a fellow Blackjack offered me a piece of sandwich. (I was there alone)
So nice!!

My heart was already thumping when the everyone stood up, ready to enter the hall. 
The indoor stadium was filled with fans, it was CRAZY.
I decided not to take any photos because I wanna enjoy myself & give my attention to Avril.
Imagine holding both your hands up to take photos, you can't wave your hands or do the \m/ sign.
Rocking your hands is already tiring enough, I had to switch arms.

I was jumping & singing out loud, along with the other LBS. 

Then there's this 1 time when the crowd was silent & the band stopped playing, I took my chance & yelled to Avril, 'AVRIL YOU'RE SO HOT!!!!!!' 
I think she heard me because she smiled! I can see her teeth wide!! *fangirl melts*

I really hate it when it comes to encore... Because the concert was coming to an end.. :(
The last song was 'I'm With You', a sad song... Go listen to it.
The best & emotional part of this song is when she points out the mic to the fans, & WE ALL SANG OUT HEARTS OUT. Not even Avril, not even the band sing, they just watched us sing.
The part goes: It's a damn cold night. Tryna figure out this life. Won't you, take me by the hand take me somewhere new, i don't know who you are, but I, I'm with you'

It was emotional, heart-warming. I love it.
Did I memtioned I cried thrice during the concert? When she appeared, when she sang 'Complicated' & that last part.
She is my childhood heroine. I listened to her songs when I was in primary school & I tried following her fashion style. ><
She is a vampire; she don't age. Or at least, age backwards.
I love you Avril, you are always our mother f*cking Princess. 

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