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Monday, March 3, 2014

Da Jie's 19th

Good day everybody!! How's your day going?? 
For me, my holidays are almost half-packed that I don't even know if i have the time to commit to a part-time job.. 
I seriously (& desperately) need a flexible part-time job. 
My money is depleting & my weekly allowance is almost gone in 1 day during the holidays. How to not get a job you tell me??
So I am praying hard & hoping that the upcoming Mega Flea Market will not only cover my expenses but also make a fair amount of profit! (Gosh I sound like I am talking about Econs

Yesterday, Eve & I went out with Da Jie (Pauline) to celebrate her belated birthday. 
Her birthday falls during here exams so we settle the celebration yesterday. 
We went to Upper Thompson Road to find a good cafe to chill & eat because that place is filled with cafes. 
The place we had our meal (actually not a proper meal) was @ Salted Caramel
We were complaining about the damn hot weather but when we're staying inside we complaint it was very cold (keep in mind the air-con was directly above us).
I ordered Stout & Chocolate and Avocado, on a waffle bowl
I was afraid the waffle bowl was soft (like lao hong, like that time in B&J I tried the waffle it was soft) but no, Salted Caramel's waffle bowl is crispy! Just what I want!  
The Stout & Chocolate is really delicious because it is half alchoholic half sweet, good combination. 
Whereas avocado... Doesn't taste like avocado to me but it isn't bad so I was satisfied with my 2 scoops of gelato! ^-^ 

Just feel like capturing the moments when we were together.
My 2 big sisters
Avocado + Stout and Chocolate. Yumz!
2 gelato shops just beside together... not a wise choice haha
The bus journey to & fro was f*cking hilarious we were bitching & commenting about nonsense & things we see. 
Eve commented on something, then Da Jie emphasized it that it became embarrassed because she said it a tad too loud.. Oops. 

 And so. 

We traveled to Expo because there was the Watsons sale & it was the last day!!! \I was hoping to get some nail polishes but there was limited variety... 
Revlon's side was left with less than 10 colours while Essence.. Well Essence has a lot of stock but it was a new packaging &I find it too small a bottle.. 
So in the end I left empty-handed... 
Couldn't find any Sallies either. 

There was a Pet Expo held concurrently beside the Watsons sale so Da Jie, being an animal lover (me too me too) wanted to go check it out. 
The minute we enter the hall, the venue was filled with ALL SORTS OF DOGS!!!! It was madness!!! Cute dogs everywhere!! 
That expo made me want to have a pet dog even more.. :( I miss Lucky.. 
A ticket must be purchased in order to enter so the 3 of us bought the tickets & wow; $3 well spent!!! 

This dog is camera shy but I tell you his eyes is really.. charming.
Hay dere tootsie pie
Pardon my camera's quality..
Hey cutie
Lookit that dog with the shoes! 
*wiggle wiggle*
Must be tired..
Then at a point we spotted a dog that looks like Hachiko & the Doge! (At first I thought it was a Corgi but Corgi has shorter legs. There was one Corgi we spotted!)

Contemplating life

I also like this breed of dogs! (I like all breeds lah okay)
This one 'lion dog' caught our attention (and the rest) man
He's camera shy...
You cutie animal..
Dat ass. 
doggies doggies
This is a very pretty dog. The fur and the tail! Look at the tail!
Then got this cat hehe 
Not only dogs, but there's cats, parrots, rabbits, hamsters & chinchillas! 
I don't see exotic pets though like iguanas & snakes (non-poisonous & domestic-friendly snakes that are legal as a pet). 
We spent a long time there because whenever we go we're like 'awww so cute!!' There's even a competition for dogs! Like beauty pageants
Many huskies & tiny dogs took part. The tiny dogs are beyond adorable!!!  
But my favourite was the Doberman Pinscher. At first I thought it was a Greyhound but I was mistaken. 
Damn, I love big & active dogs. 

It says 'Best of Breed'. Must've train and maintain very well

I think the Angmoh woman is an expert in looking for the perfect dog of its species..
This picture.. like future couple waiting to meet each other (ahahah watch too much dramas already)
This is the tiny dog I was talking about!! Eve went crazy because it's so adorable!!
Don't know what breed is this..
Doberman Pinscher!!!
Police dog, I like
Can be my watch dog, bite off the balls of any bad men

There is a waiting area where dog owners wait for their turn to enter the ring. 
There was 2 rings in the Expo, I think for different category?

This poodle received so much pampering 
Looks like he's from the K9 Unit xD. Poor guy got a muzzle on him :(
He look genuine sad!! Let me pet you..
As we walk, we came by this booth with a mixture of many pets: dog, rabbit, parrot, chinchillas, cat & hamster! 
All of them were so calm & obedient, they don't eat each other or break into fights!
I am wow-ed. Really!

Chinchillas can I have 1 please
Okay this is the Corgi!! CUTE MAX!!
Fat ball of fur!!
I want to bring you home
What's your name honey?
See the parrot?? See the cat?? See the hamster?? See the rabbit??
Just as I was about to take this picture, the parrot started to roll on the straws! It was enjoying it so adorable I feel like squeezing it till it explodes
The hamster snuggle inside the warmth of the cat awwww too cute!! I needa punch my younger bro to gain back my manliness (I'm not a man but you get what I mean)
It was such a heaven for me.. 
If only I can sneakily adopt a dog from a pet shelter. I wanna provide a home & love to the dogs who got abandoned... 
One day, I believe I'll be able to foster a pet dog :)


Eve suggested dining at Changi Airport since we're so near to it, so we went there.
It was my 1st time traveling to the airport via MRT.. 
When we reached there, I was so foreign to the place, to the level where I got scared of getting lost.
I thought what if I have to catch a flight alone? I don't know where to go, where to proceed. Omgosh. 
We stopped by a Japanese pasta restaurant.. 

This is the place where we dined! (It's healthy so it's a bonus!)
I set it on timer hehe 
Eve's pasta
Da Jie's
The pasta is really good!
The standard is definitely a different level compared to Pastamania & Pizza Hut.
I would go back there! 
Rate 4/5 spaghetti

Sorry we can't help it..

I hate how the effects drop the quality of the photo.. 
& yup! I got my collar piercing! *1 item checked from my Bucket List*


Da Jie wanted to drink, so we headed to Clarke Quay, and settle down at Wings again!
We should try other bar/pub next time we visit..

Corona's endorser 

That was the last stop of the day. We traveled here & there in Singapore!

I should really trim my fringe...
That is all guys! Will update the next event! :)

Dear Jiejie,

I am glad that you enjoyed your day with the both of us. It was fate that the 3 of us are still as close. I have said this umpteen times to you but I want to say it again. I want to show you off to the world that how fortunate & blessful am I to have you. I thank God for bringing you into my life. Thank you for still keeping me as your mei mei. We've been through thick & thin, small fits and happy moments are the pieces how we grew stronger in terms of our friendship. We got so close we're almost like sisters, we even stopped calling each other our names. I remember when we parted our ways to different secondary school, you wrote a blog post about 'people change, things change', that really hit me like an arrow. 
But look where we are now. :) True friends are really hard to find, I thank you for putting your trust on me. I thank you for putting up with my sensitivity and an asshole I can be sometimes. 
Cheers to our 11 years of sisterhood and counting. 
I love you, Jiejie.
Happy (belated) 19th birthday ♥

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