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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cherish your love ones

Good morning guys! It's so not-me to be up in the morning blogging right?
Well actually I used to wake up around 9am~10am when there's no school but my body clock has changed so it's 11am++ now.
The reason why I woke up early is because I know that if I don't blog now, I don't have anymore free time.

As you all know... Yesterday was Valentine's Day!
Can you feel the love in the air (yesterday)?
I can :)

I celebrate Valentine's Day with Cong, he brought me out for a dinner at Genki Sushi.
It was my first time there & I was so suaku because the food is being delivery by automated trains!
Small ones lah. The service was fast! I like. x)

So we began ordering & whenever the food arrived, I would take pictures of it. I don't always take pictures of food but when I do, it's because the day was special.

While waiting for seats outside the restaurant. (Urgh I hate the size of the photos!! Prefer my S2)
They only left with counter seats so we had our dinner there, it was pretty nice :)
Enough of the words, let me spam the foodos:

This cost less than $2 & it's free-flow! You can add your desired amount of green tea powder.
It's nice too (For people who likes natural green tea)
Ours was not a train but a racing car... It'll do.

My must-have whenever I eat in a sushi restaurant. This picture is not my style; I mimic Cong's way of taking foodos.
Now this is my style xD YUMMMMM
Not sure why they put it in a Hello Kitty plate
Scallop. I didn't ate this.
This too.
This is duck meat. Rather creative because I always thought the topping is always seafood.
This taste not too bad
Cong's crab-meat chawanmushi. Look like Shark Fin's but the original one taste better.
Tuna mm-MM
The first time I tried this. Not a fan..
It was a very filling dinner, because of all the rice and all. (Gosh all the carbo & sugar).

Overall, I will rate this restaurant a 4/5. Fast, efficient, delicious, friendly staff.
The not-so-good thing about it is that it is very hard to eat at the counter. So that's all. :)

We walked around Cineleisure & I got 2 new nail polishes... I needed them okay, I realised I don't have grey so I got 2 different shades.
Last stop at Bugis Street because we both wanna look for our stuff, then we took a bus back home.
Thankfully there's a direct bus from Bugis Street to my house xD


Oh & guess what guys??
Is anyone of you attending too??
I can't wait to rock & roll with the mother f*cking princess! 
Byeeee! \m/

Thank you for bringing me out for dinner, it was really nice. :)
I love the rose too ^-^ 

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