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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Good food + good people = good day (Part 4)

My goodness, at this rate I'm gonna gain weight this holiday.
I keep eating & eating & eating but didn't exercise.
I have no time! (Bullshit I'm actually lazy)
There must be a time when I MUST GET MY ASS OFF THE CHAIR & GO RUN.

Today Cong & I went to Thomson Road to hunt for yummy food.
He said there are stretches of restaurants and eateries.
Finally after walking we settled on dim sum! (I ate Swee Choon just last week this is not working)
It has a recognition from the TV. A very old food variety show, I didn't took a photo of it! Damn it!
It's called Snack Attack, 超级小吃赞
So I assume it is a pretty reputable store. It has been there since.. 1967? If I remembered correctly.

The only picture Cong took.

It doesn't look appetizing.. Sorry for the bad picture.
The Xiao Long Bao didn't oozed out the soup when I bite it, which is a little disappointing.. But the meat is yummy. I like the Ha Gao too!
It's environment is like the olden days, which I love it, more than modern/high-class interior.
I should have taken the place. They posted many Chinese philosophies on the wall, which I admire!
Here are some of them:

Sorry the 1st one was in Chinese. The boss was very friendly & his service was good!
I bet he & his wife raised his child(ren) well. His son (I assume) was helping them in the stall.
Overall, I enjoyed eating there.

Then, we proceeded to dessert: ice-cream!!!
Man, we didn't digest the food before going there, because there's no where to walk!
The place we had our ice-cream was.... Udders Ice Cream!!


The 2 flavours we chose: Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla & Awesomely Chocolate.

You can doodle on their wall!
The interior
The markers ran out of ink :(
I would definitely go there again!
To try their waffles heh.
We were so full so we walked around Thomson Plaza. It started raining so we shared an umbrella.
My umbrella was really small so we have to squeeze. xP *blush*

Once the rain had gotten smaller, we went back to CWP to grab Starbucks.
My mum cooked dinner so we went home after I finished my cup of Earl Grey tea.
I'm having Fat Boys next week. Oh dear.

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