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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Movie & manicure session (& Good food + good people = good day (part 3))

Hello ladies & gentlemen!
Yet another post with good food! (But that is not the main point)
This day was due on Thursday, 12 December.
I have been going out everyday this week since Monday, including today.
Lucky tomorrow is my off day, I needa rest!

So about the title..
My clique went to Karise' house for a movie & did our nails, except for Marz. :(
There's no 1 outing where all 5 of us were together xD
So anyway, Karise' house was nice, I like her house. Her family's hospitality is great! 
Her mum cooked lunch for us. Man, I love home-cooked food!

My half eaten sausage. It's delicious!
More sausages!
The cheese baked pasta Karise' mum cooked! The pasta was shell-shaped.
I didn't take a big serving, which surprises me. Maybe because it was too cheesy. But it's very tasty!
Coco, her house pet, was barking & whining when we arrived.
Karise said she craved for attention.

It's so fun playing with her. I miss my Lucky.. :(

Anyway, we watched 'Forrest Gump'.
It's my second time watching it. A rather boring movie but good movie. It inspires you, you know?

Oh! July 6! My birthday! The story.. many events in the movie. I give it a 3.5 chocolates.

We proceeded to do our nails! MM & Aishah got pampered x)
MM did a daisy themed nails while Aishah did cherry blossom.
Karise helped to do my non-dominant hands. A Christmas themed nail!

Ta-da! She doing my nails hehe.
My index, middle & ring fingers were done by her: ornaments, Santa Claus & Rudolph!

The final product! :D
(I hate how the size of the picture turns out when it is taken by my S4!)
I couldn't resist playing with Coco.

I was sitting down & she came over to me, & sat in front of me!!!
So I took this opportunity & asked Karise to help me take a photo xP


The connection between them

Karise & her mum bought chocolates for the guests as Christmas present (which is us)!
Thank you so much!

This ain't cheap chocolate!
Group photo! (Oh gosh I look fat here)

It was a pleasant day! Enjoy your Japan trip Karise! :D

Oh! Btw!
I have created my own nail art Instagram account!
Do follow me @themanicuredmissy 
(Click the link )Many thanks! xD

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