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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Good food + good people = good day (Part 2)

7 December

Same title, different food, different people.
Gosh I'm eating so much but f*ck it food is life why should I restrict myself to food I want to enjoy life.
You healthy also die, unhealthy also die.

(Sorry I dunno why I got so work up oops)
This time I was out with the douches.
John was the food critic who brought us to the glorious food haven.

Let it begin.

First stop: Swee ChoonJohn claimed that their carrot cake was 1 of the best dish in the menu. It was.
Not to forget Xiao Long Bao!!! We ordered like 5 or 6 baskets of 4. There were only John, Kelvin, Renwei & me.
Other includes egg tarts, lo mai gai, char siew bao, chicken floss & egg crepe, pan fried dumpling. I think there's more but I only remembered these.

Okay it doesn't look very delicious that's because there's more that haven't come
Oh this! Kelvin dropped this meat from his XLB, Renwei rushed to the floor & ask it 'OMGOSH ARE YOU OKAY?'
Then picked the fallen comrade up. I didn't notice then when I saw I burst out laughing xD 
Profile picture
Take 2.
The yolk oozing out mm!
We were so full!
Again, walking a distance to Bugis Street & Bugis+ to digest those yummies.

Bugis+ is just refurbished Iluma. We went to the arcade there to observe & play around with the machines.
I was sitting on a chair that was meant for an air hockey game (I was tired).
Then came this little girl who look a lot like our friend, so I waved & smiled at her. She was shy & dunno how to respond.
She hid behind her grandma, so cute!!
I just keep smiling at her (to gain her trust lol sound weird).
Then her grandma ask me if I want to play with her! Of course, why not??
The dudes & I took turns playing with the young lady.
After the game ends they insist I take a picture with her. So I did!

I hi-5ed her & she wave & said bye bye! What a sweetie (:

Pity I didn't ask for her name!
Charming hairstyle you have, you totally rock it ;)

Aww sweetie~
He's not even trying
Not me John
Second stop: Ah Chew DessertJohn had been chanting 'mango sago, mango sago, mango sago', I think it's his mantra or something or he is obsessed with mango sago.
The queue was long but waiting line wasn't long. I guess people just eat & go.
The mango sago is really heavenly. It was not too thick & when I slurp it it slides down my throat like 'hey baby how's that feel you like that so smooth i'm so smooth'; and the sago is not hard or overly soft; generous serving of mangoes & it is as sweet as me (just kidding i really am i'm sorry)
1 bowl can really make you full.

The menu! Sorry it was blur

It's me and my girlfriends. No not girlfriends. douches.

Ah Chew!

Hah! Blocked!
After dessert we head back home because 4 gluttons are too full to function our bodies were on power saving mode: too tired!
It feel so good to be home.

Anyway, I'm so glad there is today (actually yesterday) because you guys are few guys that I'm really comfortable being with.
The amount of laughter I generate is so high it's enough to power me for the next 1 week.
The humour we understand (except for Renwei your lame jokes are shit), the way we talk to each other & not get offended, the topics of our convos are so natural (like porn & cleavage), and others.
I'm bro-zoned but hey, I get to laugh, which is a very big good deal.
Thank you guys for appearing in my life (no homo here i'm not gay you guys are safe)
Alright I'm done. Till then!

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