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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Good food + good people = good day (Part 1)

6 December
Yup, a simple equation that (I'm sure) everyone can relate.
Hey guys, how's it going?
My MST are finally oveeeeerrrr!!!!!!! CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES C'MON!!! (I bet you sang that out)
My last paper was on Friday, it was Principles of Marketing. It was... let's just say I foresee a 'pass'.
Everyone (okay majority) in my class were dressed up for the day because they had the same plan as me & my clique - celebrate!!!
So after the test Marz, Karise & Mingmin (MM) went to JEM to grab lunch. Pity Aishah couldn't join us :(

We dined in The Soup Spoon. I ordered chicken soup pot pie. I won't buy the same thing again. The soup was a little more than so-so but it's still good food. What I enjoyed was the CONVERSATION between us.
It was smooth, & jumpy. I like jumpy conversations; where one topic leads to another & another. It just go on & on, it comes with laughter.
We revealed some things & confessions about ourselves too, that's when I realised we still don't know each other well. That's when I know we started to bond over a hot bowl of soup in a rainy weather. Sounds perfect, isn't it?
We stayed for very long, because we were too full to move & the conversation topics are all lined up.
Usually during breaks we hardly talk.. I'm used to talking during meals w my friends; it's a perfect time to bond.
I know some people think that when eating it is wise not to talk. I guess that's where we are different.
We had to walk around the mall to burn off the calories (although it didn't do much but it's something to pacify ourselves). So we checked out Westgate, the new shopping mall beside JEM.
The hospital is on its way, & Karise told me there will be another shopping mall popping out.
So... our parents' tax money are being spent on shopping malls? I rather it be invested on public transport.
Things in Singapore are so expensive, buying a shirt also must compare here & there.
Few years down the road, say 3-4 years, Jurong East will be the Orchard of the west (ironic right Jurong East is located in the west wtf like where is the east part I can't see it it's a question i have no answer to).


We caught ! I anticipated the movie & have high expectations for it.
The ending was totally 'whaaaat?' in a good way that makes viewers coming back to the theatre for the last part of the trilogy.
I give it a 5/5 Katniss. I highly recommend it.

After the movie Marz left & it's Karise, MM & me. We chilled in Starbucks (no we didn't buy drink we just sneak into their outdoor premises to rest because we are too poor for hipster overprice coffee).
Then Karise got her stuff, & we're home!
T'was a day well spent, thanks girls. ☺️

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