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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fine dining @ Recipes Bistro by Shatec + Impromptu visit to Singapore Arts Museum

Heya guys. How you doing? ;)
Today there was an interesting programme for my class! (&another class)
As part of our F&B module, we get to experience fine dining out of classroom.
It was in Recipes Bistro by Shatec; which is Jas' school! But sadly she won't be there :(
The place was really nice, the way they decorate their menu on the wall.
It's a 3 course meal, excluding drink. So cut to the chase, here are the foodos! (yes I infuse food + photos)
Pumpkin soup! I don't like anything with pumpkin.. But I manage to finish 80% of it!
Oven Baked Cajun Chicken with Rosemary Sauce

No idea what is this but it's vanilla something.
Overall, I think the food was not bad, considering they were prepared by students around my age!
The service is excellent - two thumbs up!! Very professional indeed.
(I'm practicing my photography skills as you can see)
It was a good experience though, but there is an assignment to be completed base on this trip. ...
Oh well.

We ended in the early afternoon. My classmates & I wanna do something because we are in the city.
So Karise went home while Maria, Amelia, Mingmin (MM) & I went on an impromptu trip to the Singapore Arts Museum!!
I think it is my first time there?
I bought something on impulse:

Embedded image permalink

Cookies for Sid!! Yum yum it's chewy cookies (which is my favourite) & they come in all sorts of flavours!
Like one of this week's special is Nutella. I bought box of 6, got 2 of that flavour. The first time I got CFS, I bought the special flavour Earl Grey, it's super tasty.
But I cannot decide between CFS, Subway or Marks & Spencer cookies. I think Subway - their cookies are bigger than CFS & cheaper than M&S. But then again, M&S cookies are huge too. ARGH COOKIES4LYFE.

Anyway, back to the topic.
We walked around CHIJMES and managed to find our way there. Admission is free (thank God).
So we slowly explored & appreciate the art pieces from level 1 to level 3.
I love it. Because it involves art & drawing & painting & cool stuff. Me like.

(Pardon my memory.)
This 6 art piece was by a Malaysian artist. It depicts God in Islam. Something along that line. About restoring humanity.

While this is about the traditional village in an Asian country (Malaysia or Indonesia. I think it is Indonesia) where children as young as 10 learn knowledge. Knowledge like survival skills (cooking, catching & killing chicken, making the straw [1st picture] and more). Then when modern living invades, the children will learn new knowledge, but this time it is schooling.

If I'm not wrong this is about the catastrophe in Philippines. It depicts the victims of the disaster.

This is one interesting art piece. Troubled people such as jailed inmates, drug addict, children, patient with illness, etc write their message about how they want to change their life. The artist than transfer it onto a bottle. People who visited this section can reply to their message, and I did! There was books of all the messages. The picture above showed 3 messages which I find it touching.

I can feel the sincerity from them, like they do not wanna enter the same hell hole (jail) again. I salute & respect the artist who is doing this. Making use of art with a good cause.

The following art pieces will be slightly disturbing. Before we enter, there was a sign that says that children should be accompanied by a young adult. Also about some people might feel uncomfortable. Ready?

Were you scared? Even before we stepped in Marz & Amelia jerked on their footsteps.
The exhibition, was COVERED WITH DOLLS. The doll heads were on sticks.
To be honest I got spooked by them. Because their heads were on sticks. My doll isn't anything like that..
But I shall see it in an artist perception :)
The staff explained to us the meaning of this art work:
The landfill in Manila, Philippines, is like a mountain. It was located in the rural part of Manila. Children often get buried by the landfill (which they die...), or even go missing. The artist (& I believe with a group of people) go collect the toys (dolls) in the landfill. 
The portrait of the doll in pencil is actually a prayer for the missing & passed on children..
Sent a chill down my spine the longer I look at it.
So you can see the dolls are dirty, marker inks on their face, hair in a mess. And not to mention it reeked of a pungent smell.
There was a small hut in the exhibition, and guess what's inside? Yup, more dolls. Stuck on the everywhere without a dot of wall exposing.

I was really into this man, I look slowly to the dolls. Then I found my favourite one:

She is a beauty. I wonder how's the little girl who used to own this doll...
Moving on.

Okay this, MM & I couldn't get it. We're like 2 idiots over there trying to interpret it.
MM: "I think it is 'making promises, taking prisoners, etc."
Then the staff came over & explained to us that, it is actually "Make NO promises, take NO prisoners".
Hahahha then we're laughing the awkwardness & embarrassment off.


Erm this is a typical school in Vietnam (or was it Myanmar.. Sorry).
There were chalk doodles everywhere. So we take our own sweet time to read the words. Then I came across the above picture.
In case you can't see (max your screen brightness), it reads 'PAP ARE DICTATORS'.
I laughed harder than I should. You, random citizen, I like you.

Transition picture

This room is full of surprises.
This room is called 'If the world changes,' then you complete the sentence on post-its.
Of course, there are people (like me) who ignores the question & post our own genius imagination. Like the following:

1. I thought it was cool
2. Aww God bless you, honey

From clockwise:
1. Yup, that's a perfectly fine dude with a Christmas hat & a butt chin. Nothing that looks like a certain male body part.
2. The Messiah was here.
3. Oooo pretty
4. But.. but.. I love maths.. 
Those were some of the post-its that caught my attention, but this one takes the trophy:

The girls burst out laughing when they saw this. And you see that part wasn't covered with post-its? Because it was pasted up high.
It's a song lyric from Drake, I don't know the song title.
You catch the ball?

Last one. This, this is intriguing. The 4 of us were like 'okay let's try to decipher the artist's intention'.

A boy (rebel?) holding on to an angry bird
'What you give is what you get'
Another rebel(?) holding on to a tablet. With a Molotov and charger(?).
Smoking nails? Drugs on the hog? Hammer? Crow with a back halo?
Middle finger pointing to a pyramid (Maybe referring to society's pyramid scheme?) And what
about the small man?
Banana up in the monkey's ass, with dynamites on him. Man with hoodie has shit on his head.
Why is he covering his face, when he's already covered?

Wow man, just, wow.
All this made me think a lot. Like testing my limits about what it meant.
I think Gen Ed should teacher us how to do this, the skills.

I'm glad that we made an impromptu trip to SAM!
It's true, impromptu decisions have the best memories!!

Till then, bye!!

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