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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sentosa 4D Adventureland Halloween night: TRAPPED

Good afternoon everyone!
Yes yes yes, it's a fresh post!
I'm sorry I didn't update because I had an ongoing event & that event is over!
That event is not just a day event, a long period of 11 days period.
If you have follow me closely, I have blogged about this excited & scary event!
Yup, it's the Halloween night @ Sentosa!

So the whole of October I was busy every Friday & Saturday, and one Sunday.
I have to make my way down to Harbourfront in the afternoon when the show starts at 7pm.
Well, it's because we need to put on our make-up and eat.
Some of the scare actor's make up took around 2 hours to finish! For instance, mine.
I'll tell you in a bit ;)

I won't be talking about the things that happened from Day 1 all the way to Day 11, I think I'll bore you. d:
So I'm just gonna summarise the best parts of the event.
During the full-dress rehearsal & media preview, I was the Possessed Wife. I took over Nicole's role because she was unable to attend on both days.
It was really fun, you know. Working with Keith, the Priest who is suppose to exorcise me & we were actually acting out the scene for the guests. But towards the end we did our own freestyle & scare the guests our way.
There was a bed & air-con, so I can take occasional breaks. Only when the 4D ride is ongoing then I get to rest. It was very fun, I got praised by my acting skills by the media too! *Beaming with pride*
Yusuf & Natalyn were also in the maze, talking to them during the break is often interesting because they aren't boring. I laughed way too hard.

Some people say I look like a panda, some say I look like I kena beaten by mafia. xD
The make-up got thicker on another day.

The origami hat made by Yoshi!
Gosh I look fat there. See the strangle mark?

My real role was a Ballerina Corpse Bride. The make-up is, whoa, way thicker & harder to wash.
It's not only full-faced, but the neck, back, half arms & sometimes ears.
One day they decided to paint my legs too because they say my legs are 'prominent', as quoted from Shimin, the make-up IC in the committee. So.... let the photos do the talking.

I'm a human canvas
Selfie hehe 
This role is more tiring than the Possessed Wife because it is a roaming character. That means I have to interact & entertain the guests outside. Which is really exhausting. Especially when the queue keeps on stretching.
But you get to take pictures with the guests! ^-^

While waiting for our turn to put on make-up, the committee played movies for us to watch. Sometimes American films, sometimes animation, sometimes horror.
Like Chucky, Conjuring, etc.
But the memory that I cannot forget is when the group of us sat in a circle, and played Charades.
People like Aashna, Natalyn, Baven, Karthik, Johnathan, Renwei, Sean, and more makes the game funny!
I swear I laugh the hardest during the game, I had the time of my life.
I extremely feel satisfied when I laughed to the fullest. Thank you people ;)

There's always something happening every night! Packed with laughter and sarcasm is really a night to have.
Each night is always the same thing: travel to Sentosa, wait for make-up, did make-up. dinner, show, remove make-up, home.
What I look forward to during the show was the bus bay.
We would wait at the bus bay for our respective buses. While we wait, we'll talk & spout nonsense, sarcasm, etc. Again, laughter.
Especially with the 3 douches: Renwei, Kelvin & Johnathan.
They act like real jerks but in a jokingly way I can tolerate. I can talk to them about anything & feel comfortable with it. For instance, small butt. Yes, I have a small butt. :(

The one with cap: John. Team SP: Kelvin. Bloody boy: Renwei
Yup, they are real fun & nice to hang out with!
Here are the rest of the people!

The people there are really outgoing & very open!
There was one day when I was outside talking to John & Daniel. Quah & Xueting were outside using their phone too.
Yusuf came out, look at the situation, turned to me and said, 'how much?'
I was like, 'huh?' Then I look around. HOLY SHIT. It really looked like 'it'!
Karthik came out to smoke, said the same thing to me. =_=
Keith came out & asked Xueting.

During the last day of the event, everyone was like asking me if I have brought an extra set of clothes. I was very confused about the question. End up there was a water splashing joy as the closing ceremony.
They brought in 2 hoses!!! The committee are such asshose (LOL geddit?)
They splashed us coloured water too, I kept telling myself that was not detergent. Because it was blue in colour and it had a pungent smell.
I didn't have an extra set because I wasn't informed :( (I didn't attend the previous day).
So oh well..

Shimin gave the ballerinas a box of Macaroons to share!! Thank you so much! :D
There is also Twelve Cupcakes to be shared :)
In the office we watched a video about the progress from Day 1 to Day 11! It was really funny.
The best part of the video? AUDITION CLIPS.
Holy shit I was extremely nervous & embarrassed to see mine. I wanted mine to appear as soon as possible so it can be over and done with quickly. But till the end, the suspense was killing me. But at the end of the video, my part was left out. Turns out they couldn't find my clip so... YAY.
We all laughed at each other's moments. Now that the event is over, I'm kinda sad.
I wanna play man, I don't wanna study.

I didn't regret joining this event. Because this opportunity does not come twice! So I decide to live my life to the fullest, be as colourful as it can be.
Next year, hopefully, my IP team will get this Halloween event as our project!

There will be a post-event party next month! I can't wait! I miss those people already.

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