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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Quick update #8

Heya guys! I'm blogging from school now. 
School has started for me, and it has been alright. Wonderful, actually.
Lessons have been pushed back & I get to wake up later than usual.
I am enjoying myself in school, surprisingly, which is great for me.
Well, the fact that I still detest studying remains the same.

My Halloween event is still ongoing. When it ends, which is on 27 Octobe, I'll do up the post & of course, with pictures!!!!!
I'm gonna plan a school event together with 2 other classes.
Not sure if the information are confidential, but I DEFINITELY DO NOT LOOK FORWARD to meetings and stuff.
Well, I hope that the event will be smooth-sailing, from pre-event to during event to post-event.
i don't wanna screw this up. 
Sorry for the lack of update... Well I had a Children's Day Carnival yesterday, I won't be posting that cos... I don't have enough photos and the event is a short one.
So pardon me please! :D

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